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Beutner Thumbs His Nose at Stench from City Hall

Smart, experienced, rich but self-effacing and very humorous — poor Austin Beutner still can’t get no respect from the MSM, the MainStreamMedia. 
His speech Thursday launching Town Hall L.A.’s program for mayoral candidates outlined how he would get “Los Angeles back to work” — trade, education/technology, tourism, manufacturing, transportation and small business — six ideas that earned him no more than a short story at the bottom of page three of the second section of the LA Times, a sarcastic put people “to sleep” angle in the LA Weekly and a predictable “talks jobs” headline at LA Observed. (Read the test here, listen to the whole speech here austin-1.mp3   Austin-2.mp3   austin-3.mp3)
The MSM disses Beutner, a $1-a-year jobs czar and deputy mayor brought in by Villaraigosa when his stock hit bottom, as lacking in charisma as if any of the other candidates were any more exciting, as if we aren’t all disappointed and angry over what happened to the city and our neighbohoods and our economy because we let Antonio sweep us off our feet and take us partying seven years ago.
Beutner dealt with the charisma question at the start of his 45-minute speech by saying how happy he was to see the Golden Globes honor “The Artist,” a silent film.
“I’m often not the loudest in the room so it’s encouraging for a guy like me,” he quipped to laughter from the audience. 
“But more importantly in the context of Los Angeles, it stands in stark contrast to a city where we hear a lot, we hear about the problems but we don’t see them getting fixed. We hear about failing schools, broken streets, budget deficits, and people out of work. It’s time we started hearing about solutions. It’s time for our government to start solving these problems.”
Beutner offered a lot examples of how to fix a lot of the problems and others showing how lack of leadership at City Hall, lack of urgency, lack of imagination, lack of respect for the public, lack of a commitment to public service have left the city far behind others and chased away the middle class.
In his speech and afterwards fielding questions from the audience and at a press conference, he ducked questions about a lot of specifics on how he would deal with some of the thorniest and most controversial issues like reducing the cost of city pensions and eliminating the budget deficit.
The election is still 14 months away and the City Hall insider candidates revered so highly in the MSM — Garcetti, Greuel and Perry — have had years in office to deal with those issue and failed miserably.
Personally, I’ve got an open mind about Beutner as mayor just as I do my friend talk show host Kevin James, who also is dissed by the MSM as if it is unthinkable that an outsider could win the election against the political hacks.
I didn’t believe it. In the summer of  2008 when Controller Laura Chick thought it impossible to beat Villaraigosa but he wound up getting only 54 percent of the vote nine months later against Walter Moore and Zuma Dogg
Things are changing quickly and these are volatile times that demand real leaders and a citizenry that pays attention and insists on a government that works and works for them. 
Getting Los Angeles back to work starts with getting City Hall back to work and anyone who thinks any of the insiders can do that is clearly uninformed or part of the 1 percent who is reaping the benefits of a weak and failing political machine.  
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9 Responses to Beutner Thumbs His Nose at Stench from City Hall

  1. dave says:

    Just because he’s not an elected doesn’t mean an outsider, Ron.
    Beutner is part of the downtown corporate welfare establishment. His involvement in that sickening Gensler deal and installing a puppet yes-man to head the planning dept says it all.
    Anyone who thinks Austin Beutner is a reformer needs to lay off the crack pipe.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t beutner a deputy mayor or something ? Come on he is totally inside the city hall.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Always thought Beutner was recruited to be with the Mayor’s inside-confidential-advisory-team because it was the Mayor who was on crack.
    Beutner was there to give an aura of clear-thinking stability to a very mucked-up Mayor.

  4. Why Should a Duck be Mayor? says:

    If this guy, who was deputy mayor, Ducks the vital issues now, I say, “No Ducks for Mayor. We’ve had enough Turkeys already.”
    The budget: That is a no brainer. Make certain the CRA stays dead. If he cannot say that at this time, then he’s either a fool or a crook.

    As for Jill Stewart—On KABC I asked her on the air to discuss this 10 year ratehike proposal—SHE DUCKED THE QUESTION AND WOULDN’T ADMIT IT EXISTED AS A COUNCIL PROPOSAL FOR JANUARY THIS MONTH!!! Bootner (that’s Beutner’s real name because he got BOOTED out on his ass at City Hall) made his $$$$ being in the 1% and he’ll make sure everyone keeps getting less while he pads his pocketbook for his kids future.
    As for Kevin James: He should run for City Attorney, he’d WIN and he’d be the right kind of attitude over there vs. the Gaga-Dumbtanich we see currently. For mayor–that seat has been SOLD to GARSLUTTI so he can keep those buildings going up in Hollywood.
    Watch your DWP BILLS–Water just got a huge hike this Jan 2012 and another ratehike is set for March, June, and October. Power rates will then get the uptick UNLESS KFI jumps all over this and gets hundreds of pissed off rate payers into these meetings. They seem to be the only newssource remaining in the City on a major scale.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Didn`t hear him blast City Hall while he was de facto Mayor. Enough of charlatans and hypocrites. Beutner, Wendy are supported by Antonio`s consiglieri, covering their bets……

  7. anonymous says:

    ‘Can’t speak to Beutner’s ability to help LA ’cause I have no idea. I wouldn’t hold his short stay with the mayor against him. People have come and gone with this mayor and it would be inappropriate to publicly bad mouth him for that reason alone (as tempting as it would be). I realize many will disagree; but such bad mouthing post employment is viewed a tasteless, classless and grandstanding. Their departure (unless asked to leave) usually speaks for itself.
    On the charisma front: Come on folks, is that what matters? The present mayor had (has?) charisma. So did (does?) Obama. If it’s theatrics you want, go to the theater and, please, don’t go to a polling booth.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I like this idea of Austin’s “”"he suggested was a cut in pay to City Council members and other city officials – council members are paid more than $178,000 while citywide officials make more than that – an end to cars for staff members and other cuts. “”"

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was beginning to like what I was reading about this guy but then it read this and thought he’s just like the rest of the corrupt politicians we already have. Austin Beutner is a supporter of Farmer’s Field. He wants to get it built. That just lost a lot of our votes for him.

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