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The Meg and Jerry Show: Laughs, Smiles and an Empty Debate

The No. 1 election reform I want to see, the one that will really bring voters to the polls, is a box below the candidates names that says: NONE OF THE ABOVE.

If NONE OF THE ABOVE gets the most votes, then the election would be null and void and the candidates who ran would be barred from from the rerun to pick an office holder.

My belief is NONE OF THE ABOVE would win most elections for city, county, state and federal offices in California.meg-jerry-bobbles.jpg

We are in deep trouble and our officials have lost all credibility. We are constantly forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. That means evil always wins and the result is nothing but failure after failure by all levels of government.

The first debate between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman is a case in point.

Here are two intelligent, sophisticated people running for governor and they spent an hour Tuesday night talking nonsense.

There was no engagement in any concrete way of a single problem facing us. It was all symbolic language without substance.

He cracks well-rehearsed jokes. She wears an incessant forced smile.

He hates business. She hates unions.

He’s been there and knows how the system works. She’s made a fortune getting things done in the business world.

He’s a failure, she says. She’s a liar, he says.

They both say the answer is jobs, jobs, jobs. She’s going to create them by giving  billions of dollars in tax breaks to business. He’s going to create in green, so many jobs it will wipe out unemployment and budget deficits.

She’s going to fix the public employee pension system by raising the retirement age from 55 to 65 — except for police and firefighters.– and make them pay a full share of the costs.

He’s going to fix the system because he’s pals with all the union bosses and they’ll make concessions out of friendship.

It’s a certainty that loyal Republicans think Meg did great and loyal Democrats think Jerry did great. But it’s hard to believe the vast numbers alienated voters left, right and center were moved by anything they heard.

What’s so astonishing is that not a single political figure has stepped forward to speak the truth from their heart about just how serious are the problems we face and how difficult it will be to solve them unless we pull together, embrace the real changes that are necessary and share the pain equitably.

But then it’s not entirely the fault of Jerry and Meg and the huge political apparatus that controls their every word and every move.

We are the fools.

We are living in an escapist dream world. We consume the toys of materialism as if they can satisfy the hunger in our souls. We fill our minds devouring the garbage of petty celebrity scandals and spend our time as passive bystanders to the cheap thrills provided by sports and entertainments without connection to the world we live in.

We have no right to expect our leaders to be any better than we are. If we don’t have the courage to face the realities of our time, why would we expect them to, why would we expect them to risk their personal ambitions for the sake of us?

Still, we can only hope that this moment of crisis will produce a true leader who would risk it all by rising above the empty political dialogue and telling it straight to a public too afraid and too selfish to face the dramatic changes that must be made.

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16 Responses to The Meg and Jerry Show: Laughs, Smiles and an Empty Debate

  1. Sandy Sand says:

    Empty suits. Empty promises. No winner. It was a draw.
    There were losers, though. All of us who are stuck with two miserable choices.
    Maybe one of the “fringe” candidates is the answer, but we’ll never know; they can’t get one inch of print space or a minute of air time.

  2. teddy says:

    I understand that there are more debates on the way. Keep an open mind. Change for the better
    must come from this election. The old network
    has about ruined California. Send in the new!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How bad will it get for Whitman after the press conference with the ambulance chaser Gloria Allred and her client the illegal immigrant saying Whitman hired her knowinly. Give me a f—ing break. Let the dirt begin flying. Since I’m still on the fence like a lot of my Latino friends this may just sway our vote to Whitman. Because the media never reports the outher side of the illegal immigrant debate of just how many LEGAL born Latinos in California support AZ SB 1070 this type of dirt may sway them to Whitman’s side. We’re not stupid and know these illegals use false documents all the time. American Apparrel had ICE raid them and found over 1,000 employees using false identities. So cry me a river, I won’t be feeling badly for this illegal who is looking for a big pay out.

  4. FdS says:

    LOL, a Meg 2010 ad is running beside this post!

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG the LA Weekly has a top story in the INFORMER which lists all the Democrat Politicos who have hired illegals. Word around town is this is going to back fire on Brown’s campaign. If he read the polling over 73% of Americans have had it with illegals. Maybe people will cheer for Meg dumping her maid. I want to know when will she get deported and is anyone going to file on the FELONIES she committed submitting false documents and lying.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who gives a f…….if she was illegal. I have no job!!!! I was going to vote for Jerry, but Allred the enabler of parasites and sickos sealed my vote and three others in my family for Whitman. Hasta la vista Jerry.

