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Layoffs Yes, Layoffs No, Layoffs Maybe — What’s ‘New’ at City Council

What’s new?

At the 11th hour before layoffs of a couple of hundred city employees become official on Thursday, the City Council stumbled over the question of whether any “new” information justified an emergency debate and vote whether to back down to the unions once again.

Janice Hahn, Paul Koretz and Richard Alarcon led the charge after a 90-minute closed door session attended by the mayor on the last day of the current financial year.

“I don’t relish having to lay people off, but we’re laying off a few hundred employees so we can save 30,000 (other employees),” the mayor told reporters.

Those urging the Council blink at the last minute argued their request was both urgent and new -requirements of city and state laws – to justify debating a motion that was not on the agenda.

But Greig Smith, in an impassioned speech, threatened to walk out if they went forward since nothing had changed since the Council agreed to the budget for 2010-11 six weeks, including layoffs of 761 employees and furloughs for thousands of others.

Those actions will trigger double pay increases totaling 5.75 for 15,000 workers under terms of contracts negotiated in October in the face of a deepening budget crisis. Unions agreed to defer this year’s wage increases in exchange for no layoffs or furloughs with a guarantee they would be repaid in full if those actions are taken.

Bernard Parks warned that the motion to back down on imposing
layoffs of 232 workers – the first of several expected layoff actions -
violated the City Charter and municipal code and was based on a false
claim the unions had made concessions.

The Council then voted 8-4
to consider the back down motion despite the legal cloud – a vote that
apparently convinced the appeasement group they lacked sufficient
support to overturn the budget plan and reverse course.

in the session, the Council voted to raid transportation funds,
jeopardizing DASH and other basic services, to provide $1.5 million to
bus inner-city families to the Santa Monica Mountains for conservancy
and nature programs.

It also ignored 30 years of promises to
restore Lopez Canyon Landfill to green open space and the pleas of
residents of Kagel Canyon and other hillside areas throughout the city
by approving use of the area of a truck driver
training program
for 120 people.

It was a victory for the
Teamsters Union and Alarcon, who acknowledged his own promises to
completely close the landfill completely had been broken.

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5 Responses to Layoffs Yes, Layoffs No, Layoffs Maybe — What’s ‘New’ at City Council

  1. Walter Moore says:

    If the unions want to avoid layoffs, they need to accept pay cuts.
    Apparently they have no frikkin’ idea how ugly it is in the private sector. I have friends who worked over 10 years at companies, and have been out of work for a year. We’re dying out here. Businesses are closing left and right. Anyone who has a job needs to thank his lucky stars. Take a pay cut and save your jobs.
    Furthermore, let’s pull the plug on Villaraigosa’s welfare for the rich now. Abolish the CRA. We need police and librarians more than we need to hand millions to politically connected corporations.

  2. anonymous says:

    Where do the CRA funds come from? Is there some state code that mandates its funding/spending? If so, are there any state proposed bills to curtail that?
    I keep hearing about this dreaded group; but am unsure where its money comes from, or who distributes it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    June 30, 2010
    The Lost Angeles City Council Awaiting A Quorum AGAIN as the Need to Set Precedent Eric Garcetti and Council members Hahn and Huizar were late. As one of the constituent’s, informed the public that Garcetti was 15 minutes late, possibly more, the Need to Set Precedent Garcetti said in a sarcastic tone that it was “10 minutes.”
    While the same constituent was speaking off topic Lost Angeles City Council’s lawyer, Deputy City Attorney Dion O’Connell, immediately advised the constituent he was off topic. However, during an agenda item Council member Greig Smith introduced his family in Chambers as he was off topic. Lost Angeles Deputy City Attorney, who is quick to chastise constituents and avoid doing the same for council members, failed to advise Smith that he was off topic.
    In addition, it was comical to hear Greig Smith say he would walk out of Chambers as the Lost Angeles City Council was unable to determine whether “new” information justified a debate.
    Lost Angeles Council member Janice Hahn, along with other council members who voted for the furloughs and layoffs, attempted to stop an “earthquake” from happening on the 11th hour.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This group of city council members, Failure Mayor, Failure Controller, and other politicians are the biggest group of LOSERS this city has seen in its history. Never before has the media reported negative stories on their incompetence and on a national level. Then there’s the moron Schwarzenegger who just announced giving $7.5 million to help gang bangers. Yet, not one newspaper has it posted. He wants to cut state employees salary to minimum wage, people are losing their jobs but just like our gangster Mayor Antonio they always think of gang bangers first. Heaven help our city cause we are doomed with these fools.

  5. Chris Rowe says:

    I was at the Valley office of Dennis Zine for a meeting on Thursday. I went to the Building and Safety Counter – someone did come when I rang the bell.
    Then I went to the LADOT. There were three employees there that I saw. They said that they thought this office was closing. They did not know who was being laid off. We may actually need the LADOT services in the West San Fernando Valley. I did that day. I have been trying to reach them for months.
    This City is becoming demoralized.
    Over and over, the only way I think that we will get services now in the West San Fernando Valley is the secession movement. Maybe if the San Fernando Valley secedes, we can have our Police and Fire, our libraries and parks, Buidling and Safety, LADOT, and we can maintain our streets and sidewalks.
    Is the Council ever going to return to first Fridays in the Van Nuys Chambers?

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