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Is Wendy Greuel Tough Enough to Be Mayor? Are Even Laura Chick’s Shoes Too Big for Her to Fill?

The more things change, the more they stay the same — wannabe mayor Wendy Greuel released an audit Thursday on the lack of controls on fuel use for city cars that is little more than a rewrite of then Controller Laura Chick’s Jan. 22, 2009 audit —  a lot less actually, not more. (LATimes 2009 story)

Some might call it plagiarism since Greuel doesn’t mention or cite Chick’s audit three years ago. Director of Auditing Farid Saffar oversaw both audits but he did not want to talk about his work.

In addition to exposing the complete abuse of free city gas for private use, Chick also conducted a companion audit released the same day on “take-home cars.” In clear and forceful terms, her cover letters expressed how strongly she felt about the abuses of both cars and fuels:

“Of the 167 audits completed since I took office as Controller, the two I release today are the most stunning testament to how the City does business in an un-businesslike way.

These audits spotlight serious issues whi ch require immediate action. Every day, multiple conversations occur in City Hall about how to squeeze more money out of the taxpayers . . . more fees for parking meters, increased trash collection fees, higher DWP rates, a parcel tax for anti-gang programs. Before we ask for one more penny from the public, we must get our own house in order.

We are supposed to be leading and setting an example. This is not the example we want the public to follow.

That’s the complete text of Chick’s cover letter, which from what Greuel’s audit says had little or no impact on ending this particular corruption that forces us to reduce library hours, cut parks programs and takes cops and firefighters off the streets.

You would think that a woman as ambitious as Greuel would be outraged that three years after her former friend, Laura Chick, exposed this larceny, things were just as bad as before..

Not Wendy, her two-page cover letter details at the length the virtually identical findings of waste and virtually identical recommendations for fixes contained in the audits three years ago. The only rhetoric comes in the last paragraph:

The City’s controls over fuel usage is another example of how simple changes to the City’s business practices can strengthen controls to save millions of dollars. I urge the Mayor, Council and all City departments to make -the changes in my Controller’s Accountability Plan immediately, to better control the City’s fuel costs and ensure that every dollar is spent responsibly for mission-related fuel consumption and that no City funds are spent without adequate monitoring and oversight. Departments must be more vigilant and more accountable for their fuel usage. I look forward to seeing departments implementing these recommendations immediately – the City cannot afford to wait.

“Simple changes?” Urges the mayor and everyone to work to “better control” costs with “adequate monitoring and oversight” so she can “look forward” to departments being “more vigilant and accountable” and “implementing these recommendations immediately.”

No Wendy, the city has watched this abuse of free cars for all kinds of people who shouldn’t have them for years, has watched the widespread abuse of mooching gas off of taxpayers and waited three years already since Chick exposed this and this is all you have to say?

Are you running for mayor of a city whose troubles have a lot to do with your own failure  or are you running for social director so we can all talk nice to each other and pat ourselves on the back as the poor get poorer, the rich get richer and those in the middle class get the hell out of town.?

A lot of people think better of you so to coin a phrase “the city cannot afford to wait” any longer for you to to stand up courageously for what’s right and become a true leader.

While we are waiting, check out what the Police Protective League has to say about this audit and look at these lists from Chick’s 2009 audit showing how many take-home cars you are supplying to elected officials and their bloated staffs and how many to various city departments:


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10 Responses to Is Wendy Greuel Tough Enough to Be Mayor? Are Even Laura Chick’s Shoes Too Big for Her to Fill?

  1. frank says:

    Wendy, is the worse Horse in this race of hags………..

  2. The toe of Chick’s shoes would be too big for her.
    As I have said in a number of my posts about Wendy’s performance. An audit is only as effective as the timeliness of follow up. Three years is not timely for a dealing with a significant problem.

  3. Teddy says:

    One of my friends sent me the messsage “NO” in answer to the question
    if Wendy were tough enough to be Mayor.

    My anwer is “We must win back our city from this gang of hoods who have
    taken it over one seat at a time.” It is called “self-defense”.

