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The NFL Calls the Plays for AEG’s Fumbled Downtown Stadium Deal

Of all the strange plot twists, audacious power plays, ever-changing story line, the strangest one of all is to see the National Football League taking charge of deciding the who, what, where and when of bringing pro football back to Southern California.

Here is a business enterprise that has twice robbed other cities to put teams in L.A., approved deals for them to move from the Coliseum to Anaheim and even to Irwindale, and then twice pulled the plug. 
And now Commissioner Roger Goodall and his greedy owners want to decide where a new stadium will be built, what he looks like, whether there’s one team or two, who will own them, how much somebody will have to pay the NFL for the privilege of bringing football back into the second largest market so newly-recruited fans can pay $200 to $300 a ticket to see what they now see for free on their giant flat screen in the comfort of their home.
No other sense can be made of AEG’s sudden abandonment of its roofed stadium/events center — the core idea it sold the city to justify tearing down half the Convention Center and adding to the $45 million in annual interest on its existing debt — except that the NFL made it clear that it would cost twice the $1.1 billion estimated cost.
The latest design — perfectly described by LA Weekly’s Dennis Romero as looking like a Maxi-Pad — isn’t meant to be taken seriously. Its cost would still be prohibitive and it would take a day to put it up and take it down, a problem for the month-long Auto Show that would be facing football games on its busiest day for visitors.
It was slapped together to break the news that the rebuilt Convention Center will actually be smaller than what exists now — unless you count luxury suites as exhibition space.
AEG, for all its willingness to buy city and state officials, is feeling heat right now — and there is almost no chance that a team will be playing at the Coliseum or Rose Bowl next season unless Ed Roski’s Majestic Realty prevails with a shovel-ready stadium in the City of Industry.
That’s the difference at its basic level: Roski can start construction as soon as the NFL gives the green light to one of the teams that have been negotiating with both sides in this game.
AEG in contrast has yet to show design one for the new Convention Center and only has a table napkin drawing of winged insult to the aesthetics of architecture to show for more than a year’s worth of work and millions of dollars in wasted spending. 
We know now that it is going to be impossible for AEG to produce an environmental impact report as promised by January since it would have to actually be the detailed design and show what the impact would be on the city to withstand legal challenge.
AEG showed just how corrupt Sacramento is by getting the legislature and the governor to agree to  undermine the state’s environmental laws but it’s harder but not impossible to give money and free 50-yard line tickets to judges.  
Even if AEG pulls off everything just as planned — something it hasn’t done even once in the last year — it won’t have a team at least until 2013 because the Chargers aren’t saying adios to San Diego, the Jaguars to Jacksonville or the Bills to Buffalo without the assurance of a new and more lucrative home.
Roski can offer that; Tim Leiweke can’t — unless the NFL decides there is more money to feed its greed in downtown.
Greedy bastards like the NFL and its owners are looking at history and they are seeing the Rams and Raiders deciding downtown at the Coliseum wasn’t as good as going to Anaheim and Irwindale and eventually to St. Louis and back to little old Oakland. (The death of Al Davis making the return of the Raiders a near certainty).. 
That might suggest that downtown isn’t the right place to try for a football revival since it failed twice already. 
That’s why AEG came up with its plan for a spectacular domed, now winged stadium — for no purpose other than to create a visual image on a TV screen no matter how pathetic it made our city look.
If L.A. had any self-respect, it would have told the NFL at the outset to show us the money: How much are they going to pay us for the right to call a team the Los Angeles whatevers. Instead what we’ve got is a deal that is whatever the NFL wants it to be and guys like Leiweke and his boss Phil Anschutz who don’t give a damn about anything except adding to their wealth.
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17 Responses to The NFL Calls the Plays for AEG’s Fumbled Downtown Stadium Deal

  1. MissAnthrope says:

    A pox all their houses!
    I’m for just about anything that will keep the NFL, Leiweke, Anshulz, AEG and a football stadium out of L.A.
    We’ve got the Dodgers; who needs anything more?

  2. MissAnthrope says:

    A pox all their houses!
    I’m for just about anything that will keep the NFL, Leiweke, Anshulz, AEG and a football stadium out of L.A.
    We’ve got the Dodgers; who needs anything more?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree.
    There was once a time when business people
    succeeded because they were honest, not crooked.
    In dealing with the city now, it is easy, you can make millions with crooked politicians. so that is what is happening, of course.

  4. Oh Naivete, Ron is thy name says:

    Who’d think that Ron would be so naive to believe justices cannot be bought just because you can’t give them tickets on the 50 yard line.
    Here’s how the entire California judiciary has become a corrupt morass of tuckus lickers. [Que te gangas a ver, si tu no puedes lamber?]
    With 26 years of corrupt GOP governnors appointing judges, the judiciary is stacked with henchmen for the 1%. Judges get nice salaries (ca $175,000) and they retire early, but then they have an extra-judicial retirement plan. On top of al their pensions, they get about $700 per HOUR to conduct arbitrations and mediations. Yes, that is per HOUR!!!
    All these talking heads, who bitch about working stiffs getting pensions, never speak about the $700 per HOUR that judges make in addition to their pensions. There is a catch however. In order to be hired as a “private judge” after they retire, the justices have made anti-business decision while on the bench.
    Why does big business pay these crooks so much? In 1992 California Supreme Court said that any decision made by one of these ex-judges must be enforced even when it is (1) wrong on its face and (2) works a substantial injustice on the losing party. Moncharsh v. Heily & Blase (1992) 3 Cal.4th 1 Of course, the Supreme Court Justies who wrote this opinion then retired to conduct private arbitrations.
    Thus, the main concern for 80% of LA’s judges is “how will this case personally affect my income?” Any justice who rules against the AEG EIR for the Stadium will be giving up $700 per HOUR for years to come. That is $244,000 extra income per year for working only 2 days a week for only 40 wks per year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    AS much as I love football and would have liked to see a team in LA, I’m praying like thousands of other Angelenos they give the team to Roski and City of INdustry where it belongs. Then the corrupt politicans like Jan Perry, Garcetti and the other morons who pushed this corrupt deal will have NOTHING but shame on themselves

  6. Anonymous says:

    If the FBI wants to truly investigate public corruption, it should start over at the Los Angeles County Courthouse. While most of the judges are hard working and honest, there are some bad apples who appear to be throwing cases for wealthy financial interests.

