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“Naming rights are a sign of the times” — Sunday Column for Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena Papers

Faced with a threatened crackdown on abuses, Burbank Realtors are policing themselves during a “probationary” period to preserve a city ordinance that allows them to put up as many as four 24-by-24 signs announcing a weekend “open house.” Glendale officials … Continue reading

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Are You Ready to Rumble? Occupy LA vs City Hall

It seems like only yesterday, not three weeks ago, that City Council President and wannabe mayor Eric Garcetti welcomed the protesters of Occupy L.A. to camp out on the City Hall grounds and “stay as long as you need to…” … Continue reading

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Opportunity Knocks for Occupy L.A. — The Problem Is City Hall, Not Corporations

Wake up, you evolutionary revolutionaries of Occupy L.A., you are dancing with the very people you say you despise — the panderers to corporate greed and union selfishness, the people who serve the 1 percent at the expense of the … Continue reading

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Power — and the Abuse of Power — at City Hall

“There’s no such thing as too much power…you have to have the leverage” — Herb Wesson, the next President of the LA City Council. Leave it to a lightweight like Herb Wesson, congenial and fond of animals, kids and fishin’ … Continue reading

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City Hall’s Job Creation Fantasy: Whatever Happened to All Those Chinese Electric Cars?

BYD — the Chinese electric carmaker that City Hall promoted as a job creation engine for Los Angeles — finally opened today a year late and a lot of dollars short. “In April 2010 when the deal was announced, BYD … Continue reading

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Looking for Cheaper and Better Together in the Burbank, Pasadena, Glendale Tri-City Area

EDITOR’S NOTE: My Sunday column for the LA Times community newspapers in the Tri-City area. What’s the next Verdugo Dispatch? Realtors call it the “popular tri-city area,” a region that proudly boasts its own “tri-city airport” and fundamentally healthy economies. … Continue reading

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Ignorance Meets Hypocrisy: Occupy L.A. Awakens to City Hall’s Corruption

Organizers (there are no leaders so everybody speaks for themselves) of Occupy Los Angeles let city officials have it on Wednesday over the commitment City Council members made to punish the banks when they unanimously approved turning the entire City … Continue reading

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Here’s amusing comparison of the Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street posted by Dan Nixon at the “Duck of Minerva” and reposted as the Chart of the Day on Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish.”

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Waste, Fraud and Abuse — City Hall Doesn’t Even Know What the Words Mean

Our man Antonio knows a lot about what’s sexy so when he says the West Hollywood men among the 30,000 participants in AIDS Walk L.A. over the weekend were “hot,” you can take him at his word. But when he … Continue reading

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Field of Schemes: Crony Capitalism Is Alive and Well in L.A.’s Pursuit of Pro Football.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Troy Senik,a senior fellow at the Center for Individual Freedom and a contributor at, wrote this article for City Journal.  By Troy Senik, City Journal California, a state whose greatest innovation in recent years has been finding … Continue reading

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