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Englander’s ‘Don’t Vote for Me’ Mailer, Abuse of Power by Huizar, Cardenas and LaBonge

Despite his well-documented confusion about what day it is, Tom LaBonge’s perfect recall of a goal line stand that defeated Eagle Rock High was on full display Friday at the City Council — the last meeting before election day — along with his desperate need to be loved.

Don’t get Tom wrong, he loves Eagle Rock as much as he loves all of LA and got the opportunity to spread his love when his colleague Jose Huizar was making nice with that northern part of his district that he hardly knew existed until confronted by the same kind of tough challenge that good old LaBonge is facing Tuesday.

The occasion was Eagle Rock’s 100th birthday, but the motivation for the timing was clearly that he might actually be thrown out of office by upstart Rudy Martinez, just as Stephen Box might pull off a stunning upset of LaBonge, or La Bong as frequent presiding officer Dennis Zine prefers to call him.labongepphoto.jpg

Evidence of LaBonge’s concern is how he used officers — illegally — in uniform to promote his candidacy in a last-minute mailer.

Despite all the many advantages incumbents have, Huizar and LaBonge are worried, so worried they have no compunction about last-minute smear campaigns or abusing their power by turning official meetings of the City Council into opportunities  to campaign for re-election without having to spend any of the ill-gotten money they have raised from special interests.

Not to be outdone, Tony Cardenas, presumably looking over his shoulder at the bare majority he got four years ago, held forth for a half-hour with ministers, ex-cons who found redemption in God and other well-intentioned people — on locking up juveniles for life in prison for various crimes they didn’t involve murder or other forms of violent mayhem.

Cardenas at least had a point: The juvenile justice system is broken and incarceration for long periods solely for drug offenses is an injustice.

But with the help of Ed Reyes and others, the point was obscured by blaming such problems on racism and the repudiation of any form of personal responsibility.

None of these things that took up almost the entire Council meeting had to be brought up today. They were all pretty much timeless.Scan_Pic0007.jpg

What was timely on the Council agenda was approving the gift of $4 million of taxpayer money to questionable developer Hal Katersky and his totally unwanted and unnecessary 1601 N. Vine St. office project in Hollywood.

And so was approval of a “cooperation agreement” to prevent $930 million in local property tax revenue from being confiscated for schools, cops and libraries under Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget-balancing plan to abolish Community Redevelopment Agencies statewide.

To avoid inflaming the passions for an already aroused populace, the Council put those hot-button issues off until Wednesday — the day after we vote on whether people who have failed us day after day like LaBonge, Huizar, Cardenas and Wesson — should be held accountable.

Gutless, deceitful, despicable — words fail me — since both issues will be approved despite how they are doing nothing but enrich the rich at the expense of the quality of life and opportunity for 99 percent of the four million people who call LA home.

My personal favorite among the last-minute desperation plays of the political machine is the mailer from Mitch Englander, chief of staff to retiring Councilman Greig Smith and his anointed successor — just as Smith was chief of staff to Hal Bernson — a line of succession that ought to make every voter wonder how they could be so gullible.

Englander, endowed with nearly half a million dollars in mostly special interest money, barraged his constituents with a “Don’t Vote for Me” mailing.

The ad featured his boss, Greig Smith, wanting to clear up any confusion by pointing out he’s not running for re-election — but another Smith, Brad Smith is, and they suddenly got worried enough about being forced into a runoff that they were afraid the ignorant and uninformed voters they count might confuse the Smith who wants to fix LA with the Smith who broke LA.

And that’s the point: They are all worried. You have no excuse for not voting on Tuesday and showing them and the entire power structure that you want the city we love to work for you.

End the Corruption — Vote for Change.&nbsp

Here is the complete LA Clean Sweep Candidate List:

District 2: No Endorsement

District 4: Stephen Box

District 6: Richard Goodman, David Barron, and Jamie Cordaro

District 8: Councilman Bernard Parks

District 10: Austin Dragon

District 12: Kelly Lord and Brad Smith

District 14: Rudy Martinez

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19 Responses to Englander’s ‘Don’t Vote for Me’ Mailer, Abuse of Power by Huizar, Cardenas and LaBonge

  1. Anonymous says:

    your pleas to get out the vote for your clean sweep candidates makes you just as much a special interest, ron. is the public to assume that clean sweep’s independent expenditures are from a do good non-profit? please! are you a journalist or an operative?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Englander is such a pompous, ignorant, arrogant ass that at last night’s CD 12 Forum, he retorted to one of the candidates complaint about the high wages of Councilmembers and Chief of Staff, that when he is elected Councilman, he’d hire him as his Chief of Staff. Then he continued with his idiocy by talking about how he would create jobs through the discredited Enterprize Zones and lied about his area having the only M1, industrial zones in the city.
    Any man who collects half a million dollars from developers and pretends that he will represent the community and not the developers must think that the community is dumb, or maybe not, if his boss has to send a disclaimer about the name. Shame on Greig Smith. Is it not common knowledge about his yearly trips to Europe to study trash recycling or similar BS. And has it not been reported that the trips were paid for by BFI or through the Sunshine Canyon Landfill community trust fund. What can you expect from such an office?

