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My Sunday News-Press & Leader Column: Helping those who need it most

In the dark of night, they hide in alleys and parks, in places no one
comes, not even the cops. They are the invisible people who live on our

Even in the daylight when they wander down the sidewalk
with shopping carts overloaded with junk, we are likely to look the
other way and make them as invisible as possible.

They are the
chronically homeless — the mad, the sick, the jobless, the disabled, the
detritus of a society with too many rules, too many controls, too many
demands for conformity in a high-tech world that puts the competence of
all of us to a test.

Hopeless in most of our eyes, they are an
inspiring challenge to Natalie Profant Komuro and her team at Path
Achieve Glendale, a homeless program that provides shelter and help to
the hundreds of people who live on the streets of the city.

could actually end chronic homelessness in Glendale,” Komuro tells a
skeptical visitor to the group’s shelter and office tucked away between
warehouses and parking lots near the railroad tracks off of San Fernando
Road and Los Feliz Boulevard.

“Our mission is to end homelessness one person, one family at a time. We try to make sure everybody has a roof over their head.”

is a daunting task that will put Path Achieve to a test this week when
staff and teams of volunteers head onto the streets at 4 a.m. Monday for
a three-day effort to find the homeless and offer them help to get
their lives back on track.

It’s called “Glendale Registry Week:
Homeless to Home,” part of a national effort to get 100,000 people off
the streets and into housing within two years.


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2 Responses to My Sunday News-Press & Leader Column: Helping those who need it most

  1. Anonymous says:

    I found an addres for Path Acchieve Glendale…
    It is 437 Fernando Court Glendale, CA 91204
    Their phone is 818-409- 3339

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