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Everywhere You Look Poor ‘Nuch’ Gets the ‘Liar’ Label

News websites can be very unfair — or more judgmental than they intentionally mean to be — as shown in how the LA Times editorial Friday benignly asking where the six District Attorney candidates stand on juvenile prosecutions with these references to recent editorials on “Chief Prosecutor” Carmen Trutanich. Just saying…

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3 Responses to Everywhere You Look Poor ‘Nuch’ Gets the ‘Liar’ Label

  1. Sierra says:

    Life isn’t always fair – The good don’t always win and sometimes “evil” prevails. This is especially true in politics.

    Despite the fact that Trutanich is dishonest and double-talking and not looking out for the working class, not looking out for the people, he may win the race for district attorney because he has the backing of business and labor (LA County Federation of Labor and IBEW). He has the money.

    And there is a crowded field of candidates without the money that Trutanich has. So the odds are in favor of Trutanich even if he Alan Jackson’s lawsuit prevails and Jackson get’s a lot of free press.

    So it looks like “business as usual” in LA County.

  2. Wayne from Encino says:

    Trutanich is a sleeeeezzzy, slippery, snake-like LIAR and FOOL. If you have kids and this Ass-Clown becomes D.A. just see how he along with Sheriff Cow-Baca open up the local jails and free thousands more aggravated felony SUSPECTS who pled down to misdemeaners. These thousands more CHILDMOLESTERS, RAPISTS, KIDNAPPERS, AND BURGLARS will be in all 78 cities near you and your kids causing the largest bounce-up in crime ever seen! L.A. City’s criminals will get 100% free pass on any felony cases with their friendly PUPPET as D.A. All 15 City Clowncilmen will be voting AND PRAYING NUCH gets in as D.A.
    The real shame of it all this: WHAT DIRT does the L.A. City Mafia have on Mr. Nuch to cause this huge sellout by him? The 2nd question is: What’s Kevin James going to do with all that campagin cash he’ll have left over in his failed mayoral run? Looks like a nice wad of cash to buy a really fast car with?

  3. Tim says:

    Poor Nuch? He earned the name ‘LIAR’ and he richly deserves it. He lies about everything, including reneging on his promise to pay $100k to LA’s Best After School Program, claiming he’s not a rich guy so he has to ‘raise’ the money. He personally owns a house in a gated community in Harbor City, a mansion in Naples that he’s renting out, a vacation home in San Diego, and a couple of Harley motorcycles, and a Mercedes Benz coupe. Poor Nuch? Gimme a break. Throw this lying SOB out of office.

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