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Hahn For Congress: $1.25 Million from Lobbyists, Contractors, Developers, Lawyers, Unions …

It was one of most ingenious and cynical dirty tricks our
esteemed city government has pulled on the gullible populace: Ethics Reform
Measure R was sold as a way to end the corrupting influence of lobbyists
by banning them from contributing to candidates for city offices.

Barely mentioned was that it granted City Council members a third
four-year term.

To give themselves a chance to pull off this fraud, tey put it on the statewide ballot in November 2006 when
the turnout would reach nearly 50 percent with well over 600,000 voters casting
ballots compared to the 150,000 who voted just four months later in the city


Those extra 450,000 non-participant voters in city elections were presumably largely ignorant about city issues so they carried Measure R to
victory with 60 percent of the vote, allowing the likes of LaBonge, Cardenas,
Alarcon, Parks, Wesson and Huizar to hang around and win yet another
term this year.

The ethics reform element sold to the public was as
meaningless as anything ever foisted onto unwary voters.

Lobbyists no longer had to contribute their ill-gotten gains
to candidates, although their spouses threw lots of fund-raising events and their
clients were required to cough up fortunes in support of the power structure’s

That Measure R did nothing to curb the connections or the
influence of lobbyists, their clients or other special interests on our
officials becomes perfectly clear when you look at who has contributed
$1,251,001 to Councilwoman Janice Hahn’s campaign for Congress. She is running in a safe
Democratic seat against Republican Craig Huey who has raised just $165,000 from
contributors apart from the nearly $800,000 of his own money he put up. (See
Maplight report

Let’s start with the lobbyists listed on Federal Election
Commission reports
: Afriat Consulting, Latham & Watkins, Sage Advisors,
Political Solutions, Arnie Berghoff, Capital Hill Strategies, Cerrell &
Associates, Englander Knabe & Allen, Triple E, Marathon Communications,
Kadesh & Associates, Kindel Gagan, MWW Group, Dakota Communications, Ek
& EK, Armbruster Goldsmith Delvac, Mercury Public Affairs, Richard Katz

With assorted law firms, contractors, consultants,
financiers, developers, labor unions and just about anybody who does business
with the city or the harbor or airport plus political action committees and  a who’s who of LA wealth like Eli
Broad, Rick Caruso, Casey Wasserman and you get the picture of how chits were
called in to make sure Hahn came out on top and will get to look after
their interests in Washington as well as she has right here.

Understand that there’s no reason to believe Hahn is any better or worse than the rest of her colleagues in doing favors and looking after the interests of those who look after her interest.

It is a tight little system that serves the interests of both politicians and the political operatives who encircle them and tie the various interests together. 

And that’s the problem with City Hall and Sacramento and Washington, for that matter — the public pays the bill for government but the public interest isn’t being served the way special interests are.

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26 Responses to Hahn For Congress: $1.25 Million from Lobbyists, Contractors, Developers, Lawyers, Unions …

