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Every Vote Counts: Volunteer to Help Elect Council Candidates Who Will Serve You

City Hall will stop at nothing to protect and preserve a political system of privileged insiders that has failed the city’s four million residents and its business community.

Nearly three years into a financial crisis caused by years of over-spending, the city’s leadership has proven itself incapable of confronting the budget crisis that gets worse year after year.

Their efforts to win concessions from unions to reduce payroll and benefit costs that account for 80 percent of the $4.3 billion general fund budget have been feeble so they have resorted to one-time solutions like furloughs, transfer of workers to special funds and the DWP, asset sales and various tricks to cook the books.

And now a feeding frenzy is on at City Hall among developers, contractors and unions as if there were no tomorrow — which might well be the case as bankruptcy looms as the only way out when they run out of case sometimes in the next 15 months.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Two weeks from today, on March 8, we the people have the power to elect seven members of the City Council who are honest, independent and committed to fiscal responsibility and community empowerment — the tenets of the LA Clean Sweep movement.

In this election, every vote truly counts. Every vote that is cast for change will send City Hall the message that we are beyond being mad as hell, that we are ready to do something about it..

Some of these races including Stephen Box in CD4 and Rudy Martinez in CD14 are certain to be close.

And even in races where grassroots candidates are long shots, your vote will show that the turnout — normally only 7 to 13 percent of registered voters in off-year elections — is swelling and voters are paying attention.

The campaigns are gearing up their phone banking and precinct walking efforts and need volunteers to reach more voters.

For instance, Stephen Box’s campaign needs more volunteers to work 4-hour shifts
from 1 PM to 8PM on weekdays and 11 AM – 8 PM in the Mid-City area — Park La Brea, Miracle Mile, Sycamore Square, Hancock Park and Larchmont. .

Contact George Rheault, Mid-City coordinator, via email or by phone (323) 571-2150 (h), (917) 603-0879 (m) if you want to help elect Stephen Box, a candidate who will serve the public interest to replace Tom LaBonge, a servant of special interests.

Here’s how to get involved directly in the campaigns of candidates endorsed by LA Clean Sweep:




Contact the Stephen Box about volunteering or donation by visiting his website at




Contact David Barron’s campaign at 818 974 5054 for more information or visit his website


Contact Rich Goodman’s campaign at


Contact Cordaro’s campaign at




Help in precinct walking and phone banking, learn more at his website at


CD 10



Contact Austin Dragon’s campaign at 310-439-5024 or visit his website at 




Visit Kelly Lord’s website for more information at


Visit Brad Smith’s website  

CD 14


Go to Rudy Martinez’scampaign
headquarters at 4555 Eagle Rock Blvd. Visit his website 

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11 Responses to Every Vote Counts: Volunteer to Help Elect Council Candidates Who Will Serve You

  1. Anonymous says:

    Today, Feb 22, is the last day to register for the March 8 elections.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Grassroots candidates like Brad Smith should not be long shots, but guaranteed winners against a “incumbent” Englander, who has collected half a million from developers. Is this what CD12 residents want? Promissory notes to developers who will have to be paid back with unwanted development.

  3. Anonymous says:

    10:12. LA voters are so pathetic they will either sit out the election or vote for the name recognition or whoever la times told them to vote for. Afterall Villar did get re-elected
    I’m hoping for the city bankruptcy so maybe this is the only way to get these voters to pay attention and vote *their* interest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    At one of the election forums, a Neighborhood Council candidate, who went door to door to solicit votes mentioned that she was surprised to find out that people had never heard of such a council or for that matter the City Council or that there were elections for this body.
    Great! our tax payer moneys spent/wasted on Neighborhood Councils that elect/function within the same populace of 100 to 200 people, who then use these as a launching pad for their own political careers. Never mind, the thousands of ignorant people in this city who continue to function in a vacuum.

  5. 511 – I share your frustration with the apathy and ignorance, but NCs are like anything else. Some are well run; others are disasters.
    In Valley Village, a community of only 23,000 (and I think that includes cats and dogs), we have voter turnouts in the hundreds. We had over a thousand two elections ago – I received over 900 votes myself.
    Pete Sanchez, who helped form our NC, ran for the CD2 council seat in the 2009 special election. He actually won two precincts in Valley Village – an even stronger performance when you consider half the neighborhood is in CD5 and could not vote. No other grassroots candidate picked up as much as a single one.
    His success was an indication of our NC’s stature in our community.
    For a neighborhood council to be effective requires dedication, knowledge of issues and respect for the stakeholders and board members.
    The most dysfunctional NCs lack these charateristics. That’s too bad, but we should not be surprised – every level of government has successes and failures.
    I would trust any of my fellow board members to do a better job than any incumbent in the City Council, the mayor or controller.

  6. Sandy Sand says:

    It’s no surprise that many people never heard of the City Council. A study done by former Mayor James Hahn showed that more than half (approximately 60%) of L.A.’s population is functionally illiterate, and that they’re illiterate in their native tongues as well.
    That leaves the other half of the population to carry the load for them, and most of that half are too busy just trying to eke out a living and holding home and hearth together that they can’t be bothered with inconsequentials like civics or how our government is being run.
    As long as the garbage is picked up on a regular basis and crime isn’t right outside their front doors, they’re perfectly happy with the status quo. They’ll even forget about their potholed streets they cursed at on the drive home the minute they walk into their front doors, because they’re overwhelmed by their own problems once that door is opened.

  7. Jim says:

    You are totally wrong. First off Pete wasn’t the only grassroots candidate that won precincts. Mary Benson captured at least 5 precincts in her bid for CD 2. Pete didn’t have much play outside of Valley Village. Check you facts before your mouth spouts off.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Let’s waste time in resolving old issues instead of focusing on the current elections. Who cares how many Neighborhood Council members captured how many precincts. Fact is they divided the vote and all lost, and allowed a professional politician to win.

  9. Ken says:

    I would ask those candidates you are backing for council offices, given the budget shortfall how many of them took or are planning on taking matching funds from the city. If they are really looking to have a grass roots campaign why could they not do the same thing that President Obama did raising 100.00 at a time. They money that they take in matching funds takes away from other services. As for myself I live in CD 12 an I find it inexcusable that you would back a client that is obviously based upon his signs trying to make the voting public think he is the existing councilman. By backing such an individual that drops out of a race and then re-enters with the hope of the headline reading SMITH Back in race is terrible. If you can not run with both your first name and last then you obviously have no respect for the voters of the district you wish to represent.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ken, would you rather that they take money from developers and other sleaze bags like Englander?

  11. g says:


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