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Are You Ready to Rumble? Occupy LA vs City Hall

It seems like only yesterday, not three weeks ago, that City Council President and wannabe mayor Eric Garcetti welcomed the protesters of Occupy L.A. to camp out on the City Hall grounds and “stay as long as you need to…”

It seems like only yesterday, not barely two
weeks ago, that Garcetti and his colleagues unanimously “resolved, with
the concurrence of the Ma
by the adoption of this resolution
City of Los Angeles hereby stands in SUPPORT for the continuation of the
peaceful and vibrant exercise in First Amendment Rights carried out by
‘Occupy Los Angeles’ on the City Hall lawn … “
It seems like only yesterday, which it was,
that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with the concurrence of the City Council, told
the protesters to get the hell off his lawn.
The encampment,, the mayor said, “cannot
continue indefinitely … l
ook, our lawn is dead, our sprinklers aren’t working . . . our trees are without water.” 

You can appreciate Villaraigosa’s concern about killing the trees on the City Hall grounds what with his failure to come close to fulfilling his commitment to plant a million trees in L.A.

You can also understand — given his record of spending the city into near bankruptcy — that he has no concern about the half million to $1 million cost associated with the encampment on three sides of City Hall. 

Certainly, as taxpaying residents of L.A., you can delight in the protesters being treated the same way you have been by City Hall, like little kids who are patted on the head and told to go away and mind your own business — as if the city’s business was solely the prerogative of developers, corporate fat cats and union bosses.

You might also take a lesson from how the Occupiers responded. 

Instead of walking away grateful for a few crumbs from the table of power, they issued this statement saying they have not intention of leaving: 

“We sincerely hope that a positive working relationship between city officials and the LAPD continues.

“As for a time
stamp on our departure, there is none. Regarding the perceived lack of focus: Our actions are governed by a
democratic process and we go through process to gain consensus. 
This can sometimes be lengthy, but we are determined that, as representatives of the 99%, all voices are heard and considered.”
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35 Responses to Are You Ready to Rumble? Occupy LA vs City Hall

  1. Anonymous says:

    And you people elected these clowns???

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is a show-down. I am on their side. Remember the April showdown a few years back
    on the city hall steps? I do. We were ready for
    a show-down back then. Zine showed up but
    didn’t get the message. What is that? “We have had with you bums.”

  3. Jim says:

    Maybe the organizers are so in love with Garcetti and Rosendahl that they won’t want to embarass him and will comply and leave (unlike those in Oakland).

  4. Patty says:

    Council President Garcetti will show Oakland and the rest of the Nation how to behave like civilized, compassionate people and how to honor those devastated by the fiasco of the banking and mortgage crisis of 3 years ago.

  5. Transparency says:

    This people are so addicted to lying and being fakes that I don’t believe they can think or act any other way.
    Occupy What? A Short Guide to Real Change – words written by David Icke
    “The system does not need to be tinkered with or even fundamentally change on the surface. The whole bloody lot most go starting with;”
    ‘-An end to no contract government in which mendacious politicians can promise the people that they can do this or that to win their support and then do the very opposite after they lie themselves into office.”

  6. Wayne from Encino (non Zionist Banker) says:

    THE CAMPERS NEED TO KEEP ALOT OF DIGITAL CAMERAS ROLLING (Sony–yes I know they’re “evil” but they make that 60 gig camera for about $300 these days WITH NIGHT VISION ENHANCEMENT!) THEN HOPEFULLY when the LAPD THUGS come over across the Rio Grande (actually called 1rst and Main) and begin the beatings, ROLL EM BABY! Then hire KEVIN JAMES (he needs a job lately) WHO CAN SUE THE CITY AND CARMEN GAGA DUMBTANICH for MILLIONS and then Dummy Zine and the 14 other Clowns can APPROVE ANOTHER 41 MILLION BUCKS IN SETTLEMENTS. HE HE HE!!! That’s how this crap will end. Then of course a 10 foot WALL will be built all around the City Hall Block to prevent this again from happening, which will be paid by some stupid BOND MEASURE perhaps. Then from his share of the WINNINGS Kevin could later BUY HIMSELF A SEAT ON THE COUNCIL IN 5 YEARS OR SO. That’s HOPE AND CHANGE L.A. STYLE!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Poor Wayne is out of control. A lot of anger and immature rantings. The Huffington Post is running a story stating that ACORN is behind the Occupy movement. A big question I have is who paid for all those professional protest signs the Occupy people were holding outside FOX in Century City? I spoke to some Occupy LA folks and they are on unemployment. Interesting point is when you’re on unemployment benefits you’re suppose to be out looking for a job. Unfortunately, now the anarchists and hard core activist have infiltrated the Occupy LA group and causing major problems.