  1. C.J. Minster says:

    I don’t disagree with your initial premise – lobbyists, corporations and the wealthy contributing to campaigns distorts the ability of the grassroots to create change in the halls of power.
    However, it makes no sense to me that you’re going after Hahn. Nothing is a safe seat — this is a run-off election because no one won a majority in the initial race to replace a terrible Congresswoman who quit for a better paying job.
    Further, there are substantive differences between the candidates which should be reviewed. Does it make the election better that a self-made millionaire financed his own campaign and is a stone’s throw away from Congress because religious conservatives responded to his junk mail campaigns? Do you have disagreements with Hahn over her votes as a member of the city council? Do you believe Huey would make a better member of Congress?
    There’s enough cynicism and horse-race reporting in the observation of politics. I prefer coverage of the substantive issues.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The issues across the board are ignored and I think 150K turnout is not saying much for Outreach and Voter Registration within the City of Los Angeles.
    If a City Councilman Runs in an election I think the City should not allow the Councilman to return to his or her chair. Why? Because we want their undivided attention; Janice Hahnn is doing a disservice to her constituents.
    Another words, create risk. A seated councilman will think twice before running in/for other government Business outside of L.A. if the seat becomes vacant.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The following is a letter to the LA Times from two of Trutanich’s senior attorneys where they try to justify the acceptance of Lady Gaga tickets from AEG. Amazing! They just don’t get it. It does not matter whether the tickets were used by Trutanich to attend the concert, trashed or donated to a cause. Why did he accept them? If our city attorneys don’t understand ethics then why complain about the politicians who certainly don’t have an ethical bone in their bodies.
    “Newton tries to sully City Atty. Carmen Trutanich’s good name by inferring that he’s beholden to football stadium builder AEG because of tickets he received to a Lady Gaga concert. Trutanich did not use those tickets.
    The Lady Gaga tickets were donated to the city attorney’s annual employee and family picnic and used in a raffle to raise money to support the city attorney’s running team. On its own time, the team competes in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup, a 120-mile relay race through the Mojave Desert. We know this because we are the co-captains of the team.
    The picnic and team are morale boosts for our office in a time when budget conditions are incredibly difficult. Trutanich has done an excellent job managing our office despite draconian cuts to his
    David Michaelson
    Los Angeles
    Valerie Flores
    San Marino
    The writers are assistant city attorneys”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yup – Janice Hahn’s a real Weiner. Uh, winner. She’s a real winner. Yeah, that’s it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Minster- If you folks re-elected Jane Harman – you will feel right at home with Hahn. Her main interest is her own career. Mr. Huey is trying to be a good man in the Congress interested in the legislation. He does not need to do this. He is taking his turn. Why not?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Ron Kaye L.A. Voter Registration Non profit funded by the City of Los Angeles. Hey Ron, that would surely pump of the Votes in Los Angeles.
    If Lawyers, Engineers, Corporations are giving money to Janice Hahnn then we must watch her every move to ensure she does not do things just because they gave her money.
    But this proves the point: Voter Participation is WEAK. That’s how they remain.
    I don’t think A Blog is sufficient. We need a team on the Streets Registering Folks.. 24/7.
    I went to the store after the last election, Vons in Hollywood. I asked the Clerk who was Latino is she voted and she said no. Her sole concern was her family and sending money to Mexico. I said God Bless U and moved on. Every time I ask and I do, the answer is No they did not vote.
    Anything can happen when people are empowered to VOTE – It should be LAW. Like registering your car. Pay a fine to the STATE for not voting. $100 4.5 million x’s 100 dollars less 150,000 voters … Solve the Budget Crisis.
    The point is, yes all these jokers gave to her campaign but will she do them favors or would we get better Candidates if All Residents Voted; at least 75%. The BAR for LA City Politics, is very low. This need alot of work: 150,000 (voted) divided by / 4,000,000 (People) Can janice hann get 4 million dollars? One dollar from every citizen..
    We pay attention to how much they Raise. As if the one with the most money in L.A. Wins. Next time your at the Market ask a couple of questions: Do you vote? R You Registered?
    Now look at our Elected Officials. They won. But if only 150K turned out, and not one politician is complaining about that, something is very wrong with Democracy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    All these jokers gave to her campaign but it’s not the money that WINS it’s VOTES. All elections are won by Votes, cept in L.A. where the most raised gets the seat.
    Registration and Participation.
    Ron.. who is out there Registering Folks?
    I see Registration Forms at DMV at the Post Office.. Do Libraries have Voter Registration Forms?

  8. Anonymous says:

    All these jokers gave to her campaign but it’s not the money that WINS it’s VOTES. All elections are won by Votes, cept in L.A. where the most raised gets the seat.
    Registration and Participation.
    Ron.. who is out there Registering Folks?
    I see Registration Forms at DMV at the Post Office.. Do Libraries have Voter Registration Forms?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey I want to Know if Jeff Carr who is stepping down from the Mayor’s office only after 2 years will get a pension?

