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LaBonge Must Go — Box and O’Grady Will Do Better for CD4 and the City

It’s time for Tom LaBonge to get out of the way and move on to something he is qualified to do — Sister Cities ambassador, LA’s official greeter — and make room a City Council member in District 4.

This is an historic moment in CD4, the first time in decades that an incumbent or a staffer anointed to succeed in the office, faces a serious challenge.

Both Stephen Box and Tomas O’Grady are intelligent, experienced and capable of doing a better job for the district and everyone in Los Angeles.

Thanks to Ziggy Kruse of HNN-TV you can meet Box, endorsed by the Daily News and LA Clean Sweep, and O’Grady, a Neighborhood Council member and school reformer. Both have put together credible campaigns with volunteers and nearly as much money combined as the incumbent has.

statements show why indeed it is necessary to have an open election …
especially after almost 4 decades of having to live with the “what
street are you living on” opener by the incumbent,” Kruse said..

Every vote for Box or O’Grady is a vote against LaBonge and will help make sure there is a runoff in what shapes as a close race where every single vote will matter.

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15 Responses to LaBonge Must Go — Box and O’Grady Will Do Better for CD4 and the City

  1. Both Box and O’Grady are honest and are better alternatives to LaBonge.
    However, Box is clearly a better choice than O’Grady. He understands the importance of pension reform. This was evident in last Monday’s forum sponsored by the SFV Green Party.
    O’Grady supports a status quo pension plan based on defined benefits that will gobble up an ever-growing slice of the budget.
    We need to move away from that model. Whether it’s a hybrid plan or significant increases in contributions by current participants to existing plans, something must be done.
    Box gets it; O’Grady does not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No shit Box gets it and O’Grady does not!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Having attended these forums, there is a big difference between Box and O’grady. Sincere as the latter is, he is green and has little knowledge about the city or for that matter anything pertinent to running a city. Don’t recall seeing O’grady in the corridors. Box, due to his activism and hours spent in cityhall knows where the skeletons are buried than even LaBonge. That is a perfect mix-honest and sincere and knowledge of the city well enough to hit the ground running.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don`t care who forces LaBonge into a run off. Tom`s time has come and gone. Times is endorsing O`Grady, which gives a signal to Tom that even the establishment finds him ineffective, beholden to the special interests.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @February 26, 2011 6:42 PM:
    You hit the nail on the head – Both the Daily News Endorsement of Box and the historical LA Times Endorsement of O’Grady should shake up things in the Labonge camp which has been on cruise control.
    I think Labonge is shocked that anybody would dare to challenge his highness.
    One victory in March’s election would shake up City Hall. Two victory’s would be a 7.9 on the Rector scale.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ron is hot. Way to go man. You got traction. May be there is still hope for L.A.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My dream would be to see Labonge knocked out by coming in 3rd place. But we all know the “ground game” is key and the Special Interest Groups who profit from Labonge’s votes has his back and are canvessing neighborhoods and calling homes.
    The challengers must pickup the ground game big time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Historical Times endorsement of O’Grady?
    You are on drugs. Get help.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Both Box and O’Grady are better than Labonge.
    Box, however, has taken years to learn about CD #4 from North Hollywood to mid-Wilshire. He has been at all budget hearings and he has walked the neighborhoods of CD #4 and has worked with many grassroots movements, e.g. to stop the DWP’s solar scam on the ballot.
    O’Grady is new and limited to one smal section of Los Feliz. He did not even support the Hollywood Grove HPOZ which is in the part of Los Feliz, lying west of Western and hence beyond O’Grady’s terrain.
    O’Grady is also limited to a one or two schools in Los Feliz. while he has apparently done great work at the school, that route leads to the School Board and not to City Council.
    CD 4 needs an honest councilman who has already delved into the City Council type issues. In a couple years, O’Grady may be great for the School Board — Lord knows they need shaking up.

  10. kanoute says:

    I genuinely believe what O’Grady has achieved with little financial backing is exactly what CD4 needs. His achievements are there to see – He will halve his salary immediately if elected. Why?. because the average salary in CD4 is approx $50,000. Council members themselves earn $178,789 per annum.
    Furthermore, Tomas O’Grady is not afraid to speak out – This is the guy we need to force back some integrity\honesty into the system.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Box is the strongest candidate to vote for. O’Grady is not in his league.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Box is without a doubt the best candidate. All you have to do is watch the forums. His knowledge dwarfs O’Grady. Tomas looks like a little league guy thinking he can play big league ball.
    The O’Grady speech has two notes, I plant a good garden and I plant a good garden. This is not the movie “Being There” and Tomas O’Grady is no Peter Sellers.
    Box’s resume is so thick that the LA Times couldn’t read it all. Clearly the Times didn’t see the forums.
    Plus both O’Grady and LaBonge have historic temper problems. We certainly don’t need more of that.

  13. kanoute696 says:

    So your reasons for the LA times endorsing O’Grady is “that they couldn’t read all Box’s resume”??..
    go on to
    O’Grady’s work speaks for itself, he knows how to balance the books and gets things done.
    Give him a call, his number is on the website … He is honest and he keeps his word.

  14. anonymous says:

    Let’s stick to the facts shall we?
    @Paul Hatfield
    “O’Grady supports a status quo pension plan based on defined benefits that will gobble up an ever-growing slice of the budget.”
    Where is the documentation of this? Proof? I have heard him speak and looked on the website and he calls for massive reform of the pension plan. Where do you get your information?
    If Box is so great and understands the problems in LA why isn’t he offering to cut his salary in half? Regardless of his plans and whatnot does he think making $250,000 a year is acceptable? Or is he concerned that he might be seen as jumping on the bandwagon? If so, I wish more politicians in LA would jump aboard, even if he wasn’t the first one to think of the idea he can still show that he recognizes that such a salary is exorbitant and what he intends to do about it.

  15. earinlosfeliz says:

    Box presents great ideas towards solving the City’s current problems in an understated manner…O’Grady offers to cut his salary in half.
    Cutting your salary has nothing to do with understanding the problems of the City – it is merely a 2 second soundbite that sounds good. Reminds me of the Pied Piper – music to your ears, initially looks good but, a horrible tragedy to have called him in, in the end. Some notes:
    As treasurer of the GGPNC, O’Grady left a mess for the incoming Treasurer.
    Many of the projects he takes credit for were already in the works before he was elected to the GGPNC. He just took the photo ops for himself.
    He cleans up well – from picking his toes while at GGPNC meetings in the beginning, to a short haircut and suit – but he is still a guy in need of anger management when things don’t go his way.
    Many Los Feliz business people want nothing to do with him and his tactics.

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