  8. Anonymous says:

    NYPD is threatening to sue the Occupiers if they injure police. Yeah!!! Turn the tables on the violent ones. “”Journalists who witnessed events in Oakland, Calif., on Tuesday night did report protesters throwing bottles at the police. Law enforcement responded with a barrage of tear gas canisters, bean bags and other projectiles”"
    Occupy LA people have done absolutely nothing to cause a change. They should go protest AEG. Why didn’t they protest City Hall since their big issue is corruption. They obviously don’t know what is going on in their own city. They have too many speakers all contradicting each other. Now, they are saying they will get violent and riot if they are asked or pushed to move out. More valuable resources used and they’ve cost our city hundreds of thousands of dollars already

  9. Anonymous says:

    The protesters are clueless tools and you are brainwashed and clueless to vote for Garcetti, Villar, Rosendahl, etc
    All the city clowncils got there because somebody (you) voted them in.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am very proud to say I did not vote for Villar nor did many of my Latino friends. We didn’t buy into that bs the first Latino Mayor. When you look at the makeup of LA Politicians even the ones in the County, even though there are more Latino politicians then ever, these same Latino politicans have ruined our City. Every Latino neighborhood is worse off then before they got into office. I’m a Latino and embarrassed by them. They consistently use being a Latino for this and that. Many of us Mexican Americans are Americanized and have more pride then they do. They are more from the low life culture and this City was doomed from the moment Villar was voted in.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As I said a few days ago, this City is leaderless, in total chaos, while our charlatan Mayor is going to be playing w the Asian chicks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wendy sent out info on the ” waste and fraud ” reporting in 150 languages!!!!!!!!!! Campaigning anyone on taxpayers money? Where the f….is the Ethics Commission? Forget the LA Slimes, they are taken a nap.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board has taken more than a nap. It has abdicated an important role as a check on government abuse of power. Instead the LA Times is part of the problem…instead of part of the solution.

  14. Anonymous says:

    OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!!! These are the highest paid city officials in the US. Garcetti can’t even show up on time for a meeting but wants to be Mayor. NOT!!
    “”"”Another meeting was canceled less than a month ago on Sept. 29 NO QUROUM. Council President Pro Tem Jan Perry apologized to the public for not having enough members to legally hold a council meeting and said the items on today’s agenda would be added to Tuesday’s agenda. Council President Eric Garcetti was scheduled to arrive to the meeting at about 11:15 a.m. but did not make it in time.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately we are heading towards anarchy, and the left will exploit the stuation when the police moves to disburse the “nothing else to do”. Probably they will use Antonio`s ponchos for protection from tear gas……

  16. Anonymous says:

    3:37 — don’t you worry. Garcetti stands an excellent chance of getting elected. Let’s see. Half-Latino, very progressive, gay loving, against prop 8, supports Arizona boycott, supports OWS (sort of). Plenty enough to get elected as LA mayor. Villar was.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Next Week: Council File 09-0846-S4
    CDD (Community Development Department) to reprogram (use for a different purpose then intended) $395,215.42.. This money is being taken out of (a)Homeless Prevention & Rapid-ReHousing Program(b)Food & Transportation Program for poor and elderly. (not sure what they want to use for) ..
    Someone said Eric Garcetti is so wonderful. LOL . As he approves legislation to tax and fine every working person, except his development friends. Remember Eric, all the property is owned by GOD. (no you or your buddies)

  18. Harolddy says:

    Mr Mayor Antonio, Mr Garcetti, Mr Caruso, no fair plagiarizing. While you’re trying to buy votes from the protesters, impressing them with a good idea, don’t forget to mention that it was former mayoral candidate Walter Moore, who was advocating to repeal the City’s business tax.

  19. E.L.A. says:

    Apparently, there was a student rebel who was kicked out of his Catholic High school. He eventually became a councilman in his eastside town. This rebel did not keep his promise to his constituents, that he would at least serve out four years. During his couple of years service as a councilman, city inspector’s, by coincidence, were citing many property owners in his district, for illegal construction and garage conversion’s to illegal living quarters. So he told the inspector’s bosses to keep the inspector’s out of his district, “…because, this is a way of life for them…” Eventually, he became the main boss of his city. He then told the inspector’s bosses it was okay now, to send the inspector’s back into the district again to do their job.