  10. David Hernandez says:

    If one feels so strongly about Prop R, then why not join those supporting David Hernandez as he resumes the legal challenge against it?
    The process begins August 4th in Department 86 at 9:30 AM. David has filed a motion to Void, Vacte and set aside Judge Yaffe decision on the grounds he was collecting money from the county in violation of the California Constitution and had a clear conflict of interest. He should not of heard the case as it also involved the county.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jeff “way over his head” Carr is OUTTA HERE!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Carr leaving? Let me wipe the tears from my eyes. What other horrible incompetent will fill the shoes of the incompetent Mr. Carr?
    We keep hoping the FBI cuts short Tony Villar’s reign of terror, but like a good nightmare….it goes on and on.

  13. Anonymous says:

    When I look at that picture of Janice Hahn it makes me want to build a Janice Hahn life-sized pinata replica so I could crack the pinata across the face with a baseball bat.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Tony Cardenas invited you “stop by and…bring a few checks” to his June 9th fundraiser, announced his plans to run for Congress on June 10th, and this week, he just started his 3rd term in City Council. Shameless! He conducts himself like a lowlife politico; his “free community events” are used for non-stop self-promotion, he distributes items others have donated, some bonbons, soccer-balls, foodstuff etc. to the oppressed masses, he panders and promises, meanwhile, under his “leadership”, the quality of life in his high-crime, gang-controlled district has devolved to hellish, utter despair.
    And what are Cardenas’ priorities? First of all, Cardenas;then,naturally, more Cardenas; and finally, Cardenas. Sin verguenza. We deserve better.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anybody would be a better congressperson than hahn. Her only claim to fame I’d her daddy. What has she done? Ever? Has she lived in the real world? But you idiots will vote for her just because she is a d.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hahn is no better or worse than most people in Congress. If I must make a choice between two useless persons, I’ll take her any day over the tea party wackos.

  17. Anonymous says:

    5:43. The reason confess is full of useless pigs is because of voters like you. You keep re-electing the same crappy congresscritters like waters, waxman, Sherman, etc. Stop this cycle and fire all of them. Get somebody else and if he doesn’t work out, fire him in 2 years and try another one. This is insanity to keep the same piggies feeding at the proverbial trough. Tell Hahn she is fired, get the other guy in. And next year you may just get a better choice if he does not work for you. But how do you know if you haven’t tried him? You already know hahn is useless and a huge waste so why bother. Plus once she is in, you can’t dislodge her with a shovel.

  18. anonymous says:

    To Anonymous on July 6, 2011 4:26 PM -And how do you really feel?

  19. LaLa Land says:

    Kudos to Hernandez for taking this on.
    I hope you win.

