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Ron Tutor: The Lawsuits, the Losses and Private Struggles of the Man Behind Miramax

Long one of LA’s biggest spending and most controversial power players, construction mogul Ron Tutor finally gets the coverage he deserves in a revealing profile by writer Daniel Miller in the Hollywood Reporter.

The story-traces Tutor’s roots as the son of Armenian immigrants and his childhood in Van Nuys to how he built one of the nation’s largest construction firms.

He donated heavily to politicians like the $200,000 he contributed to Jim Hahn’s mayoral and anti-secession campaigns and was handsomely rewarded with public works contracts.

A cocky man with a Mafia don’s manner, Tutor has wound up in numerous lawsuits, sometimes for shoddy work or in the case of the MTA over allegations of false billing claims — litigation that is still pending on appeal 17 years after it began.

Most of Miller’s story revolves around Tutor’s lavish lifestyle and his effort to buy his way into Hollywood with the $700 million purchase from Disney in late 2010 of Miramax, the spectacularly successful company built by Harvey and Bob Weinstein.

“Tutor’s dalliance with Hollywood” has proven costly, Miller reports, and led Tutor to sell off a big chunk of his stock in Tutor-Perini at declining prices, raising questions over whether he will join the long line of outsiders who tried to join the glamorous world of Hollywood and wound up losing their shirts.

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  1. Freedom4SFV says:

    So this is one of the d**** who helped keep us trapped in the City of LA. A**H***.

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