  20. E.L.A. says:

    Apparently, there was a student rebel who was kicked out of his Catholic High school. He eventually became a councilman in his eastside town. This rebel did not keep his promise to his constituents, that he would at least serve out four years. During his couple of years service as a councilman, city inspector’s, by coincidence, were citing many property owners in his district, for illegal construction and garage conversion’s to illegal living quarters. So he told the inspector’s bosses to keep the inspector’s out of his district, “…because, this is a way of life for them…” Eventually, he became the main boss of his city. He then told the inspector’s bosses it was okay now, to send the inspector’s back into the district again to do their job.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Re: Van Nuys campout
    Villar, Zine and Perry – It is our city not
    your personal property. ASK US. Do not act
    as if we do not care.
    We have to pay so we have a say. CRA and AEG:
    No more, no way!!!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Antonio`s ex chief of staff still on the payroll according to LA Slimes. It`s Antonio`s way of buying ” silence “, as he has done w every other staff ,gm, fired.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Goooool! Zuma Dogg!

  24. Wayne from Encino says:

    The Occupants are now closer to camping out by the Zionist Jews! They’ll be going to Sherman Oaks soon! Recall that South of Burbank Blvd and Van Nuys Blvd was changed from Van NUYS TO Sherman Oaks (so the Zionists could increase their home property values WITHOUT paying a Damn thing for this upgrade.) It worked: Homes in Zip 91401 went up 20% in some areas. I went to the hearing that day at the Clowncil (CD2 didn’t have a rep at that time) and simply stated that Encino MIGHT AS WELL BE ALLOWED TO CHANGE IT’S NAME TO BEVERLY HILLS SO WE COULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A 20% BUMP IN VALUES? 100 people showed up, yelled and got the Clowns to allow this city name change TO THE DETRIMENT OF THE OTHER HOMES THAT REMAINED “VAN NUYS, CA.!!!!”
    Well, now the CHICKENS COME HOME TO ROOST, HUH? The Occupiers will want to “go to Sherman Oaks” to “protest the 1%.” SO NOW YOU FOOLS WANTED TO BE SHERMAN OAKS? WELCOME–APPARANTLY YOU’RE IN THE 1% NOW.
    I never saw the Clowncil pull such a home-valuation SCAM to divide a City between those who gain 20% home value vs. leaving the others out. The NCs apparently agreed it was wrong too.
    The rest of the Van Nuys (current) homeowners who didn’t get to be “Sherman Oaks” should of have DAMAGES VS. THE CITY for this! But no one fights for the homeonwer/taxpayers in this Corrupt city. Alot of homes on Longridge ave and Orion st. should of got a “Sherman Oaks” instead of remaining “Van Nuys” as long as they were at it.
    7PM–TONIGHT—Van Nuys: The Occupants have been threatened to leave the area at the Braude Center
    by that time. However, THE CLOWNCIL VOTED 14-0 TO SUPPORT THE OCCUPANTS! That gives them the right to camp out AT VAN NUYS CITY HALL BLDG, as that area is City Hall property (not the Courthouse, Federal Bldg.) But the Braude Center IS ALSO CITY HALL PROP and there’s alot of room for tents in that area.

  25. Zionist says:

    What’s this claptrap about Zionist Jews?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Garcetti is amazing. He can overlook the $1.5 BILLION his love-child CRA has stolen from the tax apyers. He can give his boyfriend Eli Broad $52 Million for a parking garage. Boyfriend you say? Well, what other reason would there be to give a billionaire $52 M? Oh, yeah that’s right, some of the moolah could, maybe, possibility come back to Mr. Trust Fund Baby in the form of kick backs campaign contributions. Wannabe Mayor cannot find out into whose pocket the extra $1.4 Million on the Cesspool on Vine Project went? Or what CIM got $17.3 M to create blight at Western and Hollywood. Or, where is the missing $454 Million from Hollywood Highland?
    All these billions of dollars disappear and wannabe mayor has no concern, but harming the blades of grass on the lawn — Now that’s something vital.
    BTW, Mr. Oct 28, 8:10, Gays don’t like closet cases. In this day and age, it shows a weak moral character

