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Naked City: Alarcon’s Self-Defense Plan, A Hole in Hahn’s Boycott

Do you support the Alarcon Legal Defense Fund?
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Under grand jury investigation for voter fraud, Councilman Richard Alarcon has taken out insurance — a legal defense fund registered with the City Ethics Commission, which also is busy investigating the mayor for Ticket-Gate.

Paresh Dave has the story at Neon Tommy so you won’t find it in the mainstream media. He also reports Cardenas, Tom LaBonge, Bernard Parks and Dennis Zine have also created
legal defense funds during their time on the council, and Jose
Huizar has created three since 2006.

Dave also has an item on someone who identified themselves as a member of the grand jury claiming on Craigslist that Alarcon’s indictment is imminent. That’s been the buzz recently from DA sources as well.

Boycott Arizona? You got to be kidding, not when a city contractor is involved

Councilwoman Janice Hahn who spearheaded the city’s boycott of Arizona has wilted in the heat and led her Trade, Commerce and Tourism Committee to vote to extend for a
year a contract for Blue Van Joint Venture, which has offices in
Arizona and operates SuperShuttle at LAX. 

Hahn said failing to
extend the deal could cause financial harm to the city, according to the Daily News website.

“When I saw the number of drivers — Latino drivers,
African-American drivers, Pakistani drivers — clearly, these are drivers
who live and work in Los Angeles,” Hahn said. “They spend their dollars
here in Los Angeles, so on this instance, we recommended that we extend
this contract for a year.”

The City Council last month extended a contract for
red-light cameras
with American Traffic Solution of Scottsdale.

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20 Responses to Naked City: Alarcon’s Self-Defense Plan, A Hole in Hahn’s Boycott

  1. Walter Moore says:

    Let me get this straight.
    Janice Hahn says:
    “When I saw the number of drivers — Latino drivers, African-American drivers, Pakistani drivers — clearly, these are drivers who live and work in Los Angeles.”
    So, the implication is, if the drivers had merely been Asian, White, Native American, Indian, Pacific Islander, etc., then the “boycott” would be fine for the shuttles. But since the drivers were from the groups she identified, an exemption was warranted.
    Remind me: What’s that term again for people who discriminate based on race?
    I know it’s not “racist,” because that term is now defined as “people who want laws enforced.” It must be some other term, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Janice is f….d up. Or better, she wishes she were.

  3. Walter Moore says:

    That guy on Facebook is also trying to sell a used bicycle, so I don’t know. Something about it was only ridden once, and then flipped in an accident. Helmet included.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Walter, do you want answer to your question? Call Obama!

  5. AngelwatchLA says:

    Everything I heard about Alarcon indicates an indictment is looming. Rumor is staff were briefed prior to their testimony. The problem with that is someone will crack. Too much similarity will worsen Alarcon’s case.
    In addition, Alarcon’s cousin aka Public Works Deputy John delaRosa is a crook and a former Manager in Sanitation who was forced to resign or be fired. So not only is he receiving a salary from CD7 he is getting a pension from the city. His weakness was using city resources for personal gain. He sent his maintenance crew to his home to paint the outside of the house. Or, maybe the house that was being painted was Alarcon’s. The truth will come out.
    As a result of Alarcon’s upcoming conviction, his daughter, a Public Works Commissioner may run for his seat. Now that’s scary.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Walter Moore is anti-Latino and there are many videos of him spreading his hate. Please Mr.Ron Kaye, do not associate with this bad man. He is bad for Los Angeles.

  7. Anonymous says:

    In response to Mr. Moore’s July 21, 2010 7:08 PM Comment: When LA “Boycotts” Arizona such as avoiding travel, you can make the same argument that you are also hurting the same Ethnic groups (in Arizona) who work in the hospitality industry including both lodging and transportation.
    So Hahn is the ultimate hypocrite – Either she should have a compete 100% boycott or drop it.
    When Hahn and her colleagues ok’d the continuation of a contract for “red light cameras” she made the public safety argument. Now she is making a totally new argument for breaking the Boycott. Ironically, in the case of the red light camera, studies have shown that the impact to safety is worse, not better.
    I just can’t believe how openly stupid the highest paid City Council in the Country are. The taxpayers would be better off if our Council members were paid half the amount and came half the amount of time to Council Chambers.

  8. G. Shepherd says:

    Pay no attention to that troll, Anonymous 12:18 a.m., he’s obviously one of Antonio’s “200″, lives under a bridge, and does nothing but go slumming on progressive sites to rabble-rouse.

  9. InsideOpinion says:

    AngelWatch, I hope that the grand jury does realize that John is Alarcon’s cousin. He probably also has other relatives on the payroll, and I hope part of the questioning is: Are you related by blood, marriage, or other relationship to the Councilman?
    Anonymous at 12:18, if you’re going to accuse someone of being a racist, you had better have some proof. Where are these videos you mention? A link would be nice … and they’d better not be snippets that can be misinterpreted out of context.

  10. Anonymous says:

    WTF?? Janice Hahn is the biggest imbecile just like KFI always says. The dumbest bimbo and an insult to her father’s legacy. There is so much damn corruption its hard to keep track. LA Slimes is a rag time paper with no credibility. They posted more Linsay Lohan then actual news. Where are the Fed’s and the DA’s Public Integrity Unit? Don’t forget its all one big corrupt group of the Mexican Mafia thugs. You have Alex Padilla’s cousin also working for Alarcon. Then you have Alarcon’s daughter as a Commissioner on a committee. Then you have Cynthia Ruiz who is the godmother of Antonio’s brat. Then you have Cardenas who has relatives also in the loop. Antonio also has his nephews getting paid on his staff and it goes on and on. One big happy corrupt family in city hall thanks to loser Latino politicans. And to 12:18 am SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! Many Mexican American’s born in LA and who have father’s and relatives who fought in the War for AMERICA support Arizona.

