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Naked City: Two Things That Are Wrong at City Hall

Oops, There Goes Another $1.3 Million Thanks to DWP’s Bungling and Indifference to the Public

The State Court of Appeals flat-out rejected the specious arguments put forth by the DWP in a case involving a $1.3 million jury award to a motorist nearly killed because utility workers didn’t give a damn about public safety or the waste of water from a leaking water main..
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Despite numerous complaints from citizens and police, DWP officials allowed the water main to leak down the streets in Woodland Hills for two months without doing anything about until on a cold night in January the water turned to ice and a motorist skidded on it and then got hit by another skidding vehicle.

The DWP’s Defense is that its officials didn’t know water freezes at 32 degrees or that it could get the cold in winter. Read the full opinion of the court and have a laugh — or a cry.

Yikes, Does LaBonge Have a Clue to What’s Going On?

Read the Councilman’s Full Newsletter and Ask Yourself If This Is Leadership?

labongeheader.jpgBicyclists Look Toward the Future with LaBonge
Saturday, Councilmember LaBonge and the Los Angeles Bicycling Coalition
spoke to an audience of over 60 cyclists about the future of bicycling
sharrows, lanes and boulevards in Los Angeles. The day kicked of with a
ride down the 4th Street Sharrow. Read more here.

Councilmember Emcees Ceremony as ADA turns 20
Tom was the master of ceremonies for the 20th
anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act (Act) on Monday. The
celebration included special performances and speeches by actress and
comedian best known for her role on 1980s hit television series “Facts
of Life,” Geri Jewel, and from AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” R.J. Mitte. Read more here.

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5 Responses to Naked City: Two Things That Are Wrong at City Hall

  1. Sandy Sand says:

    Another bunch of LAUSD grads, not knowing water freezes at 32 degrees. I wonder at what temp they think water boils.
    Obviously none of the brainy light bulbs at DWP live in the Valley and have never experienced early morning winters of frozen plants, frosted car windows and rooftops. Conversely, I doubt they know how hot it gets here in the summer.

  2. Sandy Sand says:

    Bicycle sharrows will be stopped dead in its tracks when enough cyclists are knocked off by drivers.
    LAians don’t want to share their streets with trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians or other drivers for that matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Oops, There Goes Another $1.3 Million”
    But does anyone have any “High hopes” for the DWP?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Through the years, I have learned that it is “easier” for the city to just incur legal fees and damage awards than just fix a longstanding problem (like find the money for broken sidewalks, etc.)
    I recall asking a former Council Planning Deputy to look into a signal being erected to control traffic on a portion of Ventura Boulevard.
    Her explanation was that LADOT only allows signals to be within a specific distance. She closed the discussion without even taking it to LADOT and discussing with the community and the Council Office any other options, i.e., move another signal, erect warning signs, etc.
    My response to her ‘tude was: “…I guess we will have to wait until someone is killed before the city takes action…” She didn’t even blink.
    Is it any wonder why our infrastructure is failing?
    Bottom line it is that it is incredibly difficult it is to get the bureaucrats to step aside from their policies and procedures and think with some common sense.
    As side note – I suspect that Trutanich was pretty upset that his office lost this case because of DWP’s inability to do their job.

  5. Anonymous says:


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