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Sympathy for the Devil: LAPD Always Gets Its Man — Whether It’s the “Right Guy” or Wrong Guy

After what he called a thorough seven-week investigation, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck announced the arrest of “documented gang member” and ex-convict Giovanni Ramirez in the brutal beating at Dodger Stadium of Giants fan Bryan Stow.

believe we have the right guy,” Beck told reporters at press conference on Sunday May 22 with the mayor at his side. “I  
wouldn’t be standing here in front of you. I certainly
wouldn’t be booking the guy.”


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Beck displayed the political sensitivities that got him this job by praising Lamar Advertising and AEG’s Staples Center for putting up sketches of the possible suspects on their billboards — sketches that could have led to the arrest of any one of  tens of thousands of head-shaven Latino men, including Councilman Ed Reyes who attended the press conference and urged other suspects to surrender.  
Beck repeated over and over in the following weeks that Ramirez was the violent felon who assaulted Stow — and he did so solely on the basis of an Orange County couple’s identification of him in a lineup and in the face of mounting evidence of his innocence presented by prominent defense attorney Anthony Brooklier.
The chief talked when Ramirez was arrested about 630 leads, hundreds of tips — including a key one from a probation officer — 20 detectives workin full-time and putting in 6,000 hours on the case with 1,000 hours in overtime. 
Yet, three weeks later, Beck’s case was so pathetic that D.A. Steve Cooley wouldn’t file charges so they arranged to send Ramirez to prison for 10 months on a parole violation — presumably pleasing the probation officer who presumably fingered him — and to call in for the first time the LAPD’s top investigators from Robbery-Homicide..
This is what passes for Beck’s justice who only admitted Ramirez was innocent on Thursday after two suspects the chief swears were the real assailants, the “right guys.”
This is the kind police behavior we saw on his worst day from Daryl Gates, the chief-for-life who nobody ever suspected to any orders from two-bit politicians.
Not so with Beck. His appointment as chief was widely seen as purely political, leapfrogging over far more qualified and experienced candidates because he would play ball with the mayor and other City Hall politicians.
Nothing has happened since to suggest that Beck is anything but the politicians’ tool and thus is politicizing the LAPD in a way that could set it back to where it was before we spent hundreds of millions of dollars to clean it up.
Nothing will clear up the questions that arise from the false arrest of Giovanni Ramirez except a full and independent investigation of exactly why Beck acted the way he did.
What pressure was he under from the mayor — who stood next to Beck back in May and again Thursday night basking in glory — or others to make an arrest no matter who it was, no matter what evidence justified the arrest?
What discussions went on with his command staff and the District Attorney’s office about the validity of arresting Ramirez?
What will seizure of emails, telephone logs and other communications reveal about what really happened?
What pressure and influence was used by the Dodgers to get an arrest so the fear of being beaten at a ball game would abate?
The LAPD has made a sympathetic figure of a thug like Ramirez and will have to pay him a million dollars or more in hush money to keep the truth from coming out in a court of law.
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21 Responses to Sympathy for the Devil: LAPD Always Gets Its Man — Whether It’s the “Right Guy” or Wrong Guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    The City was about to get sued by the family of Bryan Stow and I think the City “ahead of the story”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The City was about to get sued by the family of Bryan Stow and I think, the City “wanted to get out ahead of the lawsuit story” that came out the next day or so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stow lawsuit against Dodger Stadium; not City. 5:01
    Suspect looks like Ed Reyes. #13

