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Clean Sweep Presents LA’s First All-City Council Candidate Forum: Sat. 1 to 4 p.m.

New Leadership and a New Vision for a Greater Los Angeles

September 23, 2010

Friends and fellow Angelenos,

is a reminder that this weekend the L.A. Clean Sweep Committee and
local activists will sponsor the first ever citywide 2011 City Council
Race Candidate Forum.  

The candidate forum will take place on Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the American Legion Hall located at 227 North Avenue 55, Los Angeles, CA 90042.

Event registration will begin at noon. Please RSVP beforehand as seating is limited. The event is open to the public at no cost – however donations are welcome.

You can also RSVP and reserve seats online.

grassroots community candidates and incumbents up for reelection in
March 2011 have been invited. All candidates will be asked to discuss
their campaigns, political goals, and their visions for the city of Los

Confirmed Candidates Include:

Stephen M. Box
Phil Jennerjahn

David J. Barron

Daniel Klinton Barnett
Mervin L. Evans
Forescee Hogan-Rowels
Amberly McDowell
Bernard Parks

Austin Dragon

Armineh Safarian Chelebian
Dinesh Lakhanpal

Anthony Butka
Arnulfo Yanez

The forum will use a town hall format allowing for some audience questions. Local journalists, Michael Linder from KABC Talk Radio and John Schwada from Fox 11 News will act as moderators.

For more information or to RSVP for this event please contact:
Heinrich Keifer at or
N. Cohen or (818)929-9088

Download and share the Candidate Forum flyer.

for more information and to share your ideas for making Los Angeles a
better city in the upcoming City Council election in March 2011.

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7 Responses to Clean Sweep Presents LA’s First All-City Council Candidate Forum: Sat. 1 to 4 p.m.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like there is no one ready to step up to the plate for CD-2 (Paul Krekorian). I like Paul, I think he has been a decent person listening to his constituents, however there is no Democracy with uncontested elections.

  2. In Eagle Rock says:

    The Candidate Forum lists doesn’t show Rudy Martinez, Huizar’s main opposition in CD-14, among the attendees. Is his his confirmation just an oversight on his part?
    I sure hope Villaraigosa is not planning on working to do “rewards” for candidates exiting council races against his favored disciples like he did for his other pals in the past, i.e., mayoral appontments coming later.
    The location is a stone’s throw from CD-14 but Jose seems to be continuing his last election strategy of taking voters for granted and avoiding debates/confrontations/open questions.
    I don’t think that continued smug attitude is going to sit well with informed voters this time around. Maybe that barrage of flyers he’s used for any and every CD-14 event (many of them glossy, all of them campaign-oriented, and an image-building substitute for actual talking) is what he will rely on again.
    Of course, all that glitz and glimmer in the last weeks of a campaign seems to work with the uninformed people, some of them voters, but that’s wearing thin in these times and Jose has less ability to fund events directly or by sponsoring waivers. Look to the “discretionary funds” to plug up that gap if votes can be had.
    Jose, following in the steps of his predecessor in CD-14 Antonio Villaraigosa, his benefactor, just might be having a hard time finding what real substance he can claim for his time in office. The Medical Marijuana Dispensary action he claims really was his obligation to right the ship that PLUM sat on for 2 years, and even then his motion to end the “hardship exemption” backfired, boosting last-minute MMD applications (and shop openings) to the reach over 700.
    But then, I have just been hard on him since he’s dodged every open forum for years and snubbed any and all opponents that really shows an arrogance directed to constituents.
    I think all voters are entitled to have any candidate lay out just WHY that candidate deserves the vote. It’s not happened so far from Jose. I hope he gets his “schedule conflicts” squared away to find time to try practicing some “transparency” that has eluded most members of the City Council for their entire terms in office.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The comment above by Steroids, September 24, 2010 7:44 PM, is just a spam bot and should be deleted.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought amberly was very cute and inspiring needs a little work but I think he may be able to pull this off against parks

  5. YJ Draiman says:

    Decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world many generations into the future. Ensuring that decisions being made about our energy, water, and natural resources are sustainable is central to this belief; This also applies to political and financial decision that affect – obligates current and future generations.
    YJ Draiman for L.A. City Council District 12
    (March 8, 2011 Election)

  6. yjdraiman says:

    Our current economic crisis is the number one concern of every American. It is time we exercise our constitutional right.
    It is a government by the people for the people. It makes no difference whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or any other political affiliation, and it is time America’s citizens take control of their country starting from the city government to the county, state and the federal government. All elected officials must be accountable to their community and its residents. Our current budget crisis was brought about by the current administration – do you want this to continue and lose city services. I am a soldier in the battle to restore fiscal sanity for our district and our city, improve the economic well being of the district and the welfare of all residents.
    Capitalism has not failed. The people in charge of the economy have failed Capitalism!!!!! Capitalism has been hijacked by career politicians, who disguise themselves as representatives of the people.
    Enough is enough; we need to replace as many incumbents as possible, business as usual must stop here and now, government treasury should not be the personal piggy bank of the politicians.
    We need new representatives in our government, representatives whose allegiance is to the residents of their district, representatives who care about Los Angeles surviving the current economic crisis and becoming better for it.
    We must reduce big government – The bigger the government the less efficient it is.
    Our energy consumption is growing rapidly; we must produce a hundred percent of our energy needs in our own country.
    We have the manpower and technology, let us utilize it.
    We must encourage new businesses, create more jobs and stabilize the economy.
    Government cannot create jobs. Government should be reduced by at least fifty percent, streamline government, enact laws, rules, regulations and taxation that are friendly to small business. Encourage investment in our economy and workforce.
    This economic crisis is a national emergency. People are losing their jobs and homes, and we must establish a mechanism similar to the Manhattan project of World War 2, with an all out genuine national effort to resolve the current economic crisis which threatens to destroy our country.
    Transparency and accountability is my motto
    YJ Draiman for L.A. City Council District 12
    (March 8, 2011 Election)

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