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In City Hall’s Animal Farm, One Pig Is More Equal Than All the Others

It was a thing of beauty watching the City Council cower and weasel in the face of union bully Brian D’Arcy and a room filled with his IBEW Local 18.
At issue was whether new hires by the Department of Water and Power would be treated the same way as police, fire and civilian workers under proposed City Charter reform proposals that at best are so mild that amount to just a 10 percent cut and will have little effect for a couple of decades.

“Nonsense,” D’Arcy called the audacious idea that his workers — a privileged class even among the privileged classes of city workers.

It took D’Arcy just 43 seconds to make his point and then he watched as one Council member after another, milquetoasts as they are, rolled over and agreed that it would be unthinkable to treat DWP workers like everyone else.

More time is needed, lots more time, maybe years more time, to impose even tepid cuts on pensions and health care for Darcy’s people, council members said.

Showing the depths of his courage, Paul Koretz whined about how D’Arcy would spend a fortune to crush any attempt to fix the DWP pension problems so he offered his unconditional surrender.

It’s better to be sure to rate water and power rates on the four million residents of the city and the hundreds of thousands of businesses.

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19 Responses to In City Hall’s Animal Farm, One Pig Is More Equal Than All the Others

  1. anonymous says:

    Well, if they have to start selling portions of City Hall to pay Mr D’Arcy’s gang, I have first dibs on the rotunda.

  2. Welfare says:

    On on hand one speaker said, I know what you’re trying to do with this new pension reform plan: make us poor.
    They were set to fight and rightfully so.
    They are a union, after all.
    Regardless, its a reality.
    dwp workers are tough.
    but we can’t sustain the debt, gentleman.
    Now, we have work to do, lets get to it.
    Welcome to the rotunda. Not in my house. I don’t go to you’re house said Parks and make noise.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How utterly embarrassing. Grown adult males behaving like little school girls towards DWP. Rosendahl was the worst. Koretzy received $40,000 from IBEW so of course he whines like a pig. This outrageous showing of kiss ass to the DWP workers was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. I give credit to Parks shockingly who was the only one who spoke out against the Union. I want every campaign donation to every city council member posted. We need to find out how much this cost the taxpayers. Dumb ass, weak ass idiots they proved to be today. Shameful showing of grown men with small dicks who were afraid and behaved like mice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The special item was a vote to allow the CAO to draft a ballot measure transfering the WPERP under the control of the city council. Neither the CAO nor the Legislative Analyst completed a financial analysis and there was no collective bargaining done to introduce the motion. The wording of the special item was so vague that nobody knew if it would be applied to current hires, which is why DWP employees showed up to protest.
    Also, the WPERP has outperformed the other 2 pension funds both in solvency and growth and the reason is because it’s managed by a good retirement board that’s not under the council’s influence. I don’t see what the point of the council taking over the 3rd pension fund is. Unless you now want 3 pension funds contributing to the pension problem instead of 2. Somebody explain to me the wisdom in that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    4:40, so, what did you really think of them?
    Shouldn’t be so shocked by Parks, though, since he lost to Ridley-Thomas in good part because unions supported Thomas, while Parks is more fiscally conservative. Was a jerk to Bratton, always undermining him and earned the title “Bitter Bernie,” but holds the course on money more than most.
    HOWEVER he is getting a nice big fat pension of some $300,000/ year already as a former Chief of Police, in addition to his current salary – some $500,000 or so in all. So he can talk and not have to walk the walk.
    Speaking of this – someone raised the issue of whether it’s even legal for someone to get a pension paid out of the City General Fund at the same time he’s drawing a salary from same fund: that’s him and Zine and Smith. Zine’s getting $80,000 on top of his salary. Allegedly there’s some law forbidding pensions and current salary being paid from same fund, but it’s just what I read somewhere, I’m not an expert. Makes sense, though.
    How did Garcetti behave? We know Wendy’s beholden, and Zine didn’t speak up, did he?

