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Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: The Best Gourmet Food and Politicians Money Can Buy

It wasn’t that long ago that Bruno declared Janice Hahn the dumbest person on the Los Angeles City Council for a stupid stunt she pulled using her city website to promote her campaign for lieutenant governor.
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Now she’s up to something even dumber – and this time she’s got company.

The LA Weekly reported last week that Tony Cardenas was set to hold a fund-raiser to kick off his re-election campaign at a restaurant owned by a company that is partnering in a bid for a $600 million food concession contract at LAX.

Showing how much respect he has for the city’s ethics laws and concern for what voters might think, Tony was holding the event on the same day as he was sitting in judgment on who gets that contract and seven others at the airport. He insisted he doesn’t take money from airport concessionaires but he doesn’t mind taking as much as he can get from the restaurant lobbyist’s other clients.

City Hall is such an ethical sewer that the concessions issue wound up in the hands of the Board of Referred Powers chaired by Tony because the Airport Commission could not vote on staff recommendations for the contracts because its president owns a chunk of one of the bidders.

Clearly displeased that his pals were not on the staff list of recommendations, Cardenas — supported by Janice — found fault with what was recommended and demanded answers to a long list of petty questions.

Is it any wonder that the Airport GM Gina Marie Lindsey is looking for a healthier working environment as far from LA as she can get?

For her part, the Queen of San Pedro has her own conflict of interest, having taken $40,000 from airport concessionaires for her failed lieutenant governor campaign.

This kind of conduct ought to have every dog lover in town howling in outrage, especially the top-dog Dog Trainer..

But in what must be the most lily-livered editorial in the history of the newspaper, if that’s possible, the Dog Trainer worked itself into a lather over the possibility Tony and Janice might queer contracts recommended for such “acclaimed L.A. chefs such as Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken and Joachim Splichal, and a bakery from Homeboy Industries.”

Ethics issues, who cares? Gourmet food is what matters.

Tony moved his event for this Thursday to a neutral location so it’s not a problem, opines the Dog Trainer.

Then the editorial really lets Janice have it.

“There’s no evidence of anything illegal going on at the board — just politics as usual. “

Here’s the hammer that has the two one of them looking over their shoulders: “As carefully as Cardenas and Hahn are scrutinizing the contracts, voters will be scrutinizing their actions.”


Maybe the Dog Trainer doesn’t know it, but Janice’s vote would be illegal at the MTA, where board members aren’t allowed to vote on any contract if they’ve taken money from an interested party in the past four years.

I’m just a dog, and an ugly one at that, but I think this highlights what’s wrong in this town: Tony and Janice don’t give a damn about looking conflicted and the Dog Trainer has become so emasculated in it’s attempt to cozy up to the ruling class that’s it’s become toothless. (A mixed metaphor, I know, but a fun one, nonetheless.)

The Dog Trainer should have ripped them both a new one for creating at the leasat the appearance that influence peddlers and campaign cash are at the heart of how City Hall does business.

But why should they care?  The Dog Trainer – the only media outlet they seem to care about – soft-pedaled what they are doing (hat tip to those scrappy folks at the Weekly) and the only folks outraged are the rabble who has been complaining about this kind of behavior forever.

Oh, and me.  But I’m just a dog.


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8 Responses to Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: The Best Gourmet Food and Politicians Money Can Buy

  1. Walter Moore says:

    Bruno –
    I have to disagree.
    You are NOT an ugly dog.
    You are handsome. Good dog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Walter Moore don’t you have a day job.

  3. Bruno's Pal G. says:

    Little bit of a biting comment there, eh what?, Anonymous 3:59 p.m.
    What’s it to ya if Walter Moore, followed by a comma and ending in a question mark has a day job or not?
    It’s those kinds of comments that make commenting fun.
    Bruno and I don’t have day jobs and we get along just fine!

  4. Anonymous says:

    FYI, due to the furlough & short of staffs, starting July, 2010 the BOE, Public Works, permit & plan check section for all 4 – districs (Central, Valley, Harbor, & West LA distric) close to the Public on the 2nd & 4th Friday each month, until ….. ? October, maybe? Ya, me too ….Grrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. Walter Moore says:

    Luckily, and knocking on wood, I do indeed have a day job. And at 3:15 p.m. each day, I get a five-minute break for blogging and coffee. Then I go back to suing the bad guys.

  6. Last year, Los Angeles World Airports had $300 million in concession revenues, representing 38% of total revenues of $781 million. So there are lots of opportunities for campaign fund raising, to say noithing of good old fashioned patronage.

  7. jeff says:

    Since Janice brings up her father and his “legacy” at every opportunity, it begs the question -
    Janice, would your father act in this manner?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Could we get some of those scrappy residents of Bell to march on Los Angeles City Hall? No doubt all the ideas for how to be corrupt in public office came to Bell officials by watching City of Los Angeles officials in action.
    What? The LA Times is silent or weak? What else is new? Certain businesses advertise in the LA Times and patronage must be paid to the advertisers.

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