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Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Welcome Back Jimmy Blackman, We Sorely Missed You

in July, Jimmy Blackman, in one of the most bizarre resignation letters in the
history of resigning, described his 13 years as an aide to Antonio Villaraigosa
as a “Iong and incredible journey.”
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He ain’t seen nuthin yet!

This dog has confirmed a rumor that Blackman is in salary
negotiations with City Councilman Dennis Zine to return to City Hall as the
umpteenth chief of staff to the Z Man, as he likes to refer to himself, or
Super Z, as he likes others to refer to him

Word is that Z Man (God, it’s dumb!) wants to be City
Controller, which is as laughable as calling yourself Z Man.  I guess Blackman wants a job – and any job
will do, even as an aide to some guy who thinks he’s some kind of super hero
when he’s more often being cast as a super villain, as growing numbers of
malcontents disturbed by his double dealing describe him.

Blackman, you might remember, handled the chores for Antonio
that some found a tad unsavory, like making sure his boss’s office holder
account was full and that political favors got repaid.

And, of course, Blackman quit at the height of the furor over
Antonio taking tens of thousands of dollars in free tickets, leading cynics to
jump to the conclusion the bag man had become fall guy.  His long and somewhat insane goodbye letter now being used in suicide prevention clinics.

Although he denied he was involved in the ticket scandal, we
still don’t know that for certain because the Ethics Commission and FPPC still
haven’t announced just how big the fines will be for his former employer’s
contempt for the law.

But it looks like Jimmy’s ready to venture back into the building
and join his old friends.

Who knows?  Maybe the Z
Man wants to sit courtside at the Lakers, or at least get a closer look at the
Lakers Girls.

Adding to the complete weirdness of this story is how it
surfaced, which says a lot about how “news” works nowadays.

Emma Schaefer, a fixture in City Hall for decades, who is best
known for conducting networking lunches featuring “news makers,” first reported
the “rumor” in an email.

Emma Schaefer is no Maureen Dowd, so when her previously unknown
newsletter — reported the Blackman “rumor,” good old Kevin Roderick at
wasted no time to get the word out to a somewhat larger audience.

Not that anything was safe with Ron around, anyway.

Ain’t the Internet grand! Rumormongers spread the word without
qualms and it takes a rumor-mongrel like Bruno to actually confirm it.



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10 Responses to Bruno, LA’s Watchdog: Welcome Back Jimmy Blackman, We Sorely Missed You

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta hook up Dennis the Dunce with someone who can help groom him for a City Controller campaign.

  2. My hope is that if Wendy runs for mayor and Zine for controller, they will both lose and the political careers of two empty suits (In Zine’s case, an empty Z-suit) will be over – at least as elected officials.
    If Zine does run for controller and there is no credible candidate to oppose him, I would have to consider a run if only to engage in a debate over the role of the office and the skills needed to perform the duties.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have my vote Paul. We need honest and qualified people like you in City Hall.

  4. G. Shepherd says:

    ” His long and somewhat insane goodbye letter now being used in suicide prevention clinics.” and “…rumor-mongrel like Bruno..”
    Two good ones, Pal! It’s nice to have a happy morning howl in the midst of gloom & doom news.
    Your Pal,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Paul you hit it right on point and I agree. Please Paul run for Controller cause you will have a hell of a lot of support citywide. Zine has become the biggest embarrassement to law enforcement. Officers consider him a joke and his son’s sadly get the brunt of the sleazy jokes of Dennis’ father’s liasons with dirt bag women. Shocking these clowns and failures think they should be elected to hire office. Jimmy Blackman should have been sued for sexual harrassement by many women who were threatened by Antonio’s people not to. He’s a thug in a suit. What we need to find out is what happened to that Domestic Violence assault charge on New Year’s Eve when he beat the hell out of his wife and was put on paid leave, kept his city car etc. Zine is an idiot so this doesn’t surprise me. Gives us more incentive to go after him

  6. Walter Moore says:

    Speaking of Ticketgate, as the person who filed complaints with the City Ethics Commission and the FPPC, I would like to know what the heck they are doing about this.
    The facts are undisputed. The law is clear. So what’s taking so long?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Just goes to show why people who work in LA City Hall compromise on ethical issues and have no integrity. They are unemployable anywhere else and come back to the fold for an easy living.

  8. A bit of a head scratcher, but mostly, a very good story.

  9. anonymous says:

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  10. anonymous says:

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    shrouded the city in every dark corner
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    the familiar glass in the trance of corrosion
    free soul

    forget that a short depression was suffocating loneliness … …
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    involuntarily spun like a drunk after an intense pulling disorder
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