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Google Gobbledygook: Living in a Fishbowl and Knowing the Price of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance

Search the Internet for Google Privacy Policy and you will get 980,000,000 million hits in 0.11 seconds, roughly one billion in one-tenth of a second — the number will balloon faster than Google revenue in the coming month as the rebellion of the web giant’s new “privacy policy” builds.

The King of Internet Imperialism got hit on Gizmodo with the headline “Google’s Broken Promise: The End of ‘Don’t Be Evil,” and was the hottest topic Wednesday on radio talk, news reports, blogs and the MSM mainstream media. 


this means for you is that data from the things you search for, the emails you
send, the places you look up on Google Maps, the videos you watch in YouTube,
the discussions you have on Google+ will all be collected in one place,” according to Gizmodo which boasts 346,707 Facebook users “like this.” 

seems like it will particularly affect Android users, whose real-time location
(if they are Latitude users), Google Wallet data and much more will be up for
grabs. And if you have signed up for Google+, odds are the company even knows
your real name… 

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“So why are we calling this evil? Because Google changed the
rules that it defined itself. Google built its reputation, and its
multi-billion dollar business, on the promise of its “don’t be evil”
philosophy. That’s been largely interpreted as meaning that Google will always
put its users first, an interpretation that Google has cultivated and
encouraged. Google has built a very lucrative company on the reputation of user
respect. It has made billions of dollars in that effort to get us all under its
feel-good tent. And now it’s pulling the stakes out, collapsing it. It gives
you a few weeks to pull your data out, using its data-liberation service, but
if you want to use Google services, you have to agree to these rules.”

From the sound of that and the uproar in so many circles you would expect an assault on Google that would even far greater intensity than the public reaction that stopped Netflix in its goofball idea of splitting its services of mailing discs and streaming video online into different businesses to jack up revenue or Bank of America’s despicable effort to charge five bucks a month to use your debit card to spend your own money.

But the Google farce is a totally different story over at the most of the MSM where’s Kashmir Hill for instance scoffs at the “Internet Freak-out over Google’s New Private Policy” and asserts it’s “actually it’s not” a policy shift at all but merely a consolidation of its more than 70 privacy policies into one to better mine all the data we give them from all the platforms we use of Google’s to enhance our Internet experience.

“When Google starts bundling everything it knows about
its users and selling that to insurance companies, background check companies,
and the Department of Homeland Security, that’s when I’ll trot out the “evil
label,” she writes. “But using information from Gmail to suggest more appropriate YouTube
videos or reminding an Android smartphone user that they have a Google calendar
appointment in a half hour on the other side of town doesn’t strike me as the
work of Lucifer.”

All this over a blog post from emanating from uber-billionaires Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s company saying, “ur new Privacy Policy makes clear that, if
you’re signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service
with information from other services. In short, we’ll treat you as a single
user across all our products, which will mean a simpler, more intuitive Google

In this case, both sides of the discussion are probably right. 

Google isn’t the most spectacular success in human history for an oddball idea of two strange guys; it’s a giant corporation. It pleases shareholders, and makes its executives fabulously rich. It much grow and grow and grow until it rules the world so it has to do what successful businesses do: It has to please you and me the customer by using everything it knows about us to provide the produce we want — or what it’s algorithms say we want.

And over time, there will be situations where in the need for increased revenue it sells us out to the highest bidder without having to ask our permission for how our the information in our email, our contacts, our phones, our Youtube and Picasa accounts and everything that can be extrapolated about us is used — because they announced their consolidated one-stop invasion of our privacy.

It’s the same with President Obama and Congress enacting the National Defense Authorization Act allowing for the indefinite detention without charge of American citizens as if if they were the enemy combatants locked up at Guantanamo for the last 10 years.

Wake up, all you people out there. You live in a fishbowl. There is no privacy. There are no privacy rights. Read the Constitution, privacy isn’t mentioned because it was not a question before and exists as nothing but a fragile and vague common law protection.

Everything you do can online, on your cell phone, on cameras captured on every corner and every shop can be stored and retrieved for next to nothing.

“It is now,
for example, possible to store everything that someone says on a telephone for
a year for about 17 cents,” the Brookings Institution’s John Villasenor told NPR’s Rachel Martin on Weekend Edition Sunday .”So, as these storage costs plummet, it all of the
sudden becomes possible to actually archive it all. And that’s what’s changing.
We’re crossing these thresholds now and in the coming couple of years.”

Dictatorial nation’s like Syria can store everything about everyone in the country for a year for the deflated cost of a house on the San Fernando Valley. 

Local police agencies are installing powerful computers with access to top secret databases in every cop car which soon will be equipped fingerprinting scanners and with video cameras pointing in all directions and the ability to conduct surveillance on anyone from afar by watching the ubiquitous spy-cams everywhere.

HD cameras on police planes and helicopters has take crystal clear pictures of you from 1,000 feet and detect a warm gun in the trunk of your car.

If you got a bank account or credit cards, a cell phone or use the interest, a driver’s license or pay taxes — they can know anything and everything about you if they want to or soon will be able to — unless you are an illegal immigrant who doesn’t exist anywhere in the system. No identity. No photo. No fingerprint, Nothing.

Personally, I’ve lived without fear about the totalitarian controls on us since 1965 when the head of the police intelligence unit in Cleveland where I got my start as a police reporter told me I’d been under surveillance for months and showed me photos the FBI had given him of a violent anti-war protester who looked like me.

They had finally determined it wasn’t me. When I asked if he had photos of the civil rights marches I participated in as a college students a couple of years earlier, he pulled out the photos of this bearded youth with a placard saying, “Stop the Violence.” 

“That is you,” he said, with a laugh. “Big Brother is watching.” 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Ron. Out of curiosity I searched my own name. Some how, there are a lot of people with my name, but I found me as well!!! Big brother is right.

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