  7. Anonymous says:

    J.Brown,the AG, should deport this illegal. After all, she admits she is here illegally. What Jerry doesn`t get? Oh, I get it. All those illegal votes. How many are there in California? 2 million? Now we`ll know how Jerry got elected if he becomes governor.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let’s get back to the spirit of Ron’s comments – that two people dared to stand in front of us saying what they think we will accept as being their responses to the problems California faces and why.
    Is it any wonder why Meg stood their with that goofy grin plastered on her face during the debate? That she was just waiting to land her illegals bomb thinking that her position will put in her in office no matter what? The very same office that she cares so much for that she couldn’t be bothered to vote for?
    And then there was our good ol’ pal, Jerry, rolling out his history like we are supposed to expect that he will turn his backs on the very people that are putting him in office (duh, not the voters!) because has all the government experience Whitless lacks?
    I honestly think that there is a technique taught to debaters that makes them literally sound the same – with the poised soundbytes stated in a tone that their handlers think sounds serious, convincing and truthful.
    One of them will win. And, we will all lose no matter what.

  9. slh says:

    When “pot” is legalized and the money rolls in, all the problems will go unfixed. Pot is the only solution to CA/City of LA budget debt.
    We got two bad apples running for Governor of CA. I think Ron Kaye should run.
    We much about Cleansweep and get the old dusty sand copies out of office – but like the CA Governor race, the Councilmembers running are not sure what they need to do once elected, except for Phil J. I bet he’s a teabagger Republican.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Really? That’s whats going to sway your vote to Whitman? Not the debate, not the issues at hand, not the budget or her take on anything…but the fact that some ex-employee is looking to ride her golden coattails? Think I’ll look at the issues…

  11. John says:

    I shared this with my brother because he’s also into reading this type of stuff.

  12. DavidG says:

    Although the media and others are taking every opportunity to slam Meg about hiring an illegal alien, I feel that the explanation that she’s given to the media is plausible. I’ve worked for a City department for over 30 years and recall that we usually receive at least 200 notifications from the IRS each year about erroneous or mis-matched social numbers. It doesn’t mean that we were hiring illegals. We had to research each one and usually found the error was due to a typographical error and in some cases due to wrong information being submitted by the contractor/independent consultant. Once we exhausted all avenues in researching the errors, we would usually forward it to the contractor (just like Meg’s husband did). If Meg was really trying to hide the fact that she had an illegal alien working for, why would she have bothered reporting it on her taxes and paying monies due to Social Security. Somehow I feel that Jerry Brown had a hand in this in some way, shape or for. SO, GIVE MEG A BREAK ON THIS ONE. It’s just dirty, ugly politics which seems to be par for the course.

  13. Mariscal says:

    “It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very little virtues.” -Abraham Lincoln
    We’re not going to find anyone perfect in politics, we need to get that straight. That person does not exist. However, I do agree with Ron, that no matter which of the two win…we lose.
    The winner of this contest must not take their victory as a clear public mandate of their philosophy or point of view. It simply means that one their teams have prevailed in mass misdirection and ubiquitous obfuscation. Just because you are a good negative campaigner doesn’t make you a good governor. We won’t know if the victor of this contest was a competent governor until their term is over. Who ever wins needs to be made aware of what our state and our economy needs and the people should not let up on the pressure. The peoples voices must still prevail and should be unrelenting for the full term of whoever wins. That should never change.

  14. Hank says:

    The document in question from SSA was dated 7 years ago, stating that there was a problem matching the name and Social Security number – inferring that somebody was reporting taxable income OR taxes withheld (that means either the employee or the employer). If the “problem” (the mismatch) continued into the next year – like wages earned or taxes withheld – why wasn’t there another letter from SSA, stating that there is a problem with that year’s reporting? And the next year, and the next year, etc. Does the SSA just send out one notice and just hold the funds in suspense forever, not being able to credit them to the proper SSN? Gee, how many millions of dollars are sitting in suspense at the SSA – now there’s a good subject for a Congressional investigation.
    Oh, and Gloria, as an officer of the Court, you are obligated to contact the proper authorities and have your client arrested for the multiple felonies she has publicly admitted (and in the presence of her counsel!).

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m on the fence and swaying more on the Whitman side. How can Allred sue for mileage if this illegal woman had a falsified driver’s license which is a Felony. This incident is showing the entire nation the problem with illegals coming to our country and committing felonies of fraud, idenitity theft, perjury etc. all felonies. Brown shouldn’t be sitting to easy about this. I know of many Latinos who are voting for Whitman because he was dumb enough to have a press conf. at Cal State LA with the Mexican Mafia thugs like Alarcon, Huizar, Reyes, Cedillo, Monica Garcia, etc. Look around your city people. Like the way its deteroriated in the last let’s say 5 years? Then get up off your butts and do something about it besides complain. Get engaged in the system and dialogue.

  16. Gillory says:

    I don’t know how Whitman being associated with an illegal immigrant necessarily will help Brown, at least among those voters most unhappy about all the undocumented in California. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that liberals are 10 times more permissive about illegal immigration. So if Whitman is a pushover about tolerating (if not even accommodating) the undocumented, Brown will be far worse on the same issue.
    Enough Californians over the past several years have bought into the notion that liberalism is a noble, ideal way to think and vote. So their naivete and foolishness pretty much guarantees that the state is well on its way to becoming an off-shoot of a Banana-Republic society like Mexico.
    Viva Mexico!!!

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