  3. Joey B. says:

    @ March 4, 2011 7:01 PM
    your comment sounds really absurd! – just because someone supports a list of candidates and is able to pay for it does not make him / her a “special interest” …
    honestly though, we all need to see change in city hall and by supporting the slate LA is off to a good start.
    i am certain you are supportive of someone and i am certain you have spend your own money of getting the vote out for your candidate, you might have even contributed to your favorite, so i guess that makes you a special interest one, too, or does it not?
    we all want to get our favorites to get into office and yes, i am sure we all have an agenda to do so.
    also, even if ron is a journalist, what law says he can’t support those he believes will do better for the city?
    there are many reporters out there who juggle many jobs and i am certain that the LAT endorsement for their candidates of choice will come with a price. last i’ve checked the LAT has a big number of journalists.
    lastly: what has the CIA got to do with all of this? OPERATIVES? REALLY?!
    Joey B.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stephen Box is truly get’s it. Just listen to Box, O’Grady, and Labonge and judge for yourself on Pat Morrison:
    Just under the title in the weblink is a media player to hear the discussion:

  5. Bill Clinton says:

    Just what is special interest?

  6. Anonymous says:

    GREAT POST RONNIE. Anyone but the incumbents. The City Attorney for Bell told the police union it is against STATE LAW to use police officers in Uniform for campaign mailers. Why isn’t Trutanich going after LaBonge and Huizar for using police in their mailers. I bet those officers on LaBonge mailer who are Capt. Davis of Wilshire Div. Cmdr. Hara, Capt. Blake of Olympic, Sgt. Llanes all had NO IDEA their picture would be used for a political mailer. Did LaBonge ask their Permission??? This is Outrageous these clowns always use LAPD for their crap. LAPD rank and file is known to not like politicians because they cut their budget $100 million, criticize them repeadtly without knowing the facts and rush to judgement, support gangsters, illegals, and put our City in the toliet. Where is the Police Political Protective League on this? They’re a bunch of idiots as well. Everyone is cutting, cops have lost their homes and these morons on PPL are scheduling their retreat costing over $200,000 for themselves. Cops are pissed

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bell officials order police union to halt campaign. City attorney issues cease-and-desist letter over union mailer showing officers in uniform. The union is heavily campaigning to save the department from budget cuts and to promote five council candidates.
    The mailers contain photos of officers in uniform, which city officials say violates the state government code.,0,2589118.story
    The PPL endorsed Huizar and LaBonge

  8. Matt Geller says:

    Tom LaBonge has even resorted to robo calls claiming to be from Governor Jerry Brown. The robo calls claim that LaBonge is the only Democrat running. Take a listen:
    Take back Los Angeles, vote Stephen Box on March 8th.

  9. Wayne "Katersky" from Encino says:

    Giving the Clean Sweep’s endorsement of PARKS was an insult! But regarding the SMITH mailer: I’ve heard people say and I’ve “agreed” they might as well just vote for SMITH and, er, screw this election on Tues! What a wonderful thing it would be to have the “Good Smith” turn out the Crummy Smith’s little troll Chief of Staff just because of a last name on a ballot! It’s a fact that SMITH will get 20-35% of the Vote Tues simply because people will figure he’s the incumbant or a relative to him. Mitch will be in a run off, and if it’s vs. Smith, The MACHINE blows control of CD12.
    The MACHINE thought Mitch was 110% safe, so they didn’t go beyond 500k for the race, or they would of went to 800k.
    Huizar is the one in trouble, though. If Piper Center does a 90% legitimate count of the ballots, Martinez will slide in with 50% to 52% of the vote, enough to win it with one possible recount. But word is, our City, who is sponsoring the election said something like this to a source:
    “Many people did not have their sample ballots mailed to them, but we don’t know why…”!!!!!
    It’s not even Tues, and already, proof that our Garcetti-Led City can’t even sponsor a fair and free elecion in this, the what, 21rst century?
    As for the Real Katersky, he will await the fate of his 4 million dollar gift from Garcetti until after the election. But how many of these rotten councilmen want to vote for it, and face what will certainly be serious Federal problems? No one but Garcetti wants to even vote on it it’s such a toxic pile of crap!
    Hope each and everyone of you vote NO on every one of those crappy Charter Amendments, and if you have a say, vote HELL NO on Mitchell Englander, Parks, Huizar, Krookorian, Cardenas, Wesson-Oil, and the totally worst most disgusting, evil, rotten, corrupted foulest fowl of them all: Tom “DWP” LaBonge!
    Of the 15 pupppets on the Current Council, no one personifies waste, fraud, and corruption as perfectly as the mindless Tom Labonge.
    But, it’s your City! If you guys vote them all in, then, that’s it. It’ll be time to move on to a place where people give a damn.
    Up to now, it doesn’t really seem anyone does. Prove that track record wrong!
    The Encino Slate of candidates:
    Good luck for: Rudy (CD14), David Barron (CD6);
    Mr. Smith (err, Brad that is)(CD12); Mr. Bizani
    (CD2); Mrs. Shaw (CD10); Mr. Box (CD4); and in CD10–anyone but the clown incumbant.
    Note: Anyone who beats the incumbant will have to wait till July 2011 to get in. But that’s better than waiting ANOTHER 4 YEARS!

