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CRA Outrages, City Hall Failures — Only You Can Turn LA Around

The only time they give a damn about you is when you cast your vote.

That should be clear by how they have spent millions to keep independent voices from winning election to the City Council on Tuesday and tried to smear the reputations of anyone who posed a threat to them.

It should be clear from the City Council’s plan to vote Wednesday on the “Cesspool on Vine” office project in Hollywood at the same time it defiantly locks up $930 million in property taxes to thwart Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to abolish all CRAs as part of his effort to restore financial stability to California.

It should be clear from the decision of the Community Redevelopment Agency
to call a special board meeting for 8 a.m. on Monday with just 24 hours
notice to the public to approve dozens of actions involving tens of
millions of dollars without any kind of input from the people whose
lives are impacted.

There are 22 items on the CRA’s “special agenda,” items like $50,000 to hire a public relations firm and $700,000 to reward the law firm that put together the deal to perpetuate the destruction of the CRA with $930 million of money that could go to schools and cops and libraries if the state abolishes the agency.

There are projects that affect nearly every part of the city, including two in the Adelante-Eastside CRA project where the citizen advisory council was punished by having its fund cut off for daring to support the governor’s plan and given no opportunity to discuss the proposed projects as required by law.

Understand that the CRA has taken billions of property tax dollars and subsidized massive building projects, mainly in downtown and Hollywood, and the net impact on the city over the last 30 years is that there are one million more residents and 100,000 fewer jobs, according to the LAEDC.

If that doesn’t make it clear to you the extent of the failure of City Hall’s policies, nothing ever will..

You get one chance every two years to be heard so if you are among the 90 percent of registered voters who are likely to skip casting a ballot in this election, you never matter at all.

You have chosen to become a non-person in the civic life of your city, a passive bystander as decisions are made that affect the quality of your life, the education your kids get, the economic opportunities you have.

Be part of the solution, not part of the problem  — Vote for Change Tuesday.

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7 Responses to CRA Outrages, City Hall Failures — Only You Can Turn LA Around

  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where exactly is the CRA billions? Does Wendy have access or is it the CAO? Wendy came out last week threatening not pay salaries but why isn’t she stopping the corruption of CRA giving our tax dollars away so freely? We all need to support Gov Brown and tell him to stop the CRA from giving away millions before there’s nothing left. How can city council sit by idly and do absolutely NOTHING?????

  2. Anonymous says:

    Redevelopment agencies in California illegally shortchanged schools by at least $40 million last year, forcing the state to make up the money, according to findings released Monday morning by State Controller John Chiang

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know Perry isn’t up for re election, but why isn’t anyone focused on the fact that she’s managed to funnel the vast majority of CRA money into her district?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The City Clerk just posted a 24 hour Special meeting notice for tomorrow’s City Council meeting. It is called a “Joint Meeting of the LA City Council and the Community Redevelopment Agency.”
    The agenda contains an orgy of special interest contracts the City is trying to lock in to avoid contributing to help balance the state’s budget. The CRA is taking billions of dollars from our City General Fund which is why we are heading for bankruptcy, but Villaraigosa cannot say NO to the vested real estate interests.
    Everyone who can possibly get to City Hall tomorrow to STOP the City Council’s rape of the people in favor of AEG, rich billionaires, and real estate developers need to get there. This is the last stand of the vested interests who have screwed this City for so long.

  5. Scott Zwartz says:

    Wendy Gruele is part of the problem. If she knew where the CRA billions went, she certainly would never tell the public.
    Garcetti is the worst followed by LaBonge who is Garcetti’s “me too” man. Then there’s Wesson and Perry, who wants to run for mayor.
    Los Angeles, Inc. is completely owned by the mega-developers and they have no use for us peons. Hollywoodians need parking and a park in Little Armenia which lots of other ethic groups as well. Labonge says that is too expensive, while he gives $52 M to billionaire Eli Broad for his own parking garage. The city council works for the developers and against Angelenos.
    We can put a brilliant, honest guy on City Council by electing Stephen Box in CD 4 or we can vote in favor of the corrupt oligarchy that has left LA financially broke.

  6. Anonymous says:
    Council candidate Stephen Box faced tax liens
    Liens for $11,813 in federal taxes were filed with the county registrar in 1994 and ’95. A ’99 state tax lien and a bank’s nonpayment claim were resolved. Box says he was not aware of any liens and is debt-free.
    By Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times
    March 8, 2011
    Los Angeles City Council candidate Stephen Box did not pay thousands of dollars in taxes on time in 1994, 1995 and 1999, according to liens filed against him with the L.A. County registrar-recorder.
    According to the liens, Box failed to pay a total of $11,813 in federal taxes in 1994 and 1995, and $2,691 in state taxes in 1999, some of which may have been subsequently paid.
    Another lien was filed against him in 2008 in connection with a small-claims-court case over an alleged nonpayment of $2,618 to Capital One bank.
    Questioned about the liens Monday, Box said he knew nothing about them. He called the information a smear.
    “I file my taxes, I pay my taxes, I don’t know about the liens,” Box said. “The campaign is full of desperation. I think it’s just beyond contempt.”
    Box, 53, is one of two challengers trying to unseat Councilman Tom LaBonge to represent a district that spans sections of Koreatown, Silver Lake, Hollywood and North Hollywood. A video producer and bicycling activist from Hollywood, Box has pledged to help balance the city’s budget by increasing revenue, in part by ensuring it collects the money it is due.
    At least some of the back taxes and bills appear to have been paid. The liens relating to Capital One and the state taxes were lifted in recent years, according to the registrar’s office. The registrar did not have a record that the federal lien had been lifted.
    Box said he had never been aware of any liens placed against him.
    “Oftentimes claims occur,” he said. “But I would suggest that any claims had been resolved.”
    Tax authorities say taxpayers are routinely notified when a lien has been filed for alleged delinquency.
    Box, who freelances through his company Third Eye Creative, said filing taxes as a small-business owner can be an “obtuse process.”
    “It’s a rough road to hew and the paperwork is cumbersome,” he said. Box said he is debt-free.
    The candidate confirmed that a civil judgment was filed against him in 1995 by a healthcare collection agency in Kentucky, where he once lived.
    Box said he incurred that debt during a medical crisis, but that he had settled it.

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