  4. Wayne from Encino says:

    I quote from Chris Essel’s best buddy Wendy Cruel:
    “Every day, multiple conversations occur in City Hall about how to squeeze more money out of the taxpayers . . . more fees for parking meters, increased trash collection fees, higher DWP rates, a parcel tax for anti-gang programs.”
    I went to the Hall of Sanity–aka the Ronald Reagan Library today and saw no less than 500 Angelinos make the trip to see Larry Elder do a live show there.
    I have a knack for seeing the truth: THE SALES TAX AT THE REAGAN—IS 8.25%???? L.A. County is AT LEAST 8.75%. If you travel a little further in VENTURA COUNTY (aka SANITY COUNTY—where rational humans MAKE UP THE MAJORITY OF FOLKS) you’ll see the SALES TAX DIP further—to 7.75% in Ventura City. See—the TRUTH IS THIS—L.A. IS RIPPING OFF IT’S OWN PEOPLE OUT OF TOO DAMN MUCH MONEY. All the sidewalks, sidescapes, roads, and bridges in Ventura County ARE EXCELLENT—yet they do with less $$$????
    Give Mrs. Reagan a ton of credit—she REFUSED to locate the Reagan Library (and resting place for the President) IN L.A. COUNTY!
    Wendy Cruel didn’t put that in a single one of her so-called audits. She’s just another CRUEL and WORTHLESS City Hall payee.
    Don’t you just love how the City Hall Bastards get FREE gas (Jesus–not just 1/2 priced gas, but outright FREE gas) while we all get bludgeoned with $4.5–$5.0 a gallon gas! Did Ms. Cruel give the NAMES of those who STOLE THE FREE GAS TO THE D.A? Certainly NOT!
    After Trutanich’s sellout–It’s time to GIVE UP CHANGING THIS, and instead working on AN EXIT STRATEGY. I thought Nuch wanted to fight for L.A. and I thought Kevin James, Walter Moore, and the others would stay and fight. We all see how that went. But hey, I tried. All I can do now is opine and deal with this.

  5. Sierra says:

    If you look at Controllers Tutle and Chick, they performed follow up audits such as the bad CRA loans. Although the problems continued, they explicitly stated that this was a follow up audit and discussed the previous audits.

  6. MORA says:

    You know what I find extremely irritating? For the first three years of Greuel’s term as Controller, I barely heard from her. It was like she got into office, propped up her feet and went to sleep for three years. If she did something like maybe release an audit, I did not hear from her.

    Then the bitch announces she is running for Mayor and she is sending out emails 7 days a week. With exclamation points in the titles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How stupid does she think we are to see right through her using taxpayer resources to further her campaign for mayor? She declares for Mayor and starts screaming for headlines. This is not about protecting the taxpayers or she would have shown consistent advocacy throughout her term. This is cynical, put on a dog-and-pony show in order to seek higher office.

    Let’s retire this tired old hag to a pasture — she is not fit for public office. And that goes for the equally cynical Dennis Zine who wants to prop up his feet for a few years in the Controller’s Office.

  7. cynic says:

    We`ll see how tough Wendy is when Zev announces.

  8. Nor says:

    Please check your data. Not all City Departments are identified. I guess, public safety departments get a free pass. The problem has been clearly identified as the solution. When are the people going to demand respect for all their efforts; after all, it is the people that government is suppose to serve not the other way around.

  9. Is the year 2013 Los Angeles Voters must kick the bums out of City Hall

    2013 is the year Los Angeles Voters can change City Hall and kick the bums out of LA City Council, with a Mayoral election and eight of fifteen seats up for re-election. That could be an opportunity to field a slate in opposition against the incumbents and to band together behind a big issue, like land use reform. Land use is how the city can accommodate growth and even boost the economy. Fiscal responsibility, Education reform, Public transportation expansion and reduced bureaucracy, we need credible new candidates with a strong backbone to stand up to the current administration and bring about the change to improve conditions in the City of Los Angeles.
    I fill confident, that if people want change they’d just vote for it.

    After all this is supposed to be “Government by the people for the people”. Let us exercise our right as citizens and vote the bums out.

    YJ Draiman

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