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Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Send Cardenas to the Doghouse for his ‘All in the Family’ Ripoffs

horseshoe is beginning to smell like horseshit.


Only a
couple weeks ago, Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alarcon — and his wife -
were indicted for voter fraud and lying about where they lived. 

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And since
I’ve already used the somewhat offensive word, I’ll say it: Alarcon swears he lives in that shithole of a
house in his district, rather than the nicer home in Paul Kerkorian’s district.


Bruno has
seen pictures of the house Alarcon doesn’t live in and heard his neighbors’
complaints that it’s an eyesore. Bruno thinks Alarcon is full
of it.


OK, enough
of that.  Ronnie will cut my kibble


Walter Moore has a terrific piece on his blog about Los Angeles City Councilman
Tony Cardenas – and his sister!


I won’t
repeat all of Walter’s terrific post here — but it seems Cardenas has spent an incredible amount of
campaign funds for stationary at sis’s store, while at the same time the city
has directed tens of thousands of dollars to the same rather small


Maybe I
should suggest to Ron he use the headline “All in the Family.”


My pal
Wally has been less than successful in his bids for elected office.



Of course,
Wally shot pretty high. His first attempts
were for mayor of the nation’s second largest city. He ran twice and didn’t do bad last time —
running second and coming within 4 percentage points of forcing a runoff with the mayor — but of course he was helped by the fact
Antonio isn’t exactly beloved by those who decided to trudge to the polls.


I think
Wally missed his calling (he’s a lawyer by trade) and should become an
investigative reporter — especially since there are so few left at the Dog Trainer
and Green Sheet.


I’ll make
room for him in my doghouse.


I’ll even send him a free “Bruno LA’s Watchdog” coffee mug if Ronnie ever gets off his butt and decides to sell them like he promised. After all, who do you love more him or me?



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19 Responses to Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Send Cardenas to the Doghouse for his ‘All in the Family’ Ripoffs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ron: Get off your butt and order the Bruno mugs. I want one for everybody in the SOHA.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “It’s the wrong game for a great nation. And the players we’ve got are losers.”
    —-1978 John Stockwell IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES…

  3. G. Shepherd says:

    Bruno, your mug on a mug. Woof! Ditto 11:46.
    Pardon my butting my snout in, but I think Walter will bite in the opposite end of your mug — you know the part where all the stuff you and I leave on lawns that you said Alarcon is full of — part of the body.
    The alpha lady in this dog’s house wanted to call him “Walt” and he’d have none of it.
    He’s very forgiving and loves our kind, so I’m sure he’ll forgive you if you promise never to do it again. You know how good we dogs are at keeping our promises.
    If we promise to dig a million holes for a million trees, they know damn well we’ll do it!
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous says:

    Richard Alarcon’s DAUGHTER makes $100k on the board of Public Works – the job that Cardenas’s brother used to have.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Ron, I’ll buy a mug of that ugly mutt. Great fundraiser for Cleansweep. I’ll also buy a t-shirt, and a hat wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  6. Bob G says:

    If the councilman had anything to do with those DCA grants, it should be reported to the ethics commission, since the conflict of interest rules expressly include family members such as sisters, parents, and children. Of course one possibility is that the sister is very good at writing grants and running street events, and the DCA has recognized her for it, without taking into account that she is a relative of an elected official. That seems a little unlikely, but stranger things have happened. It’s worth a follow-up by one of you investigative types. Perhaps a public records request to the DCA regarding the grant applications, including their internal notes, memoranda, and scoring sheets, along with records of conversations that still exist.

  7. Walter Moore says:

    Thanks for spreading the word, Ron, and I do indeed prefer to be called Walter, as G. Shepherd points out.
    You know what would be a great joint research project for the Brain Trust assembled here? Let’s do a “City Hall Family Money Tree,” where we diagram all the Spring Street Gang’s family members harvesting cash from the taxpayer money tree.
    I would love to see that episode of “All in the Family.”

  8. G. Shepherd says:

    “City Hall Family Money Tree!” That would be worth the price of admission.
    And, Walter & Ron, we could comp the tickets for the mayor and all the horseshoe set who have family members hanging on that tree.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s almost incestuous. Ernesto Cardenas, Tony Cardenas, Yolanda Fuentes, Felipe Fuentes, Alarcon, Padilla, sisters, brothers, cousins, entitlements and lots of favors.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same Lost Angeles Council member Tony Cardenas who chaired the Ad Hoc Committee on Gangs?
    “In 2009, just in case you are not pissed off yet, the City of Los Angeles actually handed $50,000 of your money Cardenass sisters company [t]o present low rider cars from Los Angeles on dates to be determined mutually by Grantee and host venue at the Expo Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Mexico. If that is not the Mother of All WTF Expenditures of taxpayer money, what is?”

  11. airedale says:

    A nice comparison photo of the other house in the district he doesn’t live in would be nice to compare and let the public see which house they think they’d live in. Both the LA Times and the LA Daily News have published the address of the second house so it’s no secret. I took a look at the house on Sheldon today. No question which house they live in and which one is better maintained including the lawn.
    Of course I live in the neighborhood and the house in Panorama City has been an eyesore for years.
    Drive by the Nordhoff house at night and look at the windows. I’ve never seen a light on in the house. Of course if people blow the whistle on that he’ll install timers on the a couple lights inside the house.

  12. Anonymous says:

    DIG DEEPER L.A. is far more corrupt than nay other city you can think of in America. Make that mayor tell the truth………

  13. Anonymous says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Walter, that is a great idea a city hall family tree. Let’s not forget Cynthia Ruiz the godmother to one of the Failure of a Mayor’s kids is also making over $135,000 as Commissioner of Public Works. Can someone explain why the majority of commissioners on boards are VOLUNTEER but seems the appointed few of the Mayor and council’s relatives are paid.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hey Bob G, the La City ethics commission is a bad joke.

  16. Another two cents says:

    And what someone should also consider is why the godmother, aka President of the board of public works continues to consumes herself in the fashion industry. Someone should do a public records act on the whole public works commission to see exactly the type of work they do. You would come up with a big zero with regard to the department of public works.
    Let’s not forget the daughter of disgraced councilman Alarcon. Do a public records act on her driving record with city vehicles and see what you come up with.
    The blatant nepotism is a disgrace

  17. Virgilio Tavella says:

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