  20. Noel Weiss says:

    How quickly you forget. . . . . . Remember Measure B? I believe the Mayor’s forces had $800K. . . . What did we have? Zero dollars. . . and around $70K in ‘like-kind’ contributions. . . . .
    Ron, remember how we struggled to fight against the Mayor’s minions when they tried to censor the ballot argument of Jack Humphreville, you, and the other ‘Solar 8′?
    We won in Court and at the ballot box Ron because we had the better idea. . . We used the low voter turnout against the status-quo powers that be. . .
    We’re talking the power of ideas. . . Give yourself more credit Ron. . . Let’s inspire the people with some positive energy here. . . .
    You tried to generate your own money-raising effort. . . That failed. . . . . but you tried and good for you for putting forth the effort. . .
    Janice Hahn is exceptional. . . . There is no one in office more focused than Janice Hahn on doing what you want to do. . . which is to empower the citizen. . . Her record is impeccable, significant, unique on that score. . . She has more emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, common sense, and practical ‘smarts’ in her little finger than the rest of the collective City Council has in their entire ‘body’.
    Janice is not perfect. . . and she has made errors. . . which she will admit. . . . But when it comes to empowering the little guy and gal, helping preserve the middle class, no one has demonstrated a greater commitment and greater success toward that core objective than has Janice Hahn.
    When it came to standing up for the tenants at Lincoln Place, who was there for the people. . . Janice Hahn. . . eloquently so (in partnership with Bill Rosendahl).
    When my effort to get the relocation fees was stalled by the likes of Herb Wesson who was carrying the water of the CCA in attempting to exacerbate division between tenants and landlords and create needless more government bureaucracy, who was with the middle class to fight the land use entitlement speculators? Janice Hahn.
    To be noted is that Janice enjoys the support of many landlords despite her having taken principled stands which others might perceive as being ‘tenant’ oriented. One of her core supporters, Michael Millman is one of the more active members of the Apartment Owners Asssociation of Greater Los Angeles.
    Same with the Hotels at the airport. . . The workers were being completely screwed by these hotel owners. . . They were being paid less than a living wage. . . . They were not getting their tips. . . The best Bill Rosendahl could come up with was a ‘study’ of the reasons why the City was not collecting more bed tax.
    Janice Hahn, and Janice Hahn alone went to bat for these people. . . something no other elected leader in this Country has done. . . . getting a living wage law enacted by a 10-3 Vote where the hospitality workers can also keep their tips and they get a small severance if the hotels are sold and they are fired.
    This was done over the vigorous objection of one of the most powerful business interests in the country (and certainly the City). . . . The Hotel Owners. . . . (Despite Janice’s fight for the workers, Janice has the support of business and labor. . . without sacrificing her core principles. . .)
    After the law was passed, Eric Garcetti and the Mayor tried to undermine Janice’s efforts by convincing her and the Council to pull back and repeal the law after the Hotel lobbyists had gathered sufficient signatures to call a special election asking the voters to repeal the law or ratify the law. Instead of fighting for the people, Garcetti and the Mayor nearly screwed things up by inducing the Council to repeal the law (citing the cost of an election – democracy does cost money) and pass a new law which had the City providing added benefits to the hotel owners by way of ‘civic cooperation’ and infrastructure support to try to make things better for the airport hotels.
    The Superior Court overturned the law (precisely what the hotel owners wanted. . . the ‘games’ that lawyers play), but that decision (fortunately) was overturned by a Court of Appeal.
    So, when the recession hit, those airport hospitality workers were able to earn another $25 Million over the years. . . money they needed to feed their families, pay the rent, and ameliorate the high cost of living.
    Did the Hotels go out of business? No. . . . Instead of competing on who could pay the least wages, the hotels at the airport now have a floor where they know what their competitors pay for wages and the certainty of knowing that they can now compete on the basis of service to the public as opposed to who can best succeed in screwing the workers.
    And how are the airport hotels doing? Just fine, thank you.
    So here you have a situation where you had some local concentration of economic power in what amounted to a ‘quasi-monopoly’ (the cost of entry into the airport hotel market is very large. . . so that limits the competition) which needed the ‘check and balance’ of government power to empower the people.
    Janice Hahn understood this (more so that the Rhode Scholar Garcetti) and acted to empower the little guy and gal. As one of three women (at that time Greuel was on the Council) on a City Council composed of people whose ego is so incredibly out of balance with their imagination, Janice Hahn delivered. . . She stood up for a principle of citizen empowerment when she didn’t have to. . . She did it because it was the right thing to do. If you think it is easy, think again. What Janice accomplished (always being underestimated) was so incredibly skilled. . . a ‘Picasso painting’; a ‘Mozart sonata’. . . It is really a shame that people can’t appreciate how truly artistic and skilled Janice’s effort was. . . and, it should be noted, has not been duplicated anywhere else in the USA. . . Daley could not do it in Chicago. . . Newsom couldn’t do it in San Francisco. . . Likewise in NYC. . . The Hotel owners are very, very powerful.
    Janice Hahn held firm because she believed in the core principle of citizen empowerment.
    So Ron, and readers. . . those who believe in protecting the little guy and gal, preserving the middle class, and empowering the people and preserving the middle class should stand with Janice Hahn.