  27. Debra Maldonado says:

    Get those idiots off the lawn…get a life

  28. Wayne from Encino says:

    Van Nuys Civic Center at this time; NO SIGN OF ANY TENTS OR ANY OCCUPANTS! The lawns are all nice and green too around the bldg (has police tape however!) The Valley is Occupy-Free! The tents, though, are all present at Main/1rst st. bldg. It smells like pot mixed with urine all around the Downtown City Hall—which is actually appropriate given the place INSIDE is filled with vile, disgusting, gas-bags that run this City like it’s an ATM for the billionaires.
    Now Garcetti and his Clown-nettes DON’T WANT TO GO TO MEETINGS DOWNTOWN ANYMORE? Hope the sons-of-bitches TAKE A LEAVE OF ABSENCE FOR THE REST OF THE DECADE! Oh, those of you making some kind of “outing” re: Garcetti: He is MARRIED TO A WOMAN! NO KIDS, THOUGH–SO YOU KNOW HOW BONA FIDE IT IS, HA HA HA! Daddy Gil will have to convince Little Eric to have a baby if he wants to further his political ambitions. Like to be a fly on the wall for that father-son talk!

  29. Anonymous says:

    5:53am here’s the story. Did I read not that long ago on this blog another DWP executive was still collecting his pay check but gone from his job? If Wendy would do her damn job instead of being the media whore campaigning for Mayor maybe she would do an audit of all the ex city staffers who are still getting paid.
    L.A. mayor’s ex-chief of staff has stayed on payroll. Jeff Carr has drawn pay for months after announcing his departure, even after his replacement was hired. (he’s getting $194,000)

  30. Anonymous says:

    6:44 AM
    This is shocking. Thank you.
    I shall let my family, friends and
    neighbors know.

  31. The Watcher says:

    From Wall Street to LA City Hall, criminals are rewarded with tax payer dollars and those who complain about criminal conduct at high places are denounced as unAmerican. Yes, and we even hear that complaint of the old grouch to the young kids playing ball, “Get off my lawn.”
    Wall Street destroyed the mortgage market and much of the economy by criminal fraud. The media covers up this fact much of the time by saying that WallStreet was taking “risks.” No. There was no risk. It was an intentional fraud where executives knowingly created worthless securities and that took out insurance on the securities if they turned out to be worthless. There was no real “if.” They knew the securities were defective because they made them to be defective and they paid rating agencies like Moodys to lie and say they were AAA. When these multi-billion dollar frauds tanked WallStreet, Bush and Obama gave the crooks billions of dollars and then loaned them trillions of dollars without interest.
    When is the last time a guy who robs a 7-11 is given $100,000 and a Porsche? That would outrage people, but most Americans like the tea baggers want to reduce regulations so that crooks can steal more and more and never worry that someone might prosecute them
    Garcetti can be eye brows deep in a fraudulent appraisal scam, but no one investigates to ascertain “What did Garcetti Know and when did he Know it?”
    LaBonge runs a worldwide bait and switch type scam with the Hollywood Sign duping people worldwide into believing that the H Sign was in danger. The transparency of the fraud was so obvious that only a cohort and fellow traveler of “See No Evil Camp” like Cooley and the US Attorney General could close their eyes while $12.5 M flows to a Chicago real estate speculator.
    Has anyone even asked where the $454 Million for the Hollywood Highland center went? — $625 M to build H-H and sold to CIM for $201 M plus the city gives CIM an additional $30 M.
    Why is Geithner Secretary of Treasury and not in prison?
    The problem with this country is that we reward criminals and yell at kids who step on the lawn.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Watcher: You’ve got it right!!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    The Watcher: so are you ready to vote for the 3rd party next year? How about for somebody who is an outsider? This is the problem with you people-you keep the same crooks in power and then complain about corruption and financial abuses. You could easily find out in 2008 that Obama got loads of campaign contributions from Wall St. Wouldn’t it be a sign that he will do what they want???
    Garcetti is a crooked thief shoving money to all the developers and such but people keep re-electing him because he’s so wonderful, supports gay marriage etc.

  34. Anonomymous, Too says:

    Why do people like 12:36 p.m. always assume that the people who complain are the same people who voted for these corrupt slimeballs?
    We did not vote for them, and we have the right to gripe.
    And even if we did vote for them and they aren’t doing what they said they’d do, we still have the right to complain.
    If you look at an L.A. City ballot, there’s often only one person running for a council seat or the candidates are recyclers from another office. So we don’t put an “X” in the box, because as far as we’re concerned there’s no one to vote for, but they win anyway.
    Even if everyone abstained from voting they’d win; all they need is one vote…theirs.

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