  4. Anonymous says:

    Chief “its all about constitutional policing” himself Beck

  5. Anonymous says:

    During a press conference, it was announced that if a non-documented, illegal driver is busted at a D.U.I. check point, they can call to have someone pick up the car and they can go free. Chief Beck gave the reason, “towing the car of an illegal, can be financially devastating…” It is financially devastating to citizens of Los Angeles, too. Why don’t we get the same treatment. But if this doesn’t tell you who pulls Chief Beck’s strings, he then added to the statement, “L.A. is a great city. It’s everyone’s city. And we all have to realize that.” Think about it! Does that sound like someone had a figurative gun to his head and handed him a script to read?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Ronnie, I think the people of LA are intelligent and even though this gangster was innocent in this case, no doubt he still has a rap sheet, has done time and will commit another crime. The only media outlet that is pointing out the obvious is the LA Weekly and that is the gangster Mayor is such a media whore he wanted to jump the gun and do a press conf. even though LAPD command was saying it was too early. Beck had plenty of time to come out and say Ramirez was not the guy after the suspect took 2 polygraphs from one of the leading experts LAPD uses themselves that he was innocent. Beck is looking badly to the rank and file and for once they are glad to see that. The rank and file think Beck and his croonies are so far up the Gangster Mayor’s ass he can’t make a move without asking permission. Everything they do the gangster Mayor has to give ok. I laughed at the 3 shootings at the Mayor’s Summer Night Lights Parks. Funny, why didn’t the Mayor take all those visiting US Mayors to the parks where the shootings occurred and say its safe. He’s such a clown

  7. Bob G says:

    Ron, please don’t fall into the trap set by the right wing on their pseudo “tort reform” rants. It seems to be a standard cynical remark that every criminal wants to sue the city for mistreatment, and the cynicism is carried beyond the bounds of reality when it is assumed that the city will automatically settle up for big money. I don’t see that the city or the LAPD did anything illegal in detaining somebody on a parole violation, particularly when it includes a weapon. It may very well be that a lot more people on parole should also go back to prison for such violations, but the inefficiency of the process does not make what happened to this guy a tort. He expressed his innocence of the crime in question, had legal representation, and was not charged. The fact that the D.A. did not charge him for the beating suggests that checks and balances in the system do exist, that cases are carefully screened — particularly one of this magnitude — and that it’s not all a vast conspiracy.
    Whether or not you happen to like the current City Attorney, he has made it clear that he will defend lawsuits against the city rather than settling cases he can win. He has done so, and has won most of them, saving the city tens of millions of dollars. The defense in this case is fairly straightforward: There was probable cause to investigate a suspect, and the suspect is a felon on parole. That means that the police have additional rights to question and investigate. The fact that parole violations come up in the investigation is all that is necessary to detain the suspect and, in fact, send him back to prison.
    What’s obvious about this case is that the police used resources vastly beyond what they would use for a similar assault in a different location. I don’t think that this is because the mayor is in McCourt’s back pocket, but because it was a public assault on the name and representation of the city as a whole. We may not agree that the Dodgers and their stadium should be an icon representing our better side, but that’s the way the public seem to take it, and that’s how the case was publicized in other cities.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Villaraigosa has the “gang intervention” program in his Office, under lock and key. Several million dollars.
    The program is a failure because we have gang bangers on the lose without any accountiblity or oversight in their activities. Not to mention no accoutablity from a an accounting standpoint..

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mayor looking in the crowd hoping to find him, Chief beck almost breaks down, the dodger name about to go up in smoke, “crisis intervention 101″ Get on the Tube before the case against the Dodger get’s filed.
    We have many troubled youth. It’s easy to find one – and I want this matter investigated by the FBI because LAPD have a bad habit of “tuck n go” with the Mayor – it’s a political nightmare.
    Having the GANG INTERVENTION program in his Office, for what? We need transparency. Not when the elected Controller decides for political reasons.
    We love the police and dodgers.
    On the other hand, gotta laugh: The Mayor is on a media tangent making a fool of himself. The facts are what they are; you cannot undo.
    And now it’s, where’s the Spanish media? They got away from Mayor a long time ago. They will cover him but they are tired of him – of course because of his girlfriend, en telemudo.

