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Antonio’s Skyscraper Vision: ‘We are going to remake what the city looks like.’

Adam Nagourney, the New York Times correspondent who doubles as a presumably unpaid P.R. promoter for City Hall, has struck again.

This time he is puffing the mayor’s Hollywood Community Plan intended to be the launching pad to turn much of LA into “skyscraper city” without regard to what residents want.

For Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa and Eric M. Garcetti, a council member who represents much of Hollywood, the Hollywood Community Plan reflects the latest attempt to move Los Angeles away from its reliance on cars, creating a concentrated urban area along a thriving subway line where people would work, live and shop — by foot, no less. It is a school of urban planning that has been tried with considerable success in many cities over the past decade, though, of course, Los Angeles is not really like many other cities.

“You love to write about this being the city of sprawl and how we are not like New York and other cities that are more vertical,” Mr. Villaraigosa said in an interview. “This is L.A.’s opportunity to match the growth of our transit system with the jobs and housing that is critical to smart growth.”

“From the beginning, I said we are going to move away from our single-passenger automobile system,” he said. “We are going to remake what the city looks like.”

There is a virtue to homers like Nagourney when they can get the mayor and his wannabe successor to admit their intention is to trash the quality of life that makes LA special even though there is no evidence whatsoever that there is a market demand for high-rise living.

Are tens of thousands of affluent people who can afford high-priced apartments high up in skyscrapers lining up to move to Hollywood so they can take the subway to work and buses to the supermarket?

Who are they kidding? This isn’t urban planning for a sustainable city. It is just the same old, same old LA real estate scam but instead of sprawling horizontally they are sprawling vertically.

What they are planning for Hollywood is also in the works for Warner Center, for Century City, Westwood and clearly with the sale of the Dodgers for $2 billion, for Chavez Ravine.

Anybody want to buy a little bungalow on the Valley floor?

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11 Responses to Antonio’s Skyscraper Vision: ‘We are going to remake what the city looks like.’

  1. MissAnthrope says:

    It might be a good idea if these “upward” thinkers filled the vacant units they’ve already built in the midst of the urban sprawl before they build any more high-rises.

    Memo to Ms. Greuel: Do an inventory on the number existing high-rise units in Hollywood, Downtown, the West Side and along the Wilshire Corridor and the number of vacancies in said buildings. Our eyes will be opened, but the “upward” thinkers will continue to be blinded by the facts. Facts. You know facts, those pesky little things that force clear thinkers to reach logical conclusions.

  2. Are LA voters angry enough to change the current administration at Los Angeles City Hall?
    LA voters in the March 2011 Elections voted for incumbents – People do not care, why?

    Why do we think LA city election on March 5, 2013 will be any different?

    I would think with the poor performance and dismal track record by the current administration, the voters would demand to change the current administration at LA City Hall.
    The performance of the current administrations borders on criminal neglect.
    In order to move forward, we must educate the voters, let them know that the current administration goals are business as usual, there will be no significant changes and the city will be heading into bankruptcy. The escalating costs of pensions and benefits will drain most of the city budget as we head into 2020. The increased taxes and fees on residents and businesses will push people and businesses to leave the city. This again will reduce revenues to the city.

    The city must initiate an austerity program. Cut salaries and benefits across the board, increase efficiency and performance. The Police Department should utilize civil service employees for clerical work, not Police Officers. The city must tighten its belt and reduce taxes and fees, streamline bureaucracy. Promote the health of existing businesses and actively go after new businesses. Any city employee who is not performing his job to standards should be put on suspension without pay or benefits and if such action has not improved the workers performance, the worker/employee should be terminated. The city must utilize its most expensive resource, its employees more efficiently, promote a good work environment and reward exceptional performance. People must realize that if they do not do their job, they will have no job and no means of support. The city must streamline management and reduce management costs. A high administrative cost is not prudent and not sustainable. LA’s employee costs are one of the highest in the country. We need a change in attitude, and that starts at the top. As they say in good leadership, “follow me”.

    The main question is, why LA voters don’t care, why they are resigned to accept failure and diminishing LA city services.

    Can we not find a leader who will motivate City Hall and initiate hard choices to bring the city to financial health?

    City elections should be held on the first Tuesday of November with all the other elections to Federal, County & State.
    It will reduce costs and increase voter turnout.
    YJ Draiman
    “The choice we face in Los Angeles and as a nation is simple: Do we want the clean energy and conservation technologies of tomorrow to be invented in America by American innovators, made by American workers and sold around the world, or do we want to concede those jobs to our competitors? asks Energy Specialist YJ Draiman. “We can and must compete for those jobs.” In Los Angeles, we have the technology, the climate, the resources and the manpower. Let us proceed with conviction.

    YJ Draiman

  3. anonymous says:

    Mr. Vahedi,
    Where are you?
    If Cardenas is elected to congress this year (G-d forbid),
    CD6 will have an election.
    Please move into CD6. We will vote for you and you will win.

  4. david r2b says:

    Mr. Draiman –
    Thank you for bringing up “when the City should be voting”. The City used to vote in November with everyone else and then like everything else, the Unions wanted more power & control, therefore vote in the following March. By then everyone is basically burned out from politics and the unions vote in ultra-mass plus some family/friends/special interests and that vote overpowers the real Citizen Votes that pay attention.

    Best most recent example: November 2008 about 75% of registered voters turned out, March 2009 (the City Ballot) about 11.5% turn out.

    Sir – good luck with your campaign!

  5. JOHN WALSH says:


  6. JOHN WALSH says:


  7. Teddy says:

    Good morning, Ron!

    I actually heard Villar announce lay-offs of city staff on the news
    this AM. Thank you, never would have happened if not for you and
    your reports to the people in LA.

  8. frank says:

    he announces layoffs then goes into hiding…..

  9. anonymous says:

    Don’t layoffs equate to more transfers to DWP (and higher rates to pay for them)?

  10. Teddy says:

    God Grief! I do remember that is what happened before. Ron,
    which shall it be? A layoff or a transfer to the money maker, DWP?

  11. Wayne from Encino says:

    I’ll tell you the saddest most eye opening story you’ve heard in a long, long time.
    Someone I saw from college (eons ago!) lost his home recently and now is working at a BURGER KING as an ass’t manager. He got a masters and Ph.d and out of school went into a $60,000 a year job with a defense contractor. The student debts are nearly paid off.
    Now his neighbor who hasn’t paid his mortgage in nearly 3 years JUST got a work out and is paying about $600 a month AND STILL KEEPS THE NEARLY 3 YEARS OF FREE RENT HE JUST GOT! His kids are all on welfare, and the guy now gets SSI.
    I said if I had it to do all over again, I would of become a State of California Prison Guard and by now I’d be retired making my 6 figure pension boondoggle.
    Thus, in 2012 NOBODY GETS REWARDED FOR HARD WORK AND AN HONEST LIVING. That will have to change very soon when the Gov’t crashes and gets out of handing out all this free crap to the freeloaders.
    You DON’T want to be trapped one day 20 floors up in DOWNTOWN L.A. when the shit REALLY HITS THE OLD FAN, DO YOU?

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