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Real LA News from the Virtual World

Blighted Land Meets (CRA) Sleight of Hand

CD4 candidate Stephen Box, at City Watch LA, writes about Saturday’s LA
Alliance of Neighborhood Councils meeting at which Community Redevelopment Agency official Jim Dantona defended City Hall’s attempt to save the agency from being abolished by turning it into a non-profit outside Gov. Jerry Brown’s control.

“Any attempts to move forward must be supported by real data, not simple
anecdotal evidence, and the people of LA must come first with a process
that is participatory and supported by honest and open accounting,” Box writes..

“The City of LA’s credibility has been destroyed by stalled projects that
blight communities, approvals of projects to politically connected
developers of dubious performance history. As developers return to the
trough for additional funds to complete projects already approved and
funded, the CRA’s scramble to divert funds from essential programs and
services is a self imposed death blow.

“The City of LA’s ability to weather the current fiscal crisis depends on
its credibility. The world is watching, the financial community is
preparing for triage, and the people who call LA home have been
betrayed. It is imperative that the City of LA put the people of LA
first by putting our money where it belongs, in our communities.”

(Read full story and watch videos)

Why the NFL Doesn’t Need a Team in Los Angeles

By Andres Martinez, Zocalo Public Square

In a tribute to the National Football League’s nostalgia-tinged,
size-doesn’t-matter, redistributive genius, Super Bowl XLV will pit the
nation’s 152nd largest metropolitan area against its 22nd largest.
Green Bay defeated Chicago yesterday to clinch the National Football
Conference; Pittsburgh prevailed against the New York Jets in the AFC

Think about that. In what other contexts could Pittsburgh and New
York – not to mention Green Bay and Chicago! – compete on a level
playing field?

The NFL’s socialistic revenue-sharing arrangement, which treats all
franchises alike and thus helps shine an outsized spotlight on
communities like Green Bay and Buffalo, is made possible by a
half-century-old law that exempts sports leagues from antitrust laws
when negotiating their TV contracts. The NFL, Congress decided, should
be considered a “single entity” rather than a collusion of franchises
and their owners, at least when making deals with TV networks.

(Read the full story by Andrés Martinez, editorial page editor of the Los Angeles Times
from 2004 to 2007)

Call to Action: Help Save the Marina from Over-Development

By “We Are Marina del Rey

February 1, 2011 at 9.30 a.m. the LA County Board of Supervisors will
hold a  public hearing on the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Plan
Amendment (LCPA),
  which proposes to change land uses and development
laws which will change the Marina forever with an increase in
residential and commercial development (density and building size), more
hotels and fewer recreational facilities,  substantial reduction in
parking lost, and the obvious, a major increase in  traffic.

February 1 is our FINAL OPPORTUNITY to
tell the Board of Supervisors that the greater Marina del Rey community
is opposed to their development plans. We want a master plan with
balanced development that is based on a community planning process and
the Marina’s recreational mandate.


Press Giant Rivalry: New York Times Knocks LA Times

By Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Big-city newspapers all across the country have suffered one indignity
after another in the last few years. But few of them have been as hard
hit — or gotten as much grief for it — as The Los Angeles Times.

Here in the city that has always strived to show how a sense of
sophistication lies beneath the silicone and the superficial, The Times
has joined the city’s impossible freeway traffic as a unifying force of

In the sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, hair salons and studio lots of this
sprawling metropolis, the notion that The Times remains one of the best
newspapers still in business is a foreign one.


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4 Responses to Real LA News from the Virtual World

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Dantona went from Wendy Greuel’s office as a second Land Use guy to her BFF at the CRA?
    Bad career choice, Jim.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent news that CRA is being investigated by the State. Finally, there is hope that their illegalities will entangle the Mayor and the Council offices at whose behest most of them were committed. Not surprising that the comatose Mayor and do-nothing City Council suddenly got dynamite up their asses and acted so quickly to shield CRA. Meanwhile, the budget talks have dragged on for years with no resolution other than to continue selling all our assets.

  3. Have you considered manual labor Mr Balboa? says:

    I’m sorry: I’m laughing at the NYT’s diss of the LAT. They don’t even hide it anymore. The LAT has less news and more tedious commentary than a Keith Olberman program.
    How was the LAT ever captured by this group of dullards anyway? How did it come about that I depend on this blog for the details in city news the LAT does not know or care to print?
    Tim Rutten never graduated from college and writes like a child. Since taxes are the price for civilization George Skelton thinks the more you pay the more civilized you’ll be (he is not a history or econ buff needless to say).
    Amy Chua was old news when the LAT ran it like it was new. The SF Chronicle reported the demands of UC administrators for higher salary before the LAT and in more detail.
    Its coverage of the state elections was dismally biased. It helped a maid decide the election for governor, and then, after letting everyone lambaste Whitman for weeks, insisted that Whitman stop being “negative.” It simply ignored pensions, green energy price increases (reported after the election) and more in its ell mell rush to elect the man who gave us state employee unions.
    They pant openly after issues like gun control, the “need” for higher taxes and the evils of the ‘tea party’ (the LAT still uses quotes for it like a paper in the 1930′s described a “coke,” or a “plane).
    How humiliating. The NYT disses our city and they are 100% correct.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A new word I learnt from CRA was “work-force” housing. This scam allowed developers to claim that they were providing work-force housing, whatever it means, because unlike low and moderate income housing that have an established income and maximum rent/price charged criteria and qualifications to be reported to the Housing Department for monitoring, this has none. Hope Chiang will look into this, cause CRA will claim that they provided affordable housing, when in fact, they did not.

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