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W(Rec)k and Parks, The Movie: Starring Barry “Commercial Signs Aren’t Advertising” Sanders

Rec and Parks Commission President Barry Sanders insisted to the City Council’s Budget Committee Thursday that plastering every surface in city parks with commercial messages isn’t advertising — it’s “recognition” that they love LA so  much they want to donate some money to beautify the trees and grass for the kids.

Amazingly, most members of the committee — whose failure to do their jobs as budget watchdogs as put the city in perpetual financial crisis — embraced Sanders proposal, expressed a willingness ignore the City Attorney’s legal advice and jeopardize the city’s sign law.

Bill Rosendahl drooled at the prospect of bringing millions of dollars in new revenue to the decimated Rec and Parks Department by selling signage writes all over the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Only Paul Koretz, acknowledging his constituents are outraged by the plan, seemed to be able to see what’s wrong with commercializing the parks selling fast food, kids’ movies and whatever else corporate America chooses to advertise for a fee.

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9 Responses to W(Rec)k and Parks, The Movie: Starring Barry “Commercial Signs Aren’t Advertising” Sanders

  1. Anonymous says:

    The developer of a controversial Koreatown hotel has been charged with illegally funneling $26,000 in contributions to the campaigns of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former Councilman Jack Weiss, according to a five-count grand jury indictment unsealed Friday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for writing about this scary scenario. It is indeed W”rec”ks and Parks. Barry Sanders now is playing wordsmith; potential ADVERTISERS are now referred as “ACKNOWLEDGED SPONSORS.” At the end of the day, whatever it is called, Commercialization in our City Parks cannot be allowed to happen. The pittance in proceeds that may result is not worth the havoc wreaked on the parks.
    This calls to mind the Griffith Park HAUNTED HAYRIDE of last October, when the Park was commercialized, hikers were displaced and the city received a pittance.
    Our Parks should NOT be “FOR SALE.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even the Commission President said that the income from advertising will not save the parks – it’s a pittance. Using the parks to advertise commercial products targeted towards children is exploitive and pollutes the landscape of the parks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Barry. A piece of corporate scum sucking Latham & Watkins trash — all prettied up with a bow tie. Perhaps he should loosen his tie because he surely has lost his senses.

  5. Kristin Sabo says:

    This was just a means to distract everyone from the real issue – the systematic theft of tens of millions from the parks department.
    And it worked – most of the press reported on this rather than the real,, fundamental issues with the Mayor’s budget for Rec and Parks.
    Thankfully Ron pick up those issues in today’s article. Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Contrary to Barry Sander’s assertion that commercial signage is not “advertising,” I would beg to differ, having worked in advertising for many years.
    FYI, Mr. Sanders… people go to parks to get some relief from the constant barrage of billboards spread all over this city… stop trying to chase them into their refuge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Barry Sanders tarnishes his work for the Olympics. Now he will be most remembered for being a tawdry shill for the advertising industry that targets unhealthy food advertising to children (much like the tobacco firms targeted Joe Camel). What a sad existence that Sanders will be remembered for pushing a horrible idea to Pimp Up Our Parks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Only pimps wear bow ties during the day. Sooo declasse.

  9. I.P. Freely says:

    So I guess if I go urinate on Latham and Watkins lobby plants, I will call it a “watering function” designed to “recycle” liquids which otherwise would be wasted and literally flushed down the toilet for no good end. In this case, the plants benefit and so does the environment as we need to go green (or in this case yellow) to save DWP’s water supplies from future droughts. We can then pass this savings from DWP to the city’s parks and libraries.
    Therefore I urge all good Angelenos to join me in a mass “watering exercise” at the downtown offices of Latham and Watkins

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