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Antonio Villaraigosa Uncritically Observed by the NY Times

NY Times’ LA Bureau Chief Adam Nagourney uncritically reviewed the record of Antonio Villaraigosa and uncritically interviewed him for a story today headlined “Los Angeles Mayor Sets Sights on a Bigger Stage.”

Here’s the only quotes from the mayor:

“I’ll acknowledge there have been big challenges over the years,” Mr. Villaraigosa said in an hourlong interview in his office at City Hall one recent morning, putting at the top of that list his failed marriage and the economic downturn that pounded the city. “But I was persistent and dogged in what I tried to do.”

“You hear the same criticism of the president,” he said. “I think that happens if you run a campaign of hope and promise.”

For perspective on the mayor, Nagourney turns to labor boss Maria Elena Durazo and academics Raphael Sonenshine and Peter Dreier — all three uncritical Antonio supporters.

Durazo: “The ideas that he’s pushing forward, he’s really been focused on them. Maybe he learned some stuff from the first few years.”

Sonenshine:  ”He’s really made a comeback that will pay off in a statewide race. He has politically recovered in a lot of ways … You have to respect his political skills.. But I think his political skills are such that they sometimes cause less recognition for his substantive skills than is fair.”

Dreier: “People miss a lot of Antonio’s accomplishments and also overestimate the ability of the mayor to fix the problems in his midst. He’s been governing at a time when it’s almost impossible to be a successful mayor. But he’s been as successful as one can hope for.”

It is good to see the NY Times shares my disdain for the pretense of objectivity. For a different perspective go back a week to my post “The Resurrection of Antonio Villaraigosa.”

It begins: “The stench of City Hall’s corruption grows fouler by the day even as the mayor who has contributed so greatly to it becomes an ever more visible and important national political figure. It’s enough to give you a laugh – or a cry.”

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9 Responses to Antonio Villaraigosa Uncritically Observed by the NY Times

  1. G. Shepherd says:


    Durazo: “The ideas that he’s pushing forward, he’s really been focused on them…”

    He’s really focused on them??? Yeah, like a three-year-old. For about two minutes until he floats off to his next big, bright idea.

    We dogs focus on gnawing on a bone longer than Antionio focuses on anything that might come close to being of benefit to the city and its residents.

    He has three foci: Chasing reporters in skirts, chasing his next political office and chasing freebees.

    I’d be happier if he chased cars and snap at their tires. At least we dogs accomplish something when we do that; eventually the car goes away.

    Bruno’s Pal, G.

    • Lolita says:

      As Mayor of a city, especially the City of L.A. and especially now with Asia in the mix of business, under certain guidelines and directions of his authorties-and to have the Mayor out of the Country while investigations are on going is good as this will ultimately lead to getting out the “appointments” that are not conducive to equality to so many of it’s citizens. The citizens are wonderful. But did you know, according to a Case Manager at the Los Angeles Veterans Affairs, they informed me there are over 800,000 Homeless in Los Angeles. In fact, more people are homeless than voted for Mayor and ALL City Council Districts, perhaps going back for years! In contrast, we see an image minded Mayor. From the outside it looks wonderful, the dress is vantastic. Yet when a man says, I am proud of L.A. that includeds the Homeless and, we cannot be proud of the numbers.

  2. Teddy says:

    New York is a long way from L.A..

    Thanks New York Times for nothing.

  3. ex-valley says:

    NYTimes cannot miss this opportunity to praise a libtard like Villar. Plus he’s not white, even better. A progressive minority demo. Whoa!!! Forget about the high unemployment rate in LA (what is the real rate ? Something like 20-25%?). Forget about the low quality of life (over-priced real estate, traffic, high density, poor performing schools, trash on the streets (do you people pick up after yourself or just through trash on the ground? No dependable and clean public transportation, etc etc etc). Tax payers are leaving the city in droves and ny times is talking about Villar and his big ideas. Yes let’s prop Villar since he suits the current administration focus on getting minorities and white-guilt liberals to re-elect Obama.

  4. LK says:

    Perhaps NY is looking for a new mayor. We’ve got one you can have.

  5. gkh says:

    THE FAILURE MAYOR is and always will be a failure. What a disaster he will left behind for the next mayor.

  6. Ricardo says:

    The City is in a financial crisis, the FEDS are investigating City Hall for corruption in Housing Authority, LA has worse air, traffic, schools, airport, unemployment, homeless population and this clown thinks he should continue being at photo ops.
    MAyor Villaraigosa and Huizar attended the grand opening of Lucky Brand store in downtown LA. Are you Freakin Kidding me? This is the person Obama thinks will get him the Latino vote? I know more Latinos jumping ship just because of this appointment to his campaign.

  7. The Mayor Who Broke LA. Wait until he presents his budget on April 20.

  8. Wayne from Encino says:

    In the last 24 hours, here’s what the Douche-Hall insiders have tried to pull:
    1/ Split Koreatown 70% in one CD and 30% in another! Despite 700 total OPPOSING statements made at the last 5 meetings or so! The Redistricting Commish met from 4pm to 12:30 am on Wed. and approved a tentative map that sells out most of L.A. and divides lots of NCs into multiple CDs. Under the plan, the Van Nuys NC gets hatcheted 3 ways.
    2/ Then at 9am on Thursday, from 9-1:30 another commish, this one the “ethics Commish” decided it was proper TO IMMEDIATELY DOUBLE THE CAMPAIGN LIMITS, INCREASE THE LAUSD LIMITS, AND THEN NOT TO BE OUTDONE: GREATLY INCREASE THE “OFFICE ACCOUNTS” LIMITS TOO! The reason given:
    INFLATION!!!! Then we learned only 4 members sit on the panel, despite 5 seats. Then we learned the best one: CARMEN DUMBTANICH WOULDN’T GIVE A WRITTEN OPINION TO THE COMMISSION ON WHETHER THE CHANGE WAS LEGAL—ONLY A VERBAL OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a broken, stinking fucking CITY OF CROOKS! Even Liberals who love the Liberals at City Hall protested these donation increases!
    Then we have Mayoral Candidate Kevin “Gaga” James—where the hell is he on these issues? Did he forget how to drive to City Hall and speak at a meeting once in a while?
    Or is it raise money-and-hide later Kevin James for Mayor 2013? If he isn’t willing or cannot publicly stand up for the People now, why is he trying to run to lead the City as Mayor? I guess getting canned at a AM radio station takes the wind out of one’s sails?
    We’ll see how John and Ken act when they return on Monday–will they be spayed and neutered and act like good little Lemmings like on KABC with their gutless lineup, or will they be the two remaining Talk hosts with any merit left?

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