    Those that may disagree with the politics or the policy, or with the application of the principle. . . fine. . . . Disagree. . . A reasoned debate about what we are doing, and why, is good for the City, good for the State, good for America. . .
    But this idea of slapping people down who disagree with you is intellectually lazy, needlessly self-serving, and does little to advance the goal of being able to make reasoned, thoughtful decisions in the midst of tremendous difficulty and challenge.
    Meanwhile Ron, the same business interests you cite in your piece were on the other side of this fight. The hotels had Manatt Phelps and George Kieffer on their side. . . about as well connected as you can get. . . No one on that Council was prepared to fight these special interests (Bernard Parks was completely dumb-founded. . . He could not believe (and said so publicly to Herb Wesson) how Janice Hahn was able to accomplish something no one in the City’s history (or the Country’s history) had been able to accomplish. . .
    So when it came to supporting the little guy over the special interests, Janice Hahn was there for the people. . . the middle class, the lower middle class, and the poor (do you know what a ‘living wage’ is for a family of four? Back in 2007 it was $19K per year. . . I think it is up to $22K now. . . . ). Tell me Ron, if wages and income don’t keep pace with the cost of living, how are people going to pay for things which continue to go up in value?
    This is a theme (true citizen empowerment against large concentrations of economic power and their bought-off allies in government) that pervades Janice Hahn’s record. I can cite you and the readers instance after instance. . . the latest yet another precedent-setting situation where Janice was able to empower the people of Wilmington and San Pedro by getting the system to give the people who reside in Wilmington and San Pedro a say over the disposition of $50 Million in environmental mitigation funds. . . dollars she was able to negotiate on behalf of the people so that the new business could proceed at the Port. . . It is a $50 Million Citizen-Empowerment Environmental Mitigation Fund.
    Again, this is not doctrinaire. . . This is practical, progressive, principled political leadership where both business, labor, and the people can progress and move forward. . . consistent with core our social values. . .renewal and change. . . something we are not (unfortunately) getting from the phony-populist Obama. . . . There are published quotes from the Chamber of Commerce praising Janice for her efforts providing leadership in bridging the gap between environmentalists, labor, business, and the community. . . there are quotes from environmentalists praising Janice for her efforts. . . there are quotes from labor praising Janice for her efforts. . .
    What we want and need are leaders who can bridge the gap. . . find the overlap. . . disagree at the same time they fight for principle. . . humble in the recognition that no one has a monopoly on wisdom and that faith, love, courage, and commitment are the keys to growth. . .
    Here we have a rarity. . . a political leader (Janice Hahn) with a demonstrated record of success in finding that overlap. . . in delivering for the little guy and gal. . . in making the system work for the people. . . and whose instincts and core values seek to empower the individual over concentrated powerful economic interests. . . making them bend where needed so we keep faith with that we say we believe. . . Janice’s skill is incredibly under-appreciated. . . . More so than any other political leader, Janice Hahn is sensitive to the need to find a good working balance between her ‘ego’ and her ‘imagination’. . . and she has and continues to push herself to grow as a political leader and a person.
    The phony ‘bait and switch’ perpetrated on the country by the Bush crony-corporate-crisis capitalists (that’s, by the way, a term now used by David Stockman – Ronald Reagan’s Budget Director) was that housing prices could continue to go up even though wages have not kept pace with inflation in over 20 years (or more). . the middle class worker is making either the same or less now than in 1990 in real terms. . .How can people pay for things they can’t afford? Borrow. . . and borrow. . . and borrow. . . . Two income families. . . . and Wall Street obliged. . . . speculated and made money off of the backs of the middle class. . . got bailed out (after the equity in homes ran out) and continues to make money off of the backs of the middle class. . . such that we are now witnessing one of the greatest and most incredible transfers of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich (that includes, by the way, robbing seniors of their savings. . . both by inflation and low interest rates. . . . What happened to saving?). . .
    It was clear at the time during the phony real estate bubble that increasing house prices were occurring against a back-drop of people not being able to afford their payments. . . so they came up with teaser rates and other gimmicks. . . which postponed the inevitable (which no one knew precisely when it would come).
    Our tea-party Republicans (unlike Theordore Roosevelt progressive Republicans) would say that Wall Street was over-regulated. . .They would like to make it easier for Wall Street to screw the people. . . . SEC. . .Craig Huey wants it gone (so we get more Bernie Madhoff schemes? Is that good policy?). . . . FCC. . . Craig Huey wants it gone. . . EPA (created by Richard Nixon). . . . Craig Huey wants it gone. . . .
    This is incredibly sloppy thinking. . The original tea-party colonials rebelled because the King and his monopoly corporations (then joint-stock companies) denied the colonies the ability to grow. . . they undercut the power of the average citizen. Yet today, these tea-party Republicans permit themselves to be used by the ‘socialist’ corporate-crony monopolists to take down the only realistic ‘check’ the people have to ensure that the concentration of economic power which these corporations possess is not used to undermine our core social values (like saving. . . like paying a living wage. . . like respecting the core rights of the individual to ‘life, liberty (a well-armed lamb said Benjamin Franklin) and the pursuit of happiness’.