  7. City as a whole says:

    One way or another, if the NFL wants to play football in Los Angeles they will do that. But LA may not be the best of markets for the NFL. And the City must reconstruct what the NFL undid per Ron’s report and how it reflects a change to the Convention Center, the ball is now back in the Chambers of LA City Council, I believe on the significant changes made by the NFL. Now is the time to vote on this, not before all parties chimed in. Any Mayorial Candidate can see, the over-all interest must be conducive to the vision of the City as a whole. (Simular to when addressing city council in chambers, always as a whole, therefore, we should make decisions as a whole, based on these new facts) thanks Ron !!

  8. Time for Drastic Changes says:

    Wow!!! From judges to politicians, it seems that corruption is a virus made legal based on who bought the special favors that dictated various rulings, contracts, etc. This corruption spans both sides–liberals and conservatives. Each side cries foul if they don’t get their perk met.
    Really, one way out is to abolish campaign financing completely. Use the existing matching funds to finance debates and let the people decide from there.
    It may not be the only answer, but it’s a good start and something’s gotta give lest we continue to watch the demise of our cities, states and nation.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey 6:26,
    Really, are you that stupid? Abolish campaign financing and the special interests ( developers, unions, consultants/lobbyists ) dominate the election process.
    This is the only chance for someone without tremendous financial backing to win in the City of Los Angeles.

  10. Costs and Convention Center says:

    after all the meddling, in LA and SAC and it’s ok if you are trying to lay the foundation of bringing a team to L.A. and in doing so, made sacrifices to environmental concerns and, now as it seems, the NFL has added, subtracted, certain things that add to cost and moreover, to the Convention Centers; key to approval, at least it was before the NFL chimed in.

  11. Wayne from Encino says:

    AEG has a HUGE problem for it’s image that the NFL knows and you soon will: DID AEG “KILL” MICHAEL JACKSON?!!!! I heard that Dr. Murray was hired BY AEG FOR JACKO. The Civil Suit vs. AEG will show how AEG pressured Jacko to do all his future tour dates or PAY A FINE TO THEM, all the while HIRING A DRUG DOCTOR TO KEEP HIM “UP.”
    The NFL will never give AEG a team or a stadium deal after this all comes out. That’s why AEG wanted the stadium deal inked BEFORE CONRAD MURRAY’S TRIAL ENDED! It’s unclear how much $$$$ Jacko’s Estate will get from this. The DA only charged “involuntary manslaughter. Why? Because AEG can’t collect it’s INSURANCE MONEY if the Doctor INTENTIONALLY KILLED Jacko, but can collect IF IT WAS BY AN ACT OF NEGLIGENCE.
    The NFL NEEDS AEG LIKE A LABOR STRIKE! Also, the NFL sees L.A’s POLITICAL SITUATION as too CORRUPT to deal with on a long term basis.
    Glad to see Staples all DARK due to the NBA strike, it couldn’t happen to a bigger TURKEY.

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Oh, what a tangfled web we weave,
    when first we practive to deceIve.”
    Sir Walter Scott

  13. Anonymous says:

    On the Front Page this am (LA Daily News) the
    big story is that over all the country, all the
    protests ( I call them
    Tea Parties just like in Boston Harbor 2245 years ago) cost $13 million dollars so far. Duh. That amounts to table scraps when
    one remembers AEG, CRA, Broad, etc..
    I wish we all could express our disgust and

  14. Anonymous says:

    On the Front Page this am (LA Daily News) the
    big story is that over all the country, all the
    protests ( I call them
    Tea Parties just like in Boston Harbor 245 years ago) cost $13 million dollars so far. Duh. That amounts to table scraps when
    one remembers AEG, CRA, Broad, etc..
    I wish we all could express our disgust and

  15. Anonymous says:

    AEG has as big a pr crisis as Kim Kardashian. Does she really think the American public is dumb enough to believe she actually cared enough to donate time down at Skid Row yesterday with the Gangster Mayor and idiot Police Chief? AEG for the first time held a turkey dinner at LA Live. All for show and pr spin. Don’t be fooled by these crooks.

  16. Cray says:

    Roski’s plan is a joke and not shovel ready. That plan requires that the team moving there finance the stadium themselves….. Good luck.

  17. K.C. Armstrong says:

    Anonymous on November 22, 2011 7:24 AM,
    Oh yeah, people back in the good old days, were great, honest, and treated people with respect. Let me see, how was Rome Built? Pyramid’s? What about our great country? On the backs of the working class poor….Hmmm–think you need to know somethings never change, just the day and time.
    And Wayne, please, AEG didn’t kill MJ. It came out in the trial AEG didn’t want that Doctor, as they wanted to use their own. MJ wanted Murray.
    And AEG had MJ set up to be out of personal/business debt after all those shows.
    At least know your stuff–

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