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California’s Bully Speaker John Perez and His Disrespect for the Law, the Press and the Public

As every child knows, it takes one to know one.

A case in point is John Perez, the first openly gay Speaker of the California, an ardent and righteous advocate for educational programs and laws to protect the rights of the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender community, particularly LGBT students who might be the targets of bullying and harassment because they don’t always behave like the majority of kids around them.


Yet, Perez does not apply the same humanistic and decent standards to adults, especially those who dare to disagree or challenge him. He has earned a reputation as a bully, threatening and intimidating anyone who gets in his way politically, even members of his own party who from time to time to behave differently that he would like.

Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, the La Canada-Flintridge Democrat is a prime example. After Portantinto cast the lone Assembly vote against the Democrats phony budget — $400 million short on revenue in July alone and soon to hit trigger points that will punish the poor more than anyone — Perez falsely claimed his colleague Portantino overspent his staff budget. He gave him until November to kowtow and kiss his ring of power or furlough his entire staff for 40 days over the holidays.

Portantino immediately went public with his budget and demanded to see all records of legislative spending under the California Public Records Act — an action that quickly prompted the state’s two most prestigious papers, Sacramento Bee and LA Times, to file similar demands and follow up with lawsuits when the bully Speaker told them to shove it.

Like most bullies, Perez is a coward hiding his weakness with meanness. He conceded the principle and issued budget and financial documents for legislative spending that were soon exposed as phony as his claims to political correctness and a true liberal’s respect for the diversity of society.

Now Perez has answered the lawsuit in court with a document that is so fallacious it could easily be construed to be perjurious — except he didn’t sign it, and the head of the Assembly Rules Committee Nancy Skinner didn’t sign it. The lawyer representing them did so secure in the knowledge that even if threatened with disbarment for lying to the court, he can claim the people who write the laws and control the people who enforce the laws were the liars. He was merely the liars lawyer.

“This lawsuit is both unfounded and unnecessary,” says the Assembly’s bully Speaker’s introduction to the newspapers’ lawsuit filed last week (Assembly-CPRA-response.rtf). 

“It is
unfounded because the documents petitioners seek – to the extent they exist -
are protected from disclosure as preliminary drafts and/or correspondence. It is unnecessary because the Legislature has
already supplied the information
that petitioners claim they need in order to report on the money allocated for
individual Assembly members.”

What utter contempt to the press and the public!

Not a word of truth in those word.

It took Stanford University students a matter of days to show that the “facts: Perez released about Assembly spending for staff and its self-indulgences were total lies not borne out by the “real facts.” (Stanford-Analysis-Summary.pdf)(Stanford-AssemblySalariesRprt_Aug29.pdf)

“The sum of all spending in the reported budgets is $16,882,750.96,
which breaks down into $10,240,466.25 reported for staffer’s salaries and
$6,642,284.71 reported for Members’ offices’ operating expenses.  The sum of all Assembly Member Office
staffers’ salaries is $34,038,564,” wrote student researcher Evan Storms  ”That
means there is a $17,155,813.04 difference between all spending reported in the budgets, and actual spending on
staffers’ salaries-and a $23,798,097.75 between the reported budgeted spending
on staffers’ salaries and actual spending on staffers’ salaries. ?

What the bully John Perez feels is unnecessary to report, to explain, to account for, is $17 million — twice what he public has claimed the Assembly spends.

That is $17 million that could be used to help local school district’s pay for the unfunded state mandate that approved in the recent session’s waning hours that “prohibit discrimination,
harassment, i
ntimidation, and bullying
based on actual or perceived 
characteristics …The bill also would require the prrocess for receiving and
investigating complaints to include 
complaints of discrimination,
harassment, intimidation, and bullying b
ased on actual or perceived
characteristics, as specified, and to
include a requirement that
school personnel who witness such acts 
take immediate steps to
intervene when safe to do so, a timeline to 
investigate and resolve
complaints, and an appeal process … “

A year ago, Perez, cousin of the well-know heterosexual Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, participated in the “It Gets Better” initiative and made a video tjat gave a glimpse into his psyche when he described what was like to grow up gay.