    There has to be some subtley here Ron. . So long as we have excessive concentrations of economic power possessed with the power to deny the individual rights and abuse the rights we will need the government (the necessary evil) to act as a counter-weight. Unchecked economic authoritarianism by huge (sometimes monopoly or near-monopoly) concentrations of economic power are just as bad as unchecked concentrations of political power.
    When I hear Craig Huey talk about breaking up the big banks or the health insurance monopoly, or the agribusiness economic concentrations, then, his positions will at least be intellectually consistent.
    Janice Hahn wants to empower the small business person by leveraging the power of government to help jump-start a new ‘green’ economy. She has a jobs plan borne out of the current needs of our present circumstance. What’s Craig Huey’s response? Not possible. . . Can’t be done. . . Pie in the sky.
    So what’s Huey’s alternative? The status quo. . . Let’s continue to subsidize big oil. . . or big finance says Mr. Huey. It was just reported today that Goldman-Sachs got the biggest bailout from the Federal Reserve. Is that ok Mr. Huey? That’s what the status-quo, crony-corporate ‘socialism’ for the rich (when it comes to sharing the losses – but the gains are supposed to be ‘private’) got us. Why is that Craig? How does giving these huge economic (crony near-monopolistic) interests the power to continue to ‘rape’ and ‘pillage’ our economy and the middle class while they enslave us (and our kids) in debt.
    Capitalism is great. . . so long as it is allowed to work and there are checks and balances against concentrations of economic power. Monopoly and huge concentrations of economic power cannot be permitted to impede progress. . . We must continue to innovate and reinvigorate ourselves. . . at the same time we revisit and renew our core social values. . .
    If we don’t want to go back to the days of child labor, then we need child labor laws. If we want people to grow and prosper and be able to afford homes and feed their families, we need to pay them a living wage. That’s the right thing to do. . . . There’s a balance to be maintained. . . and that’s what the political system is supposed to do. . . bi-partisan discussions and debate. . . and a well-informed populace.
    It is not happening now as it needs to happen. . . The people have to be heard and the people have to vote. . . It’s not perfect, but it is the best we’ve come up with so far. . . and there is room for improvement. . . But improvement will come with a committed effort by each of us to give just a little toward the greater good of the whole.
    Just today Ron, you see how Rupert Murdoch used his economic power to hack into and invade the privacy of people. . . manufacture news. . . . Power to the people? Going after voice-mails (like going into someone’s garbage) to look for private information.
    Look at Exxon with the latest oil spill in Montana. . . . Exxon assured the Governor of Montana months ago that everything was just fine. . . That Exxon had everything under control and was ready and prepared if any spill which might occur.
    Guess what? Exxon was wrong.
    So who, Ron, is going to ‘arm’ us ‘sheep’ against the wolves that want to eat us for lunch?
    Craig Huey? Are you kidding me?
    Yes, while government may be an unfortunate necessity to some. . . It is necessary nonetheless. The history of monopolistic practices undertaken by those possessed of concentrated economic power is not good. . . Pass Glass-Steagall during the Great Depression (which prevents banks from aggregating customer deposits with non-customer dollars to speculate on Wall Street) and we avoid another depression or great recession for 70 years. Repeal Glass-Steagall and let Wall Street loose and we have the biggest recession since the great depression and but for the government bailout of the same rascals that got us into the mess, we probably would have ended up in another Depression.
    Ron, when was the last time you were critical of Republicans taking money?
    I think in this day and age, perhaps it’s time for the people to find a way to aggregate their dollars in support of the broader public interest (a true ‘public interest’ PAC) so that the people get a shot at making their case.
    If Craig Huey had not loaned his campaign $700,000 (plus), he’d be nowhere because his phony (bait and switch) message has not generated much in the way of campaign contributions.
    I don’t begrudge Janice having to raise the money. . . to compete against a self-funded campaign. . . But whether it is rich Democrats (like Al Checchi) or rich Republicans (like Michael Huffington or Meg Whitman) the people are distrustful of people being able to ‘buy’ elections. . .
    Janice’s commitment is to the broader public interest and to the empowerment of the little guy and gal. . . In the end, it is the preservation and growth of the middle class that is the key to our country’s future. . .
    Huey is ‘cute’ with his marketing gimmicks. . . but he is full of ‘Hooey’ with a phony message of citizen empowerment from government overreaching without nary a word of criticism against the huge economic interests that, if unchecked, will work to deny the people’s liberties (undue debt is economic slavery) just as surely as any political authoritarian regime ever could.
    It is balance, common sense, practical, forward-looking progressive principles that moved this country forward Ron. . . Whether it be Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) or Franklin Roosevelt (Democrat), the goal was to make the system work for the little guy and gal so we (as the citizens of the political-collective known as the United States of America) can meet the challenges of moving this country forward and pass the torch ‘lit’ to our kids.
    Janice Hahn will accomplish this and hold true to these principles far more so than Craig Huey.
    She will be a great Congresswoman and merits election to fill the seat of Jane Harman.
    Noel Weiss