  6. G. Shepherd says:

    So, the council voted today to draft a ballot measure for the March election to prohibit companies that bid on city contracts from giving campaign donations to city candidates.
    How about if they add preventing unions like IBEW from contributing to candidates. The $40K they gave Koretz couldn’t have had anything to do with his support of the union retirement funds to the detriment of the rate payers.
    Our only hope is that tubbo D’Arcy collapses under his own weight and fades into the oblivion of some hell.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Where is the League of Women Voters who put forth the Charter amendment to add a term to the Councilmembers tenure. They can do the same for pension reform. What about the LA Chamber of Commerce, VICA and CCA, who are always there in support of dismantling the Zoning code, eliminating public hearings or something equally damaging to destroy the quality of our neighborhoods. At least we know who the bad people in this town are.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Instead of doing it the right way and getting all the damn pensions to reform it seems the only ones to move up and do the right thing was the PPL surprisingly but at least they were there. What the hell happened to LACERS? Having said that the damn IBEW were the only UNION to get that 7% raise when no else did plus the entire city council earlier this year voted to give back pay to their general managers costing $5 million. Where the hell was Wendy, ooh I forgot IBEW gave her a shit load for her campaign as well. Garcetti is the weakest link and showed it today. Not one damn leader in the bunch. Cowards, clowns, jerks, unethical pieces of shit. Where is COOLEY with investigating city hall? Where is that TICKET GATE investigation and why is it taking so long? The LA Slimes and other papers have lost big time, if they want to get those readers and subscriptions back, then start reporting this crap and don’t leave anything out.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The smile on Garcetti’s face when he called out Darcy’s name was that of a shy bride or a sly fox.

  10. Jim O'Sullivan says:

    Ron, I hope you are archiving all of these videos. They will be needed at some point. At some point the inevitable will happen and the people will wake up. It’s happening all over the country and Los Angeles can not get a pass forever. This is not a left or right issue. Don’t get sidetracked down that road. This is the moment the SDS was preaching about in the 60′s. Back then with two cars (big cars) in every garage and an economy that could provide enough for dads to work and moms stay home if they wanted, the upheaval preached on college campuses didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of happening, but now? At some point all of the people that did everything right, that followed all of the rules, those same folks that are losing their homes, savings, pensions and dignity are going to ask what in the hell happened and why the public employee union members are not facing the same dead end future they are, why developers are still making lots of money and then all hell is going to break loose. Then pull out those video’s of the Councilmembers bowing to the wishes of the special interest groups. That is when real change will have a chance of happening. Whether it will be massive Charter reform or splitting the City into manageable Borough’s or separate Cities is anyone’s guess but that day is coming because this way of living where the few profit at the expense of the many is immoral and no longer sustainable.

  11. Anonymous says:

    You guys are stupid. Wendy Greuel is not a council member, why would the hell she be at a council meeting discussing a council agenda? It’s not that hard to figure out
    LACERS – Sucks, under Council Control
    LAFPP – Sucks, under Council Control
    DWPERP – Doesn’t suck, not under Council Control
    Now why the hell would you want the Council to control the the only Pension Plan that isn’t crippling the General Fund. You guys make no sense

  12. Anonymous says:

    DWP is crippling all the rate payers who can’t afford your obscene wages and pensions.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Once more, we know who is running the City, and it ain`t those pussies

  14. Anonymous says:

    8:22pm Brian D’Arcy WE all know DWP is the biggest corrupt dept. in LA. Wendy sure comes out with all her stupid audits and has become the 2nd media whore next to the Failure of a Mayor but she keeps quite on this. This issue of Pensions has to do with the budget of LA going bankrupct so for YOU to say where’s Wendy and she’s not a council member is ignorant. Wendy is the Controller and suppose to be the Watch Dog of our tax dollars. Why hasn’t she figured out how to collect the $541 MILLION due in debt? For that matter why hasn’t one single council person, Mayor, anyone figured out how to collect money that is owed the City? If you and i owe money on a bill, we get notices, harrassement, threatened etc. but these clowns sit back and let people get away with owing the city.

  15. Eric says:

    Blame it on Eric Garcetti.

  16. Anonymous says:

    9:09, nothing you just whined about has anything to do with that item that was on the Council Agenda yesterday. Nice smokescreen

  17. Anonymous says:

    So sad that you City employees don’t know that LACERS and LAFPP are not under Council control. Read your Charter. I know you DWP folks don’t think you work for the City, but alas, you do.
    Also, who says WPERP is the best of the lot? It didn’t get as much attention for being “unsustainable” because the employer contribution is paid from the rate payers and not the General Fund. How much more will rate payers pay in the future because their benefits are the most generous on top of the most generous salaries? The Council doesn’t care because the rate payers don’t give them campaign contributions. DWP Management should care, but owe their jobs to the unions who would get the Mayor and Council to fire them if they fight it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    11:54, who is the sponsorship authority for LACERS and LAFPP? And what does the city council gain from sponsoring the WPERP other than the ability to raid another pocket of money?

  19. Anonymous says:

    As much as everyone loves to bash the DWP workers why does no one speak about the double tax on the ratepayer (utility tax that ratepayers pay directly to the general fund plus the annual transfer that the city council has taken as well).

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