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Impounding the LAPD: No License, Phony Insurance and ID, Not to Worry — This is LA, It’s All OK. To Hell with the Law

It took 25 years and hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars — from the PDID police spying scandal to the Rodney King beating to the Rampart scandal to a federal takeover –to reform the Los Angeles Police Department and restore public pride and confidence in the thin blue line.

And now as quick as you can say Charlie Beck we are seeing the LAPD badge tarnished again purely for political purposes.

The Chief knows the difference between right and wrong as he showed last week when he played the lead in a carefully orchestrated campaign to revive efforts to allow illegal immigrants to obtain California licenses by passing the same DMV tests and meeting the same DMV requirements as everyone else. That was the right way to go.

But his bosses were in a hurry so Beck took the law into his hands and pushed forward with a policy that effectively keeps cars in the hands of unlicensed drivers instead of having them impounded for 30 days when they are caught violating traffic laws.

Despite warnings from the state Legislative Counsel, the police union and District Attorney Steve Cooley that Beck’s new “Special Order”is illegal, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and his staff gave the green light, arguing with unfounded arrogance they know better. (Legislative Counsel Opinion – Unlicensed Drivers)(PPL Response-Impound)(Cooley-LAPD impound policy)(Steve Cooley on KFI talking about the impound issue)

Despite widespread warnings that “Beck’s Law” threatens the public’s safety and makes the city liable when an unlicensed driver kills somebody with a vehicle that should have been in the impound lot, the Police Commission approved the policy on Tuesday on a 4-1 vote.

Chief apologist for this action was Commission President Richard Drooyan, a man who even more than Beck knows better.

Drooyan served as a top deputy in the U.S. Attorney’s office in LA prosecuting public corruption cases so he knows all about how politicians like our mayor, reduced to using his race to resurrect his career, and overlords like union boss Maria Elena Durazo wield power amorally to get whatever serves their interests.

And he knows just how much it took to reform the LAPD since he was chief counsel to the Christopher Commission that investigated how the department, the City Attorney’s office and the DA’s office covered up police brutality mainly against minorities for decades.

Now a highly-paid lawyer with the giant firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson, Drooyan insisted the new policy was a humanitarian, compassionate and fair way to deal with the problems of illegal immigrants who can’t get driver licenses.

He accepted without question that an officer at a traffic stop will be able to determine that whatever identification he is shown other than a license is “valid” despite knowing full well that such documents are often fake.

He accepted without question that the officer will be able to determine that whatever proof of insurance the officer is shown is “valid” despite knowing full well that dozens of phony companies provide the cards for a fee without providing actual insurance.

What Drooyan couldn’t ignore was the proposal by Beck and his deputy Michel Moore that the state impound law won’t apply if the driver has no prior “misdemeanor” conviction for driving without a license.

Commissioner Alan Skobin, a lawyer and reserve sheriff’s deputy, cast the lone “no” vote, objecting to the policy in total while pinpointing the misdemeanor conviction standard as the biggest lie of all since the courts in their anxiety to quickly dispose of cases almost always reduce driving without a license to an infraction instead of a crime.

Skobin won his point and the special order was amended as he sought but what he exposed was the real intent of what they were doing — giving a “free pass” to illegal immigrants driving without a license.

Right and wrong no longer have any meaning to Charlie Beck and his bosses. They have made a conscious and deliberate decision to put concerns for the hardships suffered by illegal immigrants because of our state and nation’s failure to deal with the issue ahead of the basic obligation of government at all levels to provide for the public safety.

They call it a humanitarian act but it’s really just about serving themselves: A failed mayor with ambitions for higher office, a street cop who became Chief of Police and attained wealth beyond his wildest dreams, a City Hall that is so corrupt it tramples on all opposition in its feeding frenzy.

When the people in power have no respect for the law why would anyone think that a non-person under the law like an illegal immigrant would be law-abiding?

Why would anyone think that the poor cop on the street would put his career in jeopardy by questioning the validity of phony documents he’s shown at a traffic stop and order the care impounded for 30 days?

Don’t kid yourself about what is really happening: When the big people on top lie and cheat and steal, the little people on the bottom feel they got a license to do the same, which is why we are seeing one scandal after another involving bribery and theft at City Hall.

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13 Responses to Impounding the LAPD: No License, Phony Insurance and ID, Not to Worry — This is LA, It’s All OK. To Hell with the Law

  1. Ron: You are to be commended as you point out the truth and consequences that result form ignoring the Rule of Law. We are just moments from anarchy when the Police Chief and Mayor of the 2nd largest City in the nation advocate waiving the laws for lawbreakers.

  2. Kristin Sabo says:

    Seems like it’s every single day now that I weigh selling my home and moving away from this insane political cesspit for good.

    Thanks to the chief and our joke of a mayor for this particular pile of shite, I’m thinking about it right now.

  3. Ricardo says:

    Its known Beck is Chief because the gangster Mayor sneakingly picked him because he needed a weak man and mouse. All I read is this was changed for compassion. Everyone call the Inspector General and file a grievance against Chief Beck for not enforcing the law. 213-482-6833. Officers have had personal complaints filed by illegal immigrants. Compassion my ass…these are the illegals who threw rocks and bottles at Officers in Westlake. These are the mob mentality illegals who demand the same rights as us. Beck nor the commissioners live in the communities these illegals drive in. Why isn’t Beck showing compassion to the 1,000′s of war veterans here in LA that are homeless and unemployed? Paysinger, Moore and the rest have personnel complaints and nothing happened to them. Beck is the worse Chief and failure just like the gangster Mayor. He has tarnished the badge and an embarrassment to the troops. We should start a petition to demand he resign.