  21. Anonymous says:

    To Anon @ 4:26 p.m. and Ron Kaye
    This shameful comment should be removed. Advocating violence (no matter how thinly veiled) should be unacceptable.
    To Noel Weiss: Anything Else? psst..Edit is your friend..
    Regardless of whatever else separates Hahn and Huey, if I had to choose between a candidate funded by developers, lobbyists, unions, etc. over a rich candidate able to buy his way into office, I would choose the multi-funded candidate every time.

  22. head4la says:

    Why do government officials pay any special attention to unions? (I’m not stupid, I know the answer is “corruption” – work with me for a moment.) Don’t individual union memebers already have a voice in government, just like you and me? Why should their voices be heard twice?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Weiss’ convoluted, rambling praise of Janice Hahn would be funny were it not so frightening. Yikes!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Weiss is the only person in this city with the guts to call a spade a spade. Too bad you don’t like his praise for Janice. What do you have to say about the other frighetening things happening in the city he has pointed to. I’ve heard mostly silence.

  25. Chris Rowe says:

    To Noel Weiss,
    I have read a few of your posts in the past few weeks. Since I tend to also be very verbose, I find your posts to be highly educational.
    I guess I was not wrong when I supported you in the City Attorney race because of your role in Measure B.
    If Janice Hahn is everything that you say she is, then everyone who can should support her.
    We need people to protect the middle class.
    Thanks Noel for what you do for our City.
    Chris Rowe

  26. Anonymous says:

    Please remember it is Janice Hahn who is seeking higher office and not her passionate supporter Noel Weiss. And yes, the posts are educational in one sense:we now have reason to question Mr. Weiss’

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