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Without a clue as to what they were doing or even why, the City Council in a joint meeting with the yes-men and yes-women of Community Redevelopment Agency board agreed Tuesday to sabotage the governor’s efforts to restore solvency to California.

They voted against the poor, against students in need of a quality education, against libraries, against public safety.

They voted to support welfare to the rich and crumbs for poverty pimps. They knew full well that the $930 million they were confiscating would otherwise go to keep teachers in their jobs, for cops on the street, for librarians, for health services and  social service for the needist among us..

They disgraced themselves and they didn’t care. All they cared about what is good for the unions and the rich.

They did it because they think you don’t care either, that when the votes are counted late tonight, you will have re-elected LaBonge and Huizar and Cardenas and fallen for their phony ballot measures that don’t reopen libraries, solve the budget crisis, reduced pension burdens or brought accountability to DWP.

We’ll know soon enough if they are right.

The certainty is that the action the took today with only Paul Krekorian and the retiring Greig Smith objecting — LaBonge and Parks absent — will lead to lawsuits and countersuits when the Legislature abolishes all CRAs on Thursday or next week.

That will force Gov. Jerry Brown to slash spending for health care and education and social services of all sorts to the poor and needy and elderly. He will have no choice.

Those are the same people whose whose and needs have been betrayed by decades of taking billions of dollars in property taxes to subsidize maximize luxury projects for the benefit of giant corporations and the wealthy with crumbs off the table of power being gobbled up by non-profits that serve themselves far better than they do the poor and needy and elderly.

They were out in full force Tuesday along with small-time developers and city union officials egging the Council on.

Krekorian questioned the rush to judgment. Smith questioned the whole action. Koretz and Rosendahl questioned everything about the subterfuge but then rolled over and voted with their collegial gang.

It was shameless, a disgrace of public policy, a f— you to the people of Los Angeles and the state of California.

Here’s what the LA Times reported.

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14 Responses to SHAMELESS!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you to Paul Krek for voting against this crime.

  2. InsideDeals says:

    encumbering money for a special group. lovely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “people’s” attorney protecting the corrupt and wealthy:
    “City Attorney Kelly Martin called Brown’s proposed legislation to kill the development agencies “unnecessarily punitive to the city” and warned that if Governor signs the bill this week, “it will be pencils down at the CRA.”

  4. E. Nourma Skock says:

    Ron -
    An indicted felon sits on this council and no one has lifted a finger to have him removed. What do you expect?

  5. Wayne "Katersky" from Encino says:

    The L.A. Times is a piece of garbage that calls itself a “newspaper.” David Zahnheiser, who wrote the Times article is just mailing in his writing, waiting for the glorious day he gets his retirement and pension and moves to Florida, where there are no State income taxes and a 6% sales tax, just to name a few benefits.
    Kevin James is waiting to run for City Attorney, after his buddy Gaga-Nuch runs for D.A. after the disgraceful Cooley gets out after prosecuting Lindsey Lohan for a damn necklage while letting Bell, CA. rot for 4 years before any action was taken for those people! Rizzo is actually going to defend on his charges that they are “past the limitations period” which is 4 years!!! 4 Years Cooley sat on that!!
    Ron will get wise and leave L.A. Too.
    So should you, if you can, vacate your loved ones and get out of this mafia-run corrupt and disgracefully run City, which really isn’t a city but a collection of 15 fiefdoms where 90% live off the 10% who pay all the bills for AEG and the corruption at Spring St.
    If you are fortunate enough to have a home paid off or bought it with a low mortgage, just rent it out for $2-3 grand a month, and let the 20 or so people live in it, AND USE THE EXTRA MONEY TO BUY ANOTHER HOME OUTSIDE L.A. AND SEND YOUR KIDS TO NON-LAUSD SCHOOLS AND PAY LESS TAXES!
    L.A. should now be a city of 90% ABSENTEE LANDLORDS!! The homeowners and productive folks will in the end win when they vacate out of here and leave this damn city what it always was intended to be—A DESERT!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Check out the results — all the incumbents plus Englander are winning handily. Typical of LA voters — just keep the same people in.
    Bankruptcy cant come soon enough — that’ll be sweet.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Multi-term incumbents win yet again. Whoever commented about the 15 fiefdoms sure has that right. NCs and residents have to fight with city planning to have community plans enforced, let alone respected. Our schools are failing because of money siphoned away to the CRA. Our roads are a mess and the city walks away from sidewalk maintenance, dumping it on property owners, some who are struggling to keep their property. The majority of Angelenos have no representation here, not the kind that matters. Thank you, Ron Kaye and Paul Krekorian, for speaking up for the rest of us today. Like others have commented, it makes you wonder why we stay.