  10. Anonymous says:

    BOB G: You said: That means that the police have additional rights to question and investigate [because suspect was on parol and a felon]
    Do you hold a press conference “immediately” without summing up the facts, preparing to submit case to D.A.? Just picked him up he looks just like him, tear drop and all. That’s amazing. Then it’s not him?
    In weeks leading up to this matter, Stow attorneys informed Dodgertown. And Mayor was told and just before the case was file, Mayor under advise of his “image advisors” got out ahead of the story.
    i love the reason now that it’s not him: LAPD in right to keep him and investigat further; indeed I agree, but don’t parade it only to have it fall back in the face of BECK and the MAYOR who have now embarrased -as is our citizenry

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ramirez is counting his blessing to have a mayor with a great PR consulting firm. Thank you Mayor for your wonderful support.. it was like a movie. Time to pay the actor.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t LAPD personnel get a 7% pay increase approved by City Council on Friday?
    Just wondering.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In most other countries, the Mayor & police chief would be forced to resign over such a debacle.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the poster about the gang progams $29 million the gangster Mayor has control over. Where is that money going? Because we have an idot Controller in Greuel who is another lapdog to the Failure of a Mayor we’ll never know. Beck screwed up when he decided to help McCourt with his pr campaign and put detectives stationed at Dodger stadium. What about the innocent victims in South LA and the Eastside who are shot, why don’t they get the same priority treatment? Because the Failure of a Mayor is in bed with McCourt and wanted to desperately take credit if something good happened. The media should do their own investigation. I want to know how much money is LAPD’s budget spending putting cops at all the 32 Summer Night Lights Park? I would have thought parents would be screaming because after midnite you have kids all over the city WALKING HOME in GANG AREAS so how stupid for no one to think a shooting would occur.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gang problem exists due to the Mayor’s & Ed Reyes’ ilk here. Take that money away from the Mayor, which probably funds his lavish lifestyle. Either that or the developers. Sure not his paycheck.

  16. FBI stats listed 64 Calif. cities with populaiton of 100K+ with the worst crime rates. Oakland, was listed as the worst. Thanks to ‘antonio’ and city council, LA was towards the bottom, at number 48. The area I’m working in, despite the Summer Night Lights; 53 arrest, shot victim laying in the Ivy, retailiation at the park, a lady shot in stomach, a lady beating a male suspect with a bat, lady beating another lady sending her to hospital, suspect hitting man with crowbar during robbery near the alley, apartment unit torched, me walking into a room, with fella tying his arm with friends ready to inject himself, fella on bike yanked gold necklace from lady’s neck just as she began to board an MTA bus, older seniors pleading to me for help, the rec-room with computers that had to be dismantled because the SLO’s team was being dismantled because of ‘antonio’s’ police budget cuts, so police would not be able to respond as fast. But the GYRD gets added funding. And all this happen during my couple of months there. The GYRD staff arn’t armed. They can’t come to anyones aid? Not enough officers, means can’t report all the crime. Residents fear retaliation from hoodlums, so not all crimes are reported. Only a strong police presence can deter crime. ‘antonio’sent his children to private schools, he sure didn’t let the Gang Youth Reduciton Dept. teach his children.

  17. Wayne from Encino says:

    Didn’t all you guys get the point? The shooting in the Park was in CD15—that’s the way Gang Bangers Celebrate, in this case their Queen, Empress Janis I. of San Pedro got elevated to the U.S. Congress! Also, the Gang Bangers want a PAY INCREASE since the LAPD is getting one. Those gun shots were REALLY just Free Speech being excercised, it’s their “way” of demanding more City money for their “programs.” Isn’t it time for another PROPERTY TAX?
    Keep on voting my fellow Angelino-Schmucks for the same People—the Ghetto is comming to a CD near you! 60% of you are just (STILL) TO DAMN DUMB TO CURE THIS PROBLEM.

  18. Anonymous says:

    It use to be in the old days everyone thought the gangsters were in East LA and South LA. They are now everywhere. Look at all the gangsters in Venice turning away tourists. Pacoima, Sylmar, Westside. There were 4 Summer NiIght Lights shootings last week. The other one was in South LA park on Van Ness but the gangster Mayor keeps saying the parks are safe. WE have such ignorant fools running this city are allowing kids whose parents expects cops and others to babysit them at those parks walk home after midnite in crime infested areas. The Mayor’s solution is put more cops at the parks. What a dumb ass!!! Why doesn’t he simply closed down those parks before midnite at 8 or 9pm?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ed Reyes, “give yourself in”.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need gang intervention but birth intervention with the first clinic set up at the Catholic diocese.

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