  10. Curious says:

    Somebody told me “they” can access your ballot and find out who you voted for.
    Is that true?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hal Katersky may be a problem for Los Angeles, but I like Wayne Katersky.
    Listen to Mr. Katersky’s sound advise – No wait a minute, listen to Wayne Katersky’s advise on how to vote on March 8.
    Hal Katersky just wants you to give him that $5.5 million dollar CRA/Ullman land for $825-dollars and 50-cents.

  12. Mark Katersky says:

    @Curious on March 5, 2011 7:03 PM
    You statement about someone (they) being able to tell who you voted for doesn’t make sense.
    When you vote in person, it is a secret ballot and there is no name ID on your punch card.
    When you vote by mail, you submit your “punch card” into a envelope that doesn’t give your name. Then it goes into a ballot that does give your name.
    But those ballots are pulled out from the envelope that identifies you. So then it too is secret.

  13. I Like Box says:

    Here is a easy link to the full KPCC interview/debate between the 3 CD-4 Candidates:
    Here is the famous Titanic Scene by Stephen Box:

  14. Curious says:

    Dear Mark @ 11:03 PM,
    I agree that it doesn’t make sense-ergo my inquiry. I suppose if one had access to the finger print date base there might be a way (that’s a joke–a piss poor and weak one–but a joke).

  15. Anonymous says:

    Count Down – 2 Days Left for March 8, 2011
    Vote for CHANGE, NOT CHANGE IN YOUR POCKETS, but for LA Clean Sweep Candidates, except Bernard Parks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Here are some things to consider when casting your vote on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.
    1. The current Los Angeles Council constantly violates their Council Rules as “Council Is Awaiting A Quorum” as usual due to arriving late to work.
    In January 2011 the Council was able to start the Council meeting on time only once after Eric Garcetti cancelled a meeting because councilmembers were late to work. This is a ratio of 83% of the time the council arrives late to work, 1 out of 12 scheduled meetings, to conduct the peoples business.
    In February 2011 again the council was on time only once. This is a ratio of 90% of the time the council arrived late to work, 1 out of 11 scheduled meetings, because the February 25 meeting was cancelled due to a funeral.
    In March 2011 the council has already arrived late to work on their 3 scheduled meeting which is consistent with their habitual pattern.
    The consequences for the councilmembers are that constituents continue to reelect these same councilmembers, but complain thereafter.
    2. According to the Los Angeles Weekly, each council seat is worth $178,789 in yearly salary, plus subsidized health care, plus taxpayers provided CARS, GASOLINE, and $90,000 in plush funds for each to spend as they wish. If councilmembers remains in office for 12 years, the Weekly estimates, a Los Angeles City Council seat is worth $3 million.
    Are these current councilmembers really worth this much money?
    3. This council continues to rubber stamp the major’s over spending budget and serving special interest groups, including the mayor and council’s pet projects, with NO checks and balances. The council and mayor fail to cut wasteful spending while continuing to raise citation fees, parking meter fees, trash fees, DWP rates, etc.
    Vote on March 8, 2011!
    October 14, 2010 Los Angeles Daily News
    “Tardiness is but one symptom of a troubled political leadership”

  17. Anonymous says:

    Good information postings. Unlike other blogs that just attack people for having a difference of opinion. Who can file an ethics violation with the Commission? Tom LaBonge and Jose Huizar both used cops in their mailers and that is against State Law. Isn’t this a violation? Why didn’t the LA Clean Sweep guys have a press conference to outline their candidates? CD14 elections will be corrupt. When the Failure of a Mayor Antonio ran his team had illegals going to precints where friends were monitoring them and allowed the illegals to use registered names who didn’t show up. These are known shady tactics in CD14. They have had teens also vote using registered names of voters who didn’t go. Huizar is on the ropes and desperate. Antonio needs his bitch to win at all cost. Look for corrupt behavior from Team Huizar on Tuesday

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think Englander is going to be furious when he finds out he has to go up against one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. It is going to be very difficult for Harvey to beat up on a candidate who doesn’t have a sleazy bone in his body. I attended one of the CD 12 debates (Englander did not) and I thought that oh-so-conservative district loved Brad Smith and I don’t think they thought it was Greig Smith. When I heard that mailer I found it outrageous that anyone would vote for Greig Smith, even accidentally! I think it would hurt Brad Smith.

  19. Anonymous says:

    That whole CD12 office since the Bernson days and specifically Englander are tied up with the Porter Ranch Development Co. that it can’t be good for the community. Porter Ranch wants to expand until every piece of open space is developed and then some.

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