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KCET Exclusive: SoCal Connected Exposes Rudy Montiel and the LA Public Housing Scandal

rudy.jpgSix months in the making. KCET”s SoCal Connected reveals the truth about LA’s highest paid official, the $450,000-a-year Rudy Montiel, who was fired Monday as head of the city’s public housing agency, the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles.

Hundreds of documents were obtained under the California Public Records and dozens of people were interviewed on and off the record to produce a shocking story of abuses.

Here’s the promo from the KCET website:

Show Me The Money: The Junketeer

Thu Mar 24 at 6:30PM on KCET
Thu Mar 24 at 9:00PM on KCET

Rudolf “Rudy” Montiel is out. The former head of
the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles had enjoyed a fat-cat
employment package while overseeing the agency responsible for providing
shelter to L.A.’s most vulnerable residents. Now he’s at the center of
controversy, but he may not be alone.

For this latest installment of our series investigating how city
agencies have been spending (or misspending) taxpayer dollars, we spent
six months reviewing documents of HACLA’s leaders. You may be shocked to
find out where the money’s going.

More Airdates:

Fri Mar 25 at 8:30PM on KCET
Sat Mar 26 at 6:00PM on KCET
Sun Mar 27 at 6:30PM on KCET

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6 Responses to KCET Exclusive: SoCal Connected Exposes Rudy Montiel and the LA Public Housing Scandal

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please notify all HACLA employees and contractors to watch this program. Be ready to come forward with any waste fraud or abuse claims when an honest party is ready coordinate (maybe Senator Grassley’s expert staff). Right now HUD and HUD OIG and City Attorneys office has spent years covering up these abuses by burying the bodies of whistleblowers…It is time to hold them accountable!

  2. Even if she is a Yalie, SoCal Val Zavala has been on a The Cost of Power showed the public be damned arrogance of Union Bo$$ Brian D’Arcy, the business manager of the IBEW, the DWP’s domineering union. And then she got the DROP on pension games played by the cops. And now the Housing Authority.
    So who’s next?

  3. LA District Attorney corruption says:

    Where does Steve Cooley fall on the list of city officials making the highest salary? Steve Cooley makes $293,000. He asked the Board of Supervisors for a $50,000 raise in 2008. Does anyone care about his giant raise and the corruption going on by him and under his watch.
    Now he is trying to pick his next successor.

  4. Watch Dog says:

    oh happy, bitter days

  5. Watch Dog says:

    oh happy, bitter days

  6. Anonymous says:

    This guy spent millions to crucify innocent employees who were a threat to him administratively or used them to cover what he was doing (stealing) while calling them thieves in court with high end attorneys knowing hes lying but milking the HUD cash cow anyway. This while many americans are homeless and many owners are losing their property because he would not pay them their much due section eight benefits. What is really going to happen to this guy, the mayor, the commissioners the city attorneys he did not act alone hes not smart enough for all that.

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