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Ignorance Meets Hypocrisy: Occupy L.A. Awakens to City Hall’s Corruption

Organizers (there are no leaders so everybody speaks for themselves) of Occupy Los Angeles let city officials have it on Wednesday over the commitment City Council members made to punish the banks when they unanimously approved turning the entire City Hall grounds into an encampment that has attracted hundreds of protesters and some Skid Row homeless people.
The trouble with the Council’s commitment to adopt the “Responsible Banking Ordinance” — a three-year-old proposal that got Council general backing more than a year ago but still awaits final action — is it will cost L.A. $58 million immediately in penalties for terminating deals with the big banks and a lot more over time.
That’s because those greedy banks are the same ones that brought down our economy and ripped off tens of millions of Americans but provide the loans and other services to the city at much lower cost than anyone else.
They also pump a lot of money into political campaigns and into the hands of lobbyists who help pump even more into those same campaigns.
It’s a vicious and corrupt circle that goes a long way to explaining why America, California and L.A. are in such dire straits.
The “Responsible Banking Ordinance” is the brainchild of indicted felon Councilman RIchard Alarcon and has been stalled for so long because it is idiotic, unworkable and ineffective since the costs of monitoring every bank transaction without any regulatory authority would add a lot to the city’s financial woes.
All that was lost on the Occupy L.A. protesters. They just wanted a place to hang out, camp out and berate the banks without taking the slightest recognition that the mayor who sent down 100 ponchos in the rain and the Council members who glad-handed them are no better than the worst crooks on Wall Street. 
What they need is a Responsible Politician Ordinance that tracks their every lie, their every deceit, their every sell-ouit, their every act of betrayal of the voters who foolishly put them into the nation’s highest paid and most heavily perked municipal offices.
The protesters total ignorance of what they are talking about is scary. They compare the crimes by banks against ordinary citizens to the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered. They think the Council can merely by ordinance cancel the legal commitments they made under contracts.
It’s hard to see how they are going to find the “solution” they talk about to the terrible problems we face when they don’t even know what they are talking about.
I hope they stay encamped long enough to figure out what the facts are even though city officials estimate they have already done $400,000 in damage to City Hall grounds — an estimate that the audacious and duplicitous wannabe City Controller Dennis Zine scoffs at saying,. “All you have to do is throw seed and fertilizer” to restore the lawns.
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19 Responses to Ignorance Meets Hypocrisy: Occupy L.A. Awakens to City Hall’s Corruption

  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ve nailed it again, Ron. The Occupiers are clueless, but let’s hope they wake up and learn that the Councilmembers are the enemy.
    Just look at the $1.5 BILLION tax dollars that went to the developers through the hands of the bankers due to the corrupt CRA.

  2. Wayne from Encino says:

    The City of Los Angeles is a 3rd world COLONY of AEG and the DWP, let’s just be honest about it! A 77% increase in part of DWP bills was just shoved down the throats of every homeowner WITHOUT A PEEP out of the talking heads on AM radio or the Times. The several thousand homes in CD12 that have SEPTIC SYSTEMS will now need “loans” to “attach to the sewer system.” NOT A WORD FROM ANYONE ON THIS EXTREME RIP OFF. The indicted FELON will now serve his full term out WITHOUT EVER FACING A JURY. This City isn’t “broken” but instead is a COLONY without any rights of homeowners to protect their wallets and absolutely no representation whatsoever before the Government. The President (if we had one) would send in troops to Main St. and take control and RESTORE LAW AND ORDER. Libyans right now have more rights than Angelinos, that’s how truly disgusting this JUNTA we have in Spring St. really is. I congradulate anyone who SOLD THEIR HOMES AND LEFT L.A. FROM 2000-2006! YOU’RE THE BEST OF THE BEST, and left the Rest of the Rest to hold the bag for this crap here (which we deserve of course for staying here and trying to elect new people, which is obviously FUTILE.) AEG and the IBEW wont give a permission slip to allow homeowners to have at least ONE Clownmember that they don’t pre-pay and package for themselves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “words like family, respect, accountability, virtue, knowledge, self-control,
    perserrverance, Godliness, kindness, brotherly love, – those qualities are what give
    our lives meaning and they reflect our character for all the world to see.
    I am in prayer for us all. God bless us all. Amen ” We need to keep our faith.

  4. There seemed to be more than a few skid row residents camped out in their newly purchased tents.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The City does not need a felon to tell it how to run its finances.

  6. frank says:

    Did you know the cretins in the DC branch of #OWS demostrated against Harrison Ford? No, really. Ford was attending a $1000/plate charity event with the CEO of Wallmart. The fact that it was the Wallmart guy, a “1-percent-er (like Ford is NOT a 1% guy?), and it was $1000/plate seems to have riled them. Even the reporter on site said the protesters failed to acknowledge that it was a charity event for an environmental cause!