“No,” Perez said,
when asked if he was bullied when he was younger. “I could always kick
anybody’s ass who tried to do that.”

“You hear some of
the most horrific stuff coming from people who don’t know you’re gay. Sometimes
it’s malicious, sometimes it’s naïve. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had
to come out. T
reality is, coming out is a never-ending process.”

The greater reality is we are all struggling to come out and become all that we are. It isn’t easy for anyone — yet “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as we define is our unalienable right as Americans.

That applies to everyone as well as those in the LGBT community and others who have faced greater hardships than most in the past. The perpetuation of bullying by John Perez doesn’t move forward the struggle for true freedom for anyone.

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14 Responses to California’s Bully Speaker John Perez and His Disrespect for the Law, the Press and the Public

  1. Anonymous says:

    What the bully John Perez feels is unnecessary to report, to explain, to account for, is $17 million — twice what he public has claimed the Assembly spends.
    For some reason public officials can’t balance the books, but John says he could. Oh bullshit. If it’s missing, it’s missing, numbers don’t lie.
    You see, when someone with NO political power sees such behavior, we wonder how much of what they wear, show, live -nice clothes, home, cars, ect., and then when the State cannot balance it’s budget and Governor Brown has to “CUT” PROGRAMS, unemployment will go up, coupled with such huge debt.. the 17 million will look like petty cash.

  2. david J barron says:

    BRAVO to Standford University student’s.

  3. david J barron says:

    There’s not a single word that I would believe coming out of the mouths of the likes of: Perez, Cedillo, Nunez, Fuentes, Villaraigosa, Gatto, Jose Huizar, Ed Reyes, Tony Cardenas, indicted Alarcon, Padilla and on and on and on…..

  4. JoshJ says:

    The reason Perez was elected is because other Democratic candidates who had a chance were bribed by his cousin Tony Villar to drop out so John could have the seat.
    As far as bullying goes, we need to talk about all types rather the simply concentrating on those who are bullied because they’re attracted to the same sex rather than the opposite sex or some on the Left’s obsession with Muslims being bullied for their beliefs.
    Kids in school are bullied for a whole lot of reasons. Girls taunt each other over various issues. Some can make life hell for a girl who has developed earlier than they have or is prettier than they are. Likewise, a more beautiful and popular girl may bully someone who is more Plain Jane.
    Other areas include, the person bullied is “too dumb” or “too smart”. The person is too tall or too short, too skinny or too fat. Their nose is big, their nose is small.
    Getting back to the sexual areas of bullying. Some girls are taunted for their reputation of being a “slut” even though that may not really be true. They may be made fun of for being a virgin. Frankly, with all the sexually transmitted diseases out there, being a virgin should be a badge of pride, rather than a mockery or something someone should feel ashamed about.
    Even in religion, people are bullied. According to FBI statistics, 70 percent of religious hate crimes were against Jews, 8 percent against Muslims; there are 3 times as many Jews as Muslims in the U.S. Finally, 6 percent were Christians
    The fact bullying can happen for many reasons and we need to deal with all kinds of bullying and not just narrow it down to one or two groups of people. In this society where inclusion is talked about, it needs to be when it comes to bullying. No one group should be more special than another.

  5. Wayne from Encino says:

    California has the perfect Speaker at Sacramento: an OBESE, UNQUALIFIED, RADICAL GAY FROM A CORRUPT CABAL HEADED BY UNCLE TONY! Out of 33 million people in California, this is the best we can do with the registered voters in this God Damned State? Its a miracle a small business still exists in this state! It’s time now for the non voting non-embiciled to register to vote and correct this situation. I know (you know who you are) you DON’T like politics and vowed to never vote or pay attention, but it just can’t go on like this anymore. SEMPER FI! Do your duty, VOTE VOTE VOTE! It’s time.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bullying is taking what is not yours, for yourself or for your special little friends, That is the mind of a bully.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bravo Ron on this post. Perez is indeed a big bully. Keep using that word because a bully is someone bul·ly/ˈbo͝olē/Noun: A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
    Perez has disappointed so many who use to support him. He’s changed drastically since promoting higher office. In fact you can use the word “Bullying” for the city council members, the Controller, Mayor. They use threats, intimindation especially to community members who dare challenge their authority and job.

