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If the Mayor Can’t Go to the Party (for free), Then the Party Must Come to the Mayor …

It’s party time at the Getty Mansion — the taxpayer-subsidized home to our favorite wannabe multi-millionaire mayor who yearns to be rich and not just famous.

Perhaps, it’s a sign to the times that the mayor is fearful of taking anymore freebies until he cleans up the controversy and legal problems he faces for taking up to $100,000 in free tickets to sports and entertainment events and an even greater fortune in luxury dining and truly fine wines.

Catch this on Facebook from political operative Mike Trujillo, who has worked on the mayor’s campaigns, Measure B and Janice Hahn’s feeble lieutenant governor effort:

Michael Trujillo
Leaving the mayors
mansion just got done partying with the cast of “The Heights” LA coolest
new play. With LaLa as my date!


LaLa for the uninitiated is LaLa Romero who Trujillo lists as his music favorite.

The mayor, so in love with Twitter he never stops boasting of his numerous achievements, tweets nothing about the party we, the taxpayers presumably paid for.

WestSideGyrl.jpgBut WestSideGyrl has this to say in a tweet we can all appreciate: Truly honored to be kickin in Antonio
‘s backyard w todo mi gente doin big thangs in the

And RaqC is just so absolutely thrilled to be with this crowd she can’t stop tweeting about it.

Just pulled up the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s
house! Ready 2 mingle! Feel honored 2 be here!”
Everyone’s here @westsidegyrl @wilmervalderama @villaraigosa @edwardjamesolmos and the list goes on! What a great
bday gift!”

antonioparty.jpgWith the mayor & his daughter!!!
Edward James Olmos the Legend….enuff said!! “

Super blurry….lol
lol my bad!!

Eat your heart you millions of nobodies. You don’t get to party, you just get the bill.

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9 Responses to If the Mayor Can’t Go to the Party (for free), Then the Party Must Come to the Mayor …

  1. Anonymous says:

    No even a thread of decency. The Mexican Mafia has taken over the Getty House. What a disgrace!

  2. anonymous says:

    Might they, at least, share any leftover food with us?

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do we find out how this party was paid for?

  4. Trujiilo says:

    Ha! Ron if I knew you’d get this jealous I wouldve taken you. I’ve seen you rock some heels before, also I believe I owe you a steak dinner. Your cries to hang out with me have been heard!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t someone post before that the SEIU employees are the ones usually who clean up after these clowns. Yes, indeed the Mexican Mafia thug Mayor and his groupies are using the Mayor’s mansion (paid for with our tax dollars) to party. Insulting given all the people who have lost their jobs. What an asshole! Does anyone know if Mike Trijuillo is still getting paid or on the Mayor’s payroll now? Where the hell is the media on this story?? Antonio is nothing more then a low life gangster in a suit, classless, no leadership, no ethics, no morals, brainless thug from the hood.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ooops!!! I forgot to mention the Mayor went to this live theater show In the Heights at the Pantages. So was this party the pay back for the free tickets? I’m sure the Mayor being as cheap as he is made the tax payers foot the bill.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The fiscal “responsible” chair of the budget & fiannce committee, Councilman Parks is getting sued by John Shallman his former campaign mananger when Parks ran against Ridley Thomas. Seems Parks hasn’t paid the $146,000 tab. Parks is going to run again in March.
    On another note Ron maybe you can do some digging since we have lame reporters. The Mayor’s dumb ass Summer Night Light BS program kicked off yesterday. Mayor is saying he’s added 8 more parks and used private money. Ummmm I wonder where that private money came from. Could those 10,000 proclamations be part of getting money for his park program.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I`m certain the Ticketgate will be small potatoes compared to the story of what parties the Mayor has thrown at the Getty and who paid for them. Any responsible, hard working reporter around?

  9. In Eagle Rock says:

    Even though it’s all about the worst, and possibly, most costly mayor in the city’s modern history, people still want to be seen with him.
    It reminds me of how people would see OJ at the golf courses and take pictures with him.
    People like to be around those with notoriety and just because most of it is very bad and well-earned, it doesn’t matter, especially to Antonio.

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