  7. mew says:

    $400,000 in landscape damage caused by the protestors at city hall? I believe I could re-seed the lawn for a mere $375,000. Where do I send my bid?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Word is more and more drug dealers and homeless are camped out with Occupy LA. You watch all the homeless from across the nation come to LA because we have become a lawless city. The Mayor, council members even police are too afraid to enforce the law now. A bunch of whimps. Why doesn’t Occupy LA go protest AEG for pushing council to give Gensler $1 million instead of helping skid row

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, by all means let’s gang up on the homeless and the mentally ill. Let’s blame them for all the world’s troubles. Never, ever think that perhaps the super billionaires might bear a tiny bit of blame. Oh Nooooo, it’s gotta be that dirty guy sleeping in a tent. OMG he hurt the lawn! “JAIL HIM, Jail him,” I say.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Weisenheimer, not jail. Better yet, we propose the transients, mentally-damaged, drug-deranged and irrational-new-world-occupiers be relocated to the neighborhood of every Council Member and public official who grovels and supports this insanity.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Blame, blame,blame.
    What??? Any great ideas for healing a sick
    society? I am sure in one way or another we
    are all to blame.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Casting the first stone,
    Wisenheimers without blame,
    you and Alarcon.

  13. Jim says:

    The LA City Council and Mayor are co-conspirators in giving away public funds to wealthy corporations.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The LA City Council is directly responsible for threatening future homeowner ownership in Los Angeles, by shifting liability on basic services that have been curtailed over to homeowners (and renters when those costs are passed on).
    While giving gifts of exorbitant land use entitlements and public funds, diverting funds away from City Services, the City Council is dramatically increasing sewer fees, Water & Power rates, shifting even more costs and liabilities to the residents and homeowners.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I just re-read Ron’s article – you all should also.
    It tells us exactly what is wrong and we have all
    agreed. Now…how shall we help ourselves????
    That is what we should be concentrating on.
    I wish I could run for office and do it without
    taking a dime – because I am retirerd and live here. And I sure will fire all the staff in
    every dept because they are not doing their jobs.
    I am an old woman, you woould not vote for me but
    that is what we need to do. Clean Sweep LA. OK?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I just re-read Ron’s essay and I suggest all do the same. We all agree there are problems.
    Now, for solutions:
    1. do not re-elect these people to any office.
    2. if you are retired, consider serving as a volunteer for a certain period (to be decidsd) – no more career politicians. More than one -election required.
    3. each neighborhood council is converted into a meeting of the residents to discuss what is
    needed. If there is a city council, it should meet only part time with the public invited.
    4. What do you think we should do?

  17. Anonymous says:

    WTF??? You want corruption now you can add Chief Beck to the list along with the mayor and city council members. True Blue which is for LAPD OFFICERS to be acknowledged and has been for years is now being used for political gain. Guess who is being honored this year at this LAPD Event? The AEG corrupt deal maker Tim Lieweke and his wife. Shame Shame on Beck for being the Mayor’s puppet and lapdog. Is it any wonder morale is at an all time low. Beck has destroyed LAPD probably worse then Bitter Bernie did. Is it any wonder veteran officers are jumping ship just like they did with Parks.

  18. Dick Platkin says:

    By Dick Platkin on October 24, 2011 5:33 PM
    The CNC’s and other community groups in LA have the knowledge to explain to Occupy Los Angeles, the following:
    - By utilizing fees instead of progressive taxes (utility rates, garbage collection, traffic and parking fines), the Mayor and Council are increasing inequality.
    - By offering flat-out grants, subsidized loans, bond issues, fee waivers, and zoning and CEQA relief to large real estate projects, the Mayor and Council are increasing inequality.
    - By laying off public employees, reducing their compensation, and nickle and diming retirees, the Mayor and Council and are increasing inequality.
    While it is unfortunate that OLA has learned little about what really goes on at City Hall, the ball is in the court of those who know, to share their knowledge.

  19. Wayne from Encino says:

    I visited the OLA and yes the lawn around the City Hall Bldg is DYING. Fiting, however, as having a single family home is DYING too! The old timers in L.A. (with home equity and low prop taxes) will simply MOVE OUT, AND RENT THEIR HOMES TO 5=10 ILLEGALS FOR AROUND $2,000 A MONTH RENT AND MOVE TO ANOTHER TOWN! A net of $10,000 to $18,000 a year PROFIT annual rent on your L.A. City SHITHOUSE is a nice yearly dividend to wait out the 2nd GREAT DEPRESSION. Then, God willing in 5=10 years, SELL SELL SELL and grab the EQUITY out. Meanwhile, those STUCK living here WILL SEE MORE AND MORE HOMES PACKED WITH SCUM. I’ve seen this in West Hills, Reseda, Canoga Park, Panorama City, parts of Northridge and Chatsworth, now a few pockets of Encino and Sherman Oaks, and Valley Village. This is the future of L.A. City UNLESS a damn miracle happens and some non-payed off scum get voted out for REAL REPRESENTATIVES FROM REAL HOUSEHOLDS IN THE CITY. But I’d like again to thank Brad Smith (CD12), Rudy Martinez (CD14), and David Vahedi (CD5) as some real heroes who STOOD UP AND TRIED TO WIN OFFICE OVER THE MACHINE, but found out like WALTER MOORE that voters here are beaten down, apathetic, and just plain too dumb to vote RESPONSIBLY.

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