  4. Abe says:

    This is a BIG CON by all involved. On the westside of Los Angeles, the city attorney has been treating driving without a license as an infraction for months. You see, instead of sending lawbreakers to Airport Court when cited for driving without a license–the Misdemeanor cops are supposed to look for as a prior conviction–the violators are instead sent to West L.A. Traffic Court, where it’s treated as an Infraction from the get go.

    So you see, L.A. law-abiding citizens, you’ve been conned for months now. There won’t be any prior Misdemeanor convictions to look for since the violation ahs been treated as an Infraction already. In other words, illegal immigrants driving without a license has been officially endorsed and all the property damage and deaths caused by them should now be the responsibility of our city’s corrupt government officials.

  5. Teddy says:

    Yes, Lesslie is correct. two or more wrongs do not make a right.

    The pols did this, but we voters must vote to clean u p L.A

    • David Barron says:

      Here some info Teddy,

      The Police Chief is an agent of the Police commission, the city council and the mayor. Therefore, according to the Los Angeles Municipal Code, if an agent knowingly and deliberately makes a decision to violate law, the City is not required to defend the agent(s) if the agent is sued.

      David Barron

      • Ma Barker says:

        Can you give me the section citing that? Because I have already made it known that should my family be injured or killed in any accident involving an unlicensed driver that was given their vehicle back early by the LAPD, I will hold them responible!

        Just look at what happened to Mr. Dunn, the postman who died because someone driving on a suspended license smashed into the back of his van and severed both his legs! And, of course, the guy with the suspended license wasn’t even arrested!!

        I think it’s well past time that the LAWFUL citizens of Los Angeles take back our City!!

  6. jeff says:

    Next on the agenda –
    1) Police will not be able to pursue speeding cars, as that will cause more than one vehicle to speed, resulting in more traffic hazards.
    2) Police will be forbidden to respond to reports of crime, as it is self evident that the crime has already occured, resulting in wasted officer time.

    It’s back to the donut shops, no reason to drive around in circles all day.

  7. Wayne from Encino says:

    I’VE SEEN A GREAT INCREASE IN MORNING TRAFFIC ON THE 5 FREEWAY SOUTHBOUND AND THE 134 IN THE MORNING BEFORE 7AM AND AFTER 3 PM GOING EASTBOUND. I’ve also seen listings in Ventura County starting higher on the high end houses on the aski ng price. Then the biggest mystery of all Sunday—A guy spent 2.1 MILLION on a commercial building in Ventura north of Oxnard and has 10 employees working in the business there—it was on the market for the past 2 years!
    Then the final clue—I’ve seen commercial property owners with equity DROPPING their asking prices by 20-40% this month and droves more “For sale” signs on others.
    Thus—LET THE EXODUS FROM L.A. CITY OF THE LAST OF THE MIDDLE CLASS BEGIN! There’s a serious urgency (and a quiet one at that) to GET THE HELL PACKED UP AND OUT OF HERE.
    The Inglewood School district just took out a 17 million LOAN TODAY TO AVOID FILING BANKRUPTCY IN MAY THIS YEAR. Then in Stockton, CA we learned today that the City is going to request MEDIATION with BOND HOLDERS AND OTHERS and it if doesn’t work—they’re threatening to FILE BANKRUPTCY.
    These are just a few examples of a mixture of corruption, marxist policies, and do-nothing paid off election cycles and what havoc they’ll lead to.
    This Douche-Beck policy and the Douche-Tanich memorandum are nothing more than campaigning. Douche-Beck may very well run for City Council and we know Douche-Tanich is stinking his way to Cooley’s job.

    • ex-valley says:

      To get at the ruling party for this obnoxious develement when the safety of taxpayers was ignored you have two choices: to move away from LA and deprive them much needed revenue or vote against the ruling party candidates.
      Come on, people, fight for your rights.

  8. Sick of the LA devastation says:

    What do you expect from a weasel of a mayor who marches with the illegals (remember back when?). This guy has run our beautiful city into the ground. His little cronies running city hall are equally at fault. So we allow illegals to drive a car without a license. The facts are: most people without a license/insurance are apt to hit and run..
    Yet while tax payers struggle to support this slithering mayors campaign of devastation-we have to ask ourselves: we all have to pay insurance to get a registration to get a license to drive a car legally.
    Why are the rules being bent for a particular group of society????

    • Faabiola says:

      The statewide shuldcee for a violation of California Vehicle Code section 4000(a)(1) calls for a fine of $ 190, and CVC a7 16028(a) calls for a fine of $ 760. Expired registration is a correctable offense (CVC a7 40303.5) and upon producing evidence of current registration in court (CVC a7 40152) the fine can be dismissed. It is not uncommon for a no insurance fine to be lowered for much the same way. I anticipate that your compliance will have it so you only have to pay less than 40% of the $ 950. Of course, I also guess your registration and insurance costs much higher than that, but you already know those amounts. If you cannot get the fines dismissed entirely then ask the court about their payment plan.*/End of Line.

  9. Transparency says:

    Its good to communicate and many times when I read this comments I learn more. But what is needed is to get the courage of saying these truths publicly. To make time to attend council meetings or any meetings where the mayor, council member or any other corrupt politician is present and expose him over and over. You do not need to call them names, you just have to tell the truth.

    We need to make a list with the name of these politicians and their corruptions and pass this information around. Form groups of people that will step up to the task of voicing the truth.

    We all see the world in a different way, but in order to be successful we have to put all that divides us aside and be united by one goal. This cannot be a place for ego satisfaction, but for doing the best job because is the right thing to do.


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