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Zine’s Artless and Shameless Self-Promotion

For a dumb traffic cop Dennis Zine has proven himself to be one smart politician.

Totally amoral and without a conscience, Zine will say and do just about anything to attract attention to himself and posture as a noble public servant when he’s all about self-service.
It is a tribute to his raw ambition that he conned his way into being a police union official, and then a Charter Reform Commission member elected with union backing, then a City Council member fronting for the unions. Now he wants to be City Controller so he can continue double-dipping with a $200,000 salary on top of his $100,000 police pension.
He’s a guy who went around town weeping before the TV cameras, local and national, after the LA riots defending Chief Daryl Gates and the LAPD’s long history of excessive force against minorities. 
He’s a guy who one day talks about purging every illegal immigrant from the city and the next backs the entire liberal agenda of his colleagues at City Hall while routinely voting for every giveaway of public money to everyone from the unions to billionaires even as he passionately mouths the words of fiscal conservatism.
Last week, he used his bully pulpit — a literal phrase in his case — to denounce the Aaron Brothers art supplies chain founded in Hollywood 60 years ago but long since chased away to Texas for its popular “Artrageous” back-to-school promotion that involves giving away “graffiti kits” to school children.
The kits include markers and paper — not spray cans — and are handed out at store events where artists offer instruction. It’s not like kids are getting that kind of help at school where art education has become obsolete.

“I am appalled at this gimmick,” Zine said, after introducing a Council motion denouncing Aaron Brothers and calling for legal action against it. “In my role as a city councilman and a LAPD Reserve Officer, I spend
a lot of time and energy eradicating graffiti from the streets of Los Angeles.
This promotion is an assault on our community and sends a devastating message
to our youth.”

Not to be outdone, his pal, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, the wannabe District Attorney, endorsed Zine’s gimmick: “The Aaron Brothers Art store promotion appears to celebrate activity that
threatens the quality of life for our city’s residents simply for commercial

Where were these two pompous self-promoters when the Geffen Contemporary staged its recently concluded “Art in the Streets” exhibition celebrating the genius of graffiti artists? Didn’t they notice the long lines of people waiting to get into the Little Tokyo museum down the street from City Hall?

Yes, graffiti is a problem — one that costs the city about the same amount of money every year as trip-and-fall lawsuits do because LA hasn’t fixed sidewalks for 25 years.

Now, there’s a problem Zine could have done something about instead of worrying about whether a promotion to get kids interested in art leads them to become vandals and down the road to pot smoking and heroin addiction.


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8 Responses to Zine’s Artless and Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, is that idiot Zine running his mouth about the graffiti “art” exhibit at MOCA?
    “No.” You say? Really?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “In the if-it-looks-like-a-duck category, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich’s “exploratory” campaign for district attorney is starting to look more and more like the real deal.
    Last Wednesday, Trutanich double-dipped in the Valley, making appearances at both the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association and Studio City Neighborhood Council meetings.
    And, this coming weekend,the Vititoe Law Group in Westlake Village has scheduled a fundraiser for Trutanich’s exploratory committee, with tickets ranging between $100 and $1,000 per person. Trutanich already has reportedly raised more than $500,000 for the exploratory committee.
    In Sherman Oaks, Trutanich met up with his new BFF, Tim Leiweke, president of AEG, who was out stumping for his downtown football stadium.
    Trutanich said he believes the stadium project is a swell idea and one that he supports. It was not too long ago that he threatened to jail AEG officials over billboards following a dispute over the cost of the Michael Jackson funeral.
    Trutanich thanked Leiweke for letting the city work on the memorandum of understanding adopted by the City Council”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My question is, without a degree in accounting or any experience in the field, how could he even consider running for Controller?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Because it is hard to decide whether Zine is
    ignorant or a terrible liar.
    He will never get my vote. I hope not very many.
    I just heard Dennis Praeger remind us of Gore
    insisting that CO2 will destroy the earth. Wonder if Zine thinks so as well. Human beings
    inhale oxygen which is the product of plants
    which in turn use CO2 in order to make oxygen.
    We are what is called symbiotic. We need each
    I think we can get along without Dennis
    very well.

