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Confessions of a Long-time CRA Board Member: ‘Remember Solyndra’

Long-time Community Redevelopment Agency board member Madeline Janis admits she has felt “pressured to agree” to development subsidy proposals that did not provide adequate protections for the investment of public money. “In nine years on the Community Redevelopment Agency Board, … Continue reading

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Questions Raised About Why Top Jewish Groups Backed Two-Latino Seat Plan for County

EDITOR’S NOTE: David Lehrer of Community Advocates Inc., who writes the Wide Angle column for the Jewish Journal’s website, has posted this article sharply criticizing key Jewish groups for supporting efforts to redraw Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors districts … Continue reading

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The Census, Redistricting and Public DIscontent

If you think something big isn’t bubbling up in a groundswell of public discontent, you are just not paying attention. Under the headline today “As Scorn for Vote Grows, Protests Surge Around the Globe,” the New York Times examines the … Continue reading

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Garcetti Takes Sides in County Redistricting Fight

Abandoning his posture as a consensus-building LA City Council President, Eric Garcetti appeared Tuesday before the County Board of Supervisors and strongly endorsed redistricting plans proposed by Gloria Molina and Mark Ridley-Thomas that would create a second predominantly Latino seat, … Continue reading

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CBS2 Accuses City Hall of Funneling $1 Million Grant for the Poor to Farmers Field Architect

Like taxpayer money that goes to the Community Redevelopment Agency and winds up in the hands of wealthy developers, federal community development block grants (CDBG) given to the city often are funneled away from programs to help the poor as … Continue reading

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Time to hold them responsible: My Sunday Column for LA Times Community Newspapers

The trial of six Italian seismologists and a government official for manslaughter due to their failure to provide warnings of a devastating earthquake after a series of smaller ones has sent a tremor throughout the world’s scientific and political communities. … Continue reading

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Billionaires’ Bragging Rights, Boosters’ Benefits and the Brutal Battle for Big-time Football

While AEG was busy gutting the heart of California’s environmental protection law with the help of business, labor and environmentalists, competitor Ed Roski’s NFL football team was rounding up support from the Boards of Supervisors of.neighboring Orange, San Bernardino and … Continue reading

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Antonio Villaraigosa, Political Superstar — Obama’s Secret Re-Election Weapon?

It’s finally clear: All the world is a stage for a ham like Antonio Villaraigosa – it’s just that the stage of Los Angeles isn’t big enough anymore, the role of mayor of the nation’s second largest city just isn’t … Continue reading

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California’s Bully Speaker John Perez and His Disrespect for the Law, the Press and the Public

As every child knows, it takes one to know one. A case in point is John Perez, the first openly gay Speaker of the California, an ardent and righteous advocate for educational programs and laws to protect the rights of … Continue reading

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Standing up for what we believe in — My Sunday Column for Glendale-Burbank-Pasadena Papers

For people who came of age in the Roaring ’20s or the Great Depression that followed, this is déjà vu all over again, a moment in history that must make them feel like they have taken a step back in … Continue reading

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