  8. The Great Unknown says:

    Holy Fiesta! Are we getting an extended dose of south-of-the border politics in CA? What the hell is going on here!?
    “There’s not a single word that I would believe coming out of the mouths of the likes of: Perez, Cedillo, Nunez, Fuentes, Villaraigosa, Gatto, Jose Huizar, Ed Reyes, Tony Cardenas, indicted Alarcon, Padilla and on and on and on…..”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, back at the farm:
    “The truth of the economy is that labor jobs are headed and will continue to head overseas, and the jobs of tomorrow will be found in the management instead of the maintenance of the growing world economy. We stand poised, though few of us know it, to usher the third world into a new era of consumer capitalism by becoming both their employers and the salespeople that sell them back the products they create with our direction. ”
    Forty years ago the US was economically self-sustaining…the land of plenty, milk and honey….Let’s see do we blame social-cultural 21st century change on supply and demand, globalization, a “flat world”, politicians, or capitalist/socialist entrepreneurs?
    For example,
    So we sell/export US timber to China, they process their wood on ships during the Pacific voyage, then keep the best of the lumber, then sell compressed wood treated with toxic chemicals back to US so we can create prefabricated death boxes that will house Americans after some future natural disaster. What does China have to offer…Cheap Labor? Rare metals that help create computers and cell phones? I guess computers and cell phones are more important then fertile lands that used to yield oodles of fruits, vegetables, diary, and meat products for its own citizens…Our Gov’t improved the economy alright….the gov’t is made of people, supposedly bright people, there the same people that created the laws that sold out the American people, and our Nation…What we have today running the country, are old fashion plutocrats…nothing more…nothing less…Wake up American! Vote them All out, and replace them with citizens that will not promote unfettered Laissez-faire ideals. The old guard has become beholden to corporations, greed, and hubris.
    “The only thing that one really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the one quality we can predicate of it. The systems that fail are those that rely on the permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and development. The error of Louis XIV was that he thought human nature would always be the same. The result of his error was the French Revolution. It was an admirable result.”
    —-Oscar Wilde

  10. In Eagle Rock says:

    Ron, this is all so nicely put and do reject these observations is to be irretrievably in their camp as truly in denial of what is, or part of the problem itself.
    The idea of holding office, I thought, was to be “public servants” and not the other way around, plundering, literally and figuratively, as the opportunities arise, with the taxpayers coming out on the short end.
    I met John Perez while serving on a local legal aid board and he was all-union, all-the-time. It was back around the mid-90′s. Eventually, the board moved to push me off the board to make room for him to be added- and he had more friends there than I did.
    That was an early experience with the political realities on a small level. The “openly gay” label noted in his assembly campaign was something I did not notice before in those board days as anything “openly” known. That was a non-issue for me anyway, but maybe not to him, especially shown now.
    Interesting how he’s the one talking about bullying behavior now. But politicians have the uncanny ability to compartmentalize inconsistent and conflicting positions, with all at the ready as the situation may call for.

  11. Scott Zwartz says:

    Prez and the LA City Council with its Mayor Wannabe President, Eric Garcetti should be charge with RICO actions. Oh yeah, they write the laws and own the judges.
    Corruption and Incompetence are destroying L.A., but most people are too fearful to speak up.
    Fortunately, Ron Kaye is not fearful

  12. anonymous says:

    Wayne from Encino wrote: “Out of 33 million people in California, this is the best we can do with the registered voters in this God Damned State?”
    I don’t know about you, but it makes me wonder if there are some elected offices which our votes are not being accurately counted or if the results are not being accurately reported.

  13. Rick Abrams says:

    It would be nice of Perez if he would please re-enter his closet since we Gays get enough bad press.

  14. Wayne from Encino says:

    “By Rick Abrams on September 20, 2011 1:38 PM
    It would be nice of Perez if he would please re-enter his closet since we Gays get enough bad press.”
    Remember, that Whale CAME OUT OF THE WAREHOUSE!
    No one at Building and Safety could make a closet big enough for that one!

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