  11. Walter Moore says:

    You know what would be a great graphic? A City Hall “family tree,” showing whose relatives hold which positions.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is that Legal Defense Fund insurance paid for
    by taxpayers when we are the ones suing him?
    Just asking.

  13. Sandy Sand says:

    4:41 has a sense of humor: “The taxpayers would be better off if our Council members were paid half the amount and came half the amount of time to Council Chambers.”
    That might work. If they worked half the time and got half the salary, then they’d be half as dumb and do half as many silly things.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is what I believe LA Clean SWeep is all about. If the small City of Bell can rise up and demand their politicians resign and clean up their act with all their corruption, then WE certainly can do the same if everyone who is as pissed off at these jerk offs council members, Mayor and City Controller unite to get involved and get it done.
    “”"”In the last 20 years, residents of several southeast L.A. County cities have risen up to oust crooked officials and set municipal governance back on track.”"”

  15. JanP.Hann (aka.. Rooster) ((Baby))) says:

    Any cock will do, ca-ca-ca-KADOO… the Rooster said. Hello, My name is Janice Hahn and I’m running for Lt. Governer of California. Sit down Janice Hahn.
    After a while, I’m not in love with the Hahn Family. But we can’t let a few mistakes take away any credit that Janice actually did excellent work in her district.
    Anytime there is a Symbolic Justification or Political Adgenda you know, if theres a contractual agreement the [s]ymbolic conversation amoungst themselves as council as a whole if you were in her shoes would you have done same? Of course not. But take a step back and stopping talking all this bullshit about council member X, Y, or Z.
    God Willing, when the day comes and there is no more “unwanted” Council Members here, therefore if you were Mayor or Councilman give us your response to the following QUESTIONS:
    1. What would you do differently at LADWP in terms of moving the US Energy Policy Forward.
    2. If you were a councilman, would you give up 100% of the Furniture Fund for Libraries & Parks?
    3. Why, after five years of audits did nOT no One take action especially after auditor’s management report to improve efficiency, internal controls, better financial accounting and grant managment–But moreover, what the hell can you do about this “very big” problem ((as this drains $$ too))
    Stop talking about people and start talking to people
    question becomes Who are your KanDODITS? LET US now introduce only 1 declared so far lets remember.

  16. In Eagle Rock says:

    Yeah, Ron, that Janice Hahn comment that she seems to use as the bais for backing off was classic Janice Hahn. She puts her foot in her mouth again, and if this is the depth of her intellect on the issues, and I think it is, then anyone can be a Council Member.
    Side Note: One Council meeting had a city sanitation worker getting some recognition one day and Tom LaBonge congratulated him and said, to paraphrase, “I tried to be a sanitation worker but couldn’t make it, so I became a councilman instead.”
    They say a lot of nonsense, and of course, non-truths since absolutely no oath to tell the truth is ever administered to them or the speakers, public or city officials, as they give their so-called testimony. Bad enough Alarcon is in legal hot water, so why increase the potential for more of them to need legal defense funds. Meanwhile, they all can cite facts and accomplishments that stretch the truth, or just bypasss it.
    And I am one who sees how much shorter meetings can be if there was not all this self-promotion. The substance of the meetings as you may already know, is like a box of Rice Crispies hwere most of the space in the box it come in is occupied by air.
    The council meetings get stretched out beyond a tolerance level for me a lot now. Maybe that’s their plan, to eliminate viewers/listeners like the other city council that cuts off the audio for public comment for everyone equally and this is allowable.
    We have the political version of “mugging for the cameras” each meeting, and I notice Tony Cardenas almost as an M.C. when he regularly mentions “…for those watching on Channel 35..” along with his pet phrases, “… and what have you,” and “…while at the same time…” constantly peppering his mic time.
    Garcetti is almost as bad in his own right. He’s got a pretty bad hot-air-to-real-substance-ratio. What matters to them is “Where’s the cash?” (delivered in that style of the commercial, “Where’s the beef?” Or more aptly in the case of each CM, “Where’s the money for me?”
    What a circus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What is blatantly apparent is the clowncil clowns spend more time patting each other on the back and giving certificates to their political payback friends then the time they actually spend doing work for the city. And to think these clowns especially Janice Hahn who spoke the loudest would not allow LAPD Air Support Unit which is one of the best in the nation attend a training conference to help other law enforcement agenices. It was great to hear they attended anyway by using other people’s money not the taxpayers as these idiots said. Of course there was hardly any media coverage to embarrass the fools on council telling people they went. And Congratulations to the LAPD Hit Squad Coed Softball team who won Gold medal at the Arizona Police and Fire Games.

  18. “When I saw the number of drivers — Latino drivers, African-American drivers, Pakistani drivers — clearly, these are drivers who live and work in Los Angeles,” by Hahn. That’s great experience, number of drivere’s there!
    Anyway, Iam very much impressed with the info given by this site.. thank you..
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  19. Dexter Noth says:

    You have noted very interesting details! ps nice site.

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