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SAVE CITY JOBS — Forget Services and Healthy Neighborhoods

Budget and Finance Committee Chairman Bernard Parks captured the attitude of the mayor and City Council on Wednesday in a debate over $10 million to revitalize the Broadway Theater District with one-time money.

For the full context of his remarks view the story and longer video at

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3 Responses to SAVE CITY JOBS — Forget Services and Healthy Neighborhoods

  1. Anonymous says:

    Crooks and liars. You know it is really bad, when they start screwing each other. Well, Huizar was thrown under the bus by Antonio. Too inexperienced to see it coming.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ok I hope this really shuts up all the people who have been cheering saying Parks is the most fiscally responsible, has done a great job….blah blah blah. Parks proved this week he’s a coward and could careless about people. Now he wants to help Huizar’s Broadway with $10 million gift. We’re on the verge of going under and these old fools continue to pretend they care.

  3. JalenR says:

    We have been suffering in too much financial crisis and bad credit because of recession we are still having on. Saving the community job is what we really need most to survive in this world. Remember that nowadays nothings comes for free, if we are going too lose out job, how are we going to provide our primary necessities for our family and selves daily? Thanks for the video post! Its truly a good eye-opener to all of us.

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