The Resurrection of Antonio Villaraigosa

The stench of City Hall’s corruption grows fouler by the day even as the mayor who has contributed so greatly to it becomes an ever more visible and important national political figure. It’s enough to give you a laugh – or a cry.

One day, it’s revelations about bribery in Building and Safety or the reckless spending of federal job creation funds for a million-dollar yacht to cruise the harbor. The next day it’s the outrageous salaries paid to DWP workers because of sweetheart contracts or the utter contempt shown voters across the city by the puppet commission drawing new Council district lines.

The ship of the city is springing leaks all over the place, yet the man at the top is on a roll.

Ever since August, when he raised more than $120,000 from the usual sources to pay fines and lawyers’ fees to end the yearlong beating he took over Ticket-gate, Antonio Villaraigosa has resurrected his political career to the point that he now talks about having “no plan” to run for higher office but hasn’t “ruled out” staying in politics after he leaves the mayor’s office in June 2013.

Perhaps Senator Villaraigosa or Governor Villaraigosa resonates for him, at least Secretary of Transportation for a re-elected President Obama.

At this point, it looks like we’ll have Antonio Villaraigosa to kick around a good while longer.

Go back to his speech in August to the Sacramento Press Club when he called for major reform of Proposition 13, saying it’s nothing but a “corporate tax giveaway … at the expense of homeowners” and taunted Gov. Jerry Brown by urging him to be “bold” and show “courage” by doing the right thing.

It was the start of the resurrection of Antonio as an elder statesman, a gutsy political visionary teaching a class in leadership at USC, the head of the National Conference of Mayors advocating on national television for cities and massive federal funding for transportation, and now chairman of the Democratic National Convention.

“I will be reaching out to Latino voters,” Villaraigosa told reporters in a conference call after announcement of his selection.

Who would have guessed that had something to do with it?

You got to give the man credit.

He savaged the public with soaring rates and charges on everything the city does and mortgaged the city’s future by cooking the books.

He has ignored how poverty and unemployment among Latinos and everybody else have gotten worse under his leadership and come up with one slogan after another to mask his well-documented failure: “Greenest city in America…Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…Football is back…”

He has chummed and partied with the rich and glamorous and become the smiley face of politics for the masses and he’s getting away with it.

It is politics as performance art without substance.

11 thoughts on “The Resurrection of Antonio Villaraigosa”

  1. Don’t forget his bragging about his greatest accomplishment: I kept L.A. from going bankrupt! (That is until the next mayor takes over; he gets to do that to clean up the mess I left in my wake. Wink. Wink.)

    Aaaarg! Barf! Gage me with a spoon!

  2. how can anyone who lives in LA vote for Obama after this …Mayor. do-nothing is a rising star in the democratic party…..sick to my stomach on account of this

  3. Chief Charlie DOUCHE-BECK; Camen “the Douche” DoucheTanich; Dennis Re-Zine;
    Eric GARSLUTTI—What do they mean?
    My neighbor across the street just listed his house for a full $120,000 UNDER the broker’s recommended asking price! My other neighbor went with me to a local bank and BROKE OUT IN TEARS when he learned his loan request came in TOO LOW TO KEEP HIS HOUSE AND LEASE IT OUT—he’ll have to SELL FIRST TO DO WHAT?
    TO LEAVE CALIFORNIA!!!! (He was going to “SHOW ME” how “easy” it was to get a $500,000 equity loan!) Wish I was wrong!
    It’s already happening—the biggest EXODUS SINCE THE JEWS LEAVING EGYPT!
    You’re property owners WITH EQUITY are going to SELL SELL SELL just to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.
    Too many liberals, too many Douchebags making the rules here, too many teachers molesting kids, and too damn much traffic too.
    Anyone still remaing will do so by FORCE—no one will stay by choice.
    The screaming will begin in earnest come August when the first DWP bills come in the mail with the 3 sets of ratehikes already approved.
    That’s your Antonio Villaraigosa “story” to tell the nation!

  4. I think the first thing we need to do is to stop dealing in group speak even though I thoroughly agree with the sentiment expressed here. How do we make Antonio not popular among latinos? A big task to be sure. Has his influence with that group diminished while he has been mayor? If not why wouldnt the deems turn to a perceived leader of that community when they are the fastest growing voting group in an election that promises to be close? We need to figure out how to direct the anger and frustration we feel into action that will make a difference rather than just give us deeper furrows on our faces

    1. If Los Mexicanos, la gente bonita, knew that Tony V’s destruction of the Prop 13 would devastate their desire to own a home and retire in peace, they might not think he’s so great.

      Why do they think he’s so great? It’s not as if he’s the only politico of Mexican descent — assuming some type of ethnic pride is involved or even assuming that they are more pro Tony V than other Angelenos.

      For Angos know, the Angelenos of Mexican descent may recognize him for the Vendido that he is.

  5. He was selected to be high-profile color for the convention. That’s about all.

    If he were to actually be hired by OBama in something important, he wouldn’t be able to bullshit those folks for more than a year.

  6. Antonio Villaraigosa is an ignorant pig. He didn’t want to take over the schools to give better educational opportunities to young Latinos because he knows that an educated electorate would not elect him. He tried to take over the schools to get control over contracting opportunities for his corrupt union/developer political machine. The few schools he did take over are in revolt over the mismanagement by the Mayor’s idiot administrators.

    The political machine is killing Los Angeles and it indeed is driving a growing mass of middle class folks to move away from the City and the State.

    Tony Villar – The Failure Mayor.

    1. Facts are important and the facts support you. L.A. is stagnant, and Hollywood, where Villar and Garcetti have been very active with their Manhattanizations scam, is experiencing a dramatic exodus. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it and the disaster which is befalling Hollywood, just as former Director of Planning Gail Goldberg predicted in 2006, is ther esult of the same corrupt and incompetent conduct which caused the Pruitt-Igoe disaster in St. Louis in the 1950’s.

      You have to copy and paste link.

  7. S.Zwartz, you are so wrong to give credibility to the biggest con artist disguised as a planner, Gail Goldberg. This ignorant wretch set in motion all the follies and planning disasters that beset LA today. The bigest was promoting an even bigger con artist than her, Michael Logrande to Chief Zoning Administrator, a job he knew nothing about, which, however, fooled everyone to move him to Director of Planning. She had already handed the keys to the developers and her successor unlocked it for them. If you have any interest in City Hall politics, let me assure you that the current administration under Villaragoisa and his pandering Planning Commissioner, Bill Roschen and of course the planning valet, Logrande have ruined & will continue to disintegrate this city as we know.

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