  5. In Eagle Rock says:

    Yeah, these “public servants” will say one thing one day, and then find a way to do a turnaround on the position the next day if it suits their career agenda. And sometimes they will make those contradictions on the same day, maybe not intentionally, but I doubt that they expect anyone will notice.
    Dennis Zine’s attitude really shows through when he’s running the City Council meeting and gives public comment speakers the bum’s rush when their time runs out. Since they are “Joe Nobody” to him, he doesn’t even try to be courteous. I’d like to see how he’d treat the likes of the lobbyists and organization chiefs in the same situation. Campaign fund contributions is probably a good way to rate their importance to a CM.
    Garcetti and his social engineering approach don’t sit well with me, but he at least tries to apply some courtesy, maybe too much, as he heads the council meetings.
    As a different but related consideratioin, The Art Walk task force was created a few weeks ago by the City Council after an unlicensed driver jumped the curb while operating a car in a parking space, hitting a 2-month old infant in a stroller and causing fatal injuries.
    The fact that the driver was unlicensed never was raised again, and assuming that was accurate, the LAPD’s relaxed enforcement policy stated by Chief Beck on the DUI stops makes L.A. less safe. That is, the rest of the state handles lack of a license, registration or insurance one way, considered too harsh by L.A.’s Chief, appointed by Villaraigosa, and the violations here have the conseqeunces weakened.
    Compliance with the law is not reinforced by the handling of the violations this way, especially odd from a city that claims public safety as the reason for much of what they do.
    Maybe the driver jumping the curb would not have been touched by the law’s application, but the culture of compliance becomes affected. Maybe people would not be so quick to get behind the wheel of a car if existing penalties were applied. With lighter or no penalties for violations, maybe more will consider that obeying the relevant laws not to be as necessary as when enforcement was applied fully, and equally.
    It’s been like that in L.A. for other things for years. It ranges from illegal billboards to violations of building and safety codes and illegal housing conversions. This also seems to me to run counter to the “broken windows” approach that Chief Bratton presented as a way to improve public safety. By letting things go, maybe trying to be benevolent, (but more likely just trying to apply political correctnees) the result is out of balance with the impact on the rest of us, with the result being worsened conditions for us all.
    Zine will not change but then he’s not so different than the others in the council chambers who just wallow in attitudes of self-importance as they congratulate each other regularly for their imagined “leadership” in anything they can think of.
    Patronage politics is the order of the day.

  6. G. Shepherd says:

    Aside from everything said about Zine being true, even this dumb dog knows that it was a bone-headed move on the part of Aaron Brothers to use the word “graffiti” in any art product, and especially one designed for kids.
    A Graffiti Starter Kit? Really. That gets this old dog’s hackles up. It doesn’t sound like a kid’s starter art kit, but like an enlistment tool for wannabe taggers.
    Just the word “graffiti” conotes and denotes ugly, wanton destruction, defacement and defilement of public and private property.
    Aaron Brothers should hang their heads in shame, but their board of directors is probably as collectively stupid as the person who thought up that promotional stunt.
    Bruno’s Pal, G.

  7. frank says:

    An Article that sums this up perfectly is Called…2 Californias by Victor David is an amazing article which shows how US citizens are under different rules than undocumented people.This will anger all that read,and it is so true….

  8. Wayne From Encino says:

    “ZINE” I believe in Latin means “scumbag?” I’m glad Valley Slaves (Homeowners) are seeing this creep for his true self. If you can sell your home AND MOVE OUT OF L.A. COUNTY, JUST DO IT NOW!
    Next year, you’ll have to repair YOUR OWN SIDEWALKS, trim THE CITY TREES IN FRONT OF THAT SAME CITY SIDEWALK; You’ll see CD15 add a new scumbag paid and seated by AEG; You’ll see at LEAST 10 BALLOT MEASURES to raise taxes, and you’ll see DUMBTANICH run for D.A!
    These above things will CUT another 10% off the DEPRESSED VALUE OF YOUR HOME as I see it!
    You’ve been sold out TO SLAVERY! We’ve all been DE-EMANCIPATED and L.A. City IS a SLAVE COLONY OF THE LEFT!

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