  8. Dumb and Dumber says:

    Today’s post should be entitled “Shameful.”
    I just can’t figure it out. What’s up with LA Voters? Don’t they see it? Are they really counting the ballots? Okay, I know, the only conspiracy here is from these incumbents and what they are taking from the tax and rate payers. But goodness gracious folks, what the heck’s up with this? Do people just not care? Are they just comfortable with a known evil? Do they base their votes on mailers and familiarity? Do they just read the name of a measure without studying it? Do they really think a Rate Payer Advocate will advocate for them? Are they in “stay the course” mode or something? Are we the minority and they are content with the present status quo?
    I’m just so stunned and very disappointed.
    ‘My deepest condolences to all who fought and hoped for change.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WE have 91 Neighborhood Council who are suppose to represent the people and not a word out of them expect the Westside NC who was the first to vote in support of Gov Brown to get rid of CRA. Today is a new day and I say we fight SMARTER AND HARDER. Don’t let up the fight. We will continue to have our voices heard, tell the media, go to meetings and boo these assholes whenever they appear. It drives me crazy when a politican walks into a meeting or event and the vary people who slam them clap for them. NOT ANYMORE. We need to send a LOUD AND CLEAR message that its NOT ok to be corrupt, abuse our tax dollars. We should all pick a day next week and attend city council to slam the hell out of all of them. The positive is Controller John Chiang is now auditing Los Angeles and found $883,000 illegally transfered over for administrative salaries. This is how Bell started to fall.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Only 12% registered voters actually voting. Pathetic. The incumbents shouldn’t be celebrating and cheering. These loser incumbents numbers are an embarrassement and the grass root candidates should be commended for having the guts to go after these corrupt fools. 28,157 voters didn’t want these fools. WE should start Campaign for Mayor now and none of the incumbents or Wendy Greuseome should be elected EVER
    Here’s my spin. Total of votes counted 221,487
    Englander = 11,448
    Against = 8,371 Voters who didn’t want his sorry ass
    Hogan Rowles = 6,858
    Parks = 7934 incumbent is hanging on by thread, not my choice
    Cardenas = 4,009 (embarrassing for incumbent)
    Against 1,563
    Krekorian =10,462 (I like Krekorian)
    Against 3,292
    Wesson = 8,212 (shocking)
    Against 2,910
    Huizar = 9,266 (1/2 voted against him nothing to be proud of)
    Against = 5,163

  11. Avocado says:

    You guys in Clean Sweep backed the wrong horse and split the vote in CD4…
    With your resources behind OGrady, it would have been a different story this morning and you know it.
    It was a bogus strategy from the get-go.

  12. Disgruntled of Los Feliz says:

    Your Clean Sweep backed the wrong horse in CD4…
    You split the vote.
    With your resources and acumen behind OGrady it would be a different story this morning.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Disgruntled Avocado or whatever,
    O’Grady is a horrible choice. Whoever is the real power behind the O’grady character, however, is truly dangerous. And that is really spooky.

  14. Anonymous says:

    One thing that O’Grady got right…..
    Almost no citizens in LA know that the city council members are paid $175K a year. Seriously. Do an informal poll if you don’t believe me. Stand on a street anywhere in LA and aske people if they know what LA City Council is paid. I guarantee you about 1 out of 10 will know.
    And thats the issue you run on….I think it should be even more drastic, but I realize you gotta give something to get people to run….so next go-round, pound this issue…mailers, radio, billboads, internet…everything:
    -Cut City Council Pay to $75K.
    -Cut City Council staff to 3 employees, all of which must be hired through the civil service process(eliminate patronage).
    -Reduce the City Council and Mayors Office budgets by 90%. Seriously. Its a lot of money….in the tens of millions I believe. Get rid of all staffers, all slush funds, milleage, cars, trips, etc.
    -I think this may be too far reaching, but its honestly what the city council should be…..Make the city council a part time job(reduce pay for CC members to $25K). Conduct meetings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-10pm. You know, so normal tax paying citizens and busines owners can attend on a regular basis. Make parking in the LA Mall lot free from 5pm-11pm on those days so the meetings are accessible.
    Its an issue people can relate to. And you should see the reactions on peoples faces when they find out for the first time that the City Council is paid $175K a year.
    Or you can keep doing it the way you’ve been doing it.

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