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My Sunday Column for the Glendale/Burbank News Press & Leader: Making an effort to connect

Nobody was ever delusional enough to think Arnold Schwarzenegger was
some kind of saint, but the disclosure of his love child with his
housekeeper and how she remained part of the family household for a
decade shatters what little was left of his public image after the
pathetic end of his political career.

Incredibly, there are
people who thought of Osama bin Laden as some kind of holy man, an
apostle of moral righteousness, and not the fanatical murderer he was.
It turns out he not only was shacked up in secluded luxury with three
wives, but the owner of a vast collection of pornography — fuhsha in
Arabic — to keep things lively.

Then, there’s the case of wealthy financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head
of the International Monetary Fund and favorite to be the next French
president who is under house arrest on charges of attempting to rape a
maid in a luxury hotel in Manhattan.

It’s a crazy time we live in, like no other in my lifetime.

wretched excesses of the rich and famous barrage our minds from every
direction: the press, TV, radio, magazines, the Internet, the buzz among
our friends and co-workers.

Does it really mean anything to us
that Ashton Kutcher has taken over the lead on TV’s top sitcom from the
bombed-out Charlie Sheen?

Surely, it fills some void in our lives
when news that General Electric manipulating Congress so it pays no tax
on $23 billion in profit barely creates a ripple, when the Big Oil
companies reap tens of billions in windfall profits and fight with all
their might to preserve $2 billion in tax breaks.

The stock
market has fully recovered from the economic meltdown caused by the
greed of Wall Street and the bankers, yet they are richer than ever, and
millions of people are still unemployed and you can’t sell your house
for 60 cents on the dollar.

Arabs are dying in the fight for
freedom from Libya to Syria, yet it’s rare when more than one in six
voters right here bother to cast ballots in local elections where
critical decisions are being made that directly affect the quality of
our lives, the value of our property, our jobs, our businesses, our
personal safety.

Maybe it’s just me and the effects of old age.
But a few days of serenity celebrating my 70th birthday on Catalina
Island has done nothing to change my mind that powerful forces are in
collision, and the world we live in is changing forever.


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6 Responses to My Sunday Column for the Glendale/Burbank News Press & Leader: Making an effort to connect

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG Ronnie you’re 70? I thought you were hitting at least 50. Enjoy your Birthday. Yes, I agree with you. We have lost respect in our society and our politicans seem don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. They are a brutal breed of fools everyone makes fun of yet they continue with their bullshit every week. Getting caught fixing tickets then instead of being men and owning up to it, they cowar like dogs and deny. Arnold caught didn’t really surprise anyone as it was a known fact around Hollywood but the media protected him just as they do the gay actors. Men will continue to be idiots thinking they can get away with disrespecting their families and we need look no further then our Mayor. His staffers and ex Metro detail continue to tell tales of his late nite liasons with bimbos. Why the media doesn’t report that is mind boggling. He’s a public figure and WE pay his salary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    General Electric is the top producer of wind turbines in the nation and #2 in the world. Because of this, they were able to take advantage of Federal tax credits that were passed by the Obama administration to catalyze the deployment and manufacturing of green technologies. I fail to see how this equals manipulating Congress.

  3. anonymous says:

    The media has enabled what our politicians desire–lack of motivation to address what’s happening around us. It’s no wonder that some care more about the outcome of American Idol or the next actor to replace Charlie. Television is known to be addictive and hypnotic. The impact it has on our brainwaves makes it so. Then, to add to the impact, the actual brain activity that occurs when sitting before the TV is in the right hemisphere, not the left (the analytical side). We are hypnotized. When watching television, the brain induces alpha waves, the ones hypnotists wish to induce. It’s no secret-nothing esoteric. It’s scientific fact that has been used to benefit advertisers over the decades.
    So, here we are-we Angelenos-sitting in traffic and tired from a day at work. There’s nothing left but to chill out in front of breaking news–Charlie’s been replaced!!! Meanwhile, there are politicians selling out our country and city, at our expense –not from under us–but right in front of us. We’re just too addicted, hypnotized and tired to do much about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “He Who Controls the Spice Controls the Universe!”
    —Dune 1984

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ron. thank you.

  6. X Videos says:

    You need to find some extra-curriculars with nevertheless. Sponser whales, volunteer with Habitat meant for Mankind, certainly be a Big brother, test to your Congressional Give. All of them things will help you end up in some college. For those who have an interest persue the idea. Darkness some individual or a physicist at work (if people can).

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