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Watch Friday’s Council Debate on Redistricting LIVE from the Activists’ Point of View — Not the Government’s

EDITOR’S NOTE; Around 10 a.m., the City Council will meet to consider the controversial plan for new districts that was developed by a puppet citizen’s commission controlled by the mayor and Council president. You can watch the staged debate on Ch. 35 or you can see what is really going on with live coverage at supplied by a citizen video-journalist who calls herself Freedom  with support from

Meet Freedom, the moniker of the live streaming video chronicler of the OccupyLA movement who with a cell phone and a battery pack has produced more than 400 videos on the protest movement from Los Angeles to Washington and New York.

She got involved at the start of the City Hall encampment six months ago and soon learned how she could be a citizen video-journalist taking viewers of a journey behind the scenes to see protests, meetings and events for themselves and meet the people involved. More than a quarter of million viewers around the world have watched her videos live.

“Don’t hate the media, become the media” is her motto.

I first connected  to her innovative and fascinating work on the night when LAPD arrested 300 occupiers and destroyed the two-month-old encampment.

She broadcast live for something live 15 hours through the chaos that ensued when the cops moved in with force, and she did it with a flair and an upbeat attitude.

While the mainstream media was secured behind police lines and frankly making up stories when they didn’t have a clue what was going on, Freedom was providing a tour of the scene on the grounds of City Hall, talking to the protesters and the police with the same good cheer and warmth.

I have asked her on behalf of my non-profit citizen journalism project to go to City Hall on Friday when the City Council debates the controversial redistricting plan engineered by the mayor and President Herb Wesson to preserve the political machine for another decade.

Channel 35 will show the Council in its carefully scripted debate and the lines of regular citizens getting a minute or two at the microphone to protest their disenfranchisement and the carving up of their communities of interest.

Freedom will provide a different view, the scene inside and outside the Council Chamber and let you feel like you are there, meeting the people and sharing their passion.

I hope you will tune in for a while to when the meeting begins around 10 a.m.

The intention is to build an Internet video channel for community activists that will reinvent public access TV. The mayor and City Council stole the millions of dollars state law intended to maintain broadcast public access for the community and used it produce what is rarely more  than government propaganda on Channel 35.

Let me know at  if you want to participate in the Video project with live reports or movies you make about our life and times in Los Angeles.

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9 Responses to Watch Friday’s Council Debate on Redistricting LIVE from the Activists’ Point of View — Not the Government’s

  1. cynic says:

    The two City Hall Napoleons are settling scores. Democracy? Who is kidding whom?

  2. Wayne from Encino says:

    Vote was 13-2. Parks and Perry were mad. Koreatown got divided up, but Rosendahl got all of Westchester (which is what most wanted.) King Herb I. (aka Wesson-Oil) was pleased with himself. However, on KABC next week, Riordan will be on the Peter Tilden show and will apparently claim that by 2014 L.A. WILL BE COMPLETELY BANKRUPT. King Herb I.’s reign may be a short one (like his stature of course.)

  3. teddy says:

    Ron, you and about 200 of us met on City Hall steps and lawn away ba ck in
    April, 2008. Remember? We were objecting to our Mayor and City Council
    and the DWP then. It is now 2012 and April is next month. Has any change
    taken place? None. The pols are still redistricting to suit themselve s.

    The only way to save ourselves is a secession. There are a lot of people in LA.
    About 4 million. So the neighborhoods will be across the streets from each
    other, but at least we would have a chance to govern ourselves. We could
    share some entities like police, fire, DWP, but we would have more of an opportunity to make our own decisions about trash collec tion, street repairs, sidewalks, etc..

    That is my opinion.

    • MissAnthrope says:


      We’ve been trying to break free from L.A. (for some 30+ years) since the bad old days of Burt (sp) Bachman (sp) and Hal Bernson when it was against state law for us to do so. Well, the law has changed and it’s time to try, try again.

  4. MissAnthrope says:

    P.S. Only if you’ve been living on another planet in a galaxy far, far away (or not paying attention) would you be surprised to hear that L.A. is a miniscule fraction of a light year second of going bankrupt.

    It’s one way of saving ourselves, but we better hope that the bankruptcy judge isn’t a friend of the deep-pocket captains of influence and power who’ve been charting the course we’ve been on for the last few years.

    As for Riordan, he’s one of the big money men and I don’t remember him doing anything to steer us away from our current disaster. In all, he wasn’t a really good mayor.

  5. Ricardo says:

    This was the first time in years I’ve seen 1,000′s of residents attend various redistricting meetings. This issue got people engaged in the process but sadly proved how corrupt our politicians are in LA. I’m disappointed David Z’s story says Boyle Heights residents supported the maps. NO THEY DID NOT. Only a handful showed up compared to the 100′s who opposed the map. The outrage of the people does not reflect the final map. Little Herbie and his croonies completely IGNORED THE PEOPLE. Show your outrage at the polls. Don’t VOTE for any of them including Perry for higher office. Our City has been ruined by these clowns.

  6. teddy says:

    It has been a long time, and that is why they are so entrnched and sure of themselves.

    We must organize with groups in our own areas and start secession proceedings.
    Plan our own meetings of people who want their own small city to live in.

    You see, we are aiming to be separate. So if some area likes L,A., they can hold
    meetings well. But where I live, I really think we can make it by ourselves,
    Calabasas people organized their own city and voted to support it. It works.

    But as it is, neighborhood councils work with each other and do not work
    with the residents. They tell us what the city wants us to do and accept. That
    is not a city it is a suburb. No it is not.

    I live in West Hills just south of the reservoir.

  7. Wayne from Encino says:

    CD3 lost all of West Hills to CD12—Zine thus WAS DEPORTED FROM HIS OWN CLOWN DISTRICT! HA HA HA!!! CD3 “gained” all of Winnetka and Canoga Park, according to the LA Slimes—that’s like gaining 30 pounds of fat in a week, isn’t it?
    Encino was spared the lack of total leadership in one Tom “Hamster-Head” Labonge, who is categorically the most worthless clowncilman EVER to sit there. CD9 (Perry) went 110% Ghetto-UN-fabulous losing all those white and asian tax bucks she’s sucked out of Downtown L.A. to fund nothing good for anyone, other than herself.
    King Herb I. of course annexed the Koreans for his own uses—and they’ll pay the price of having a terd like him to rule over them. A lawsuit on the basis of having NO ASIAN MAJORITY DISTRICT will BE A SUCCESS—unless THE KING can get enough Koreans to sell out. The King has no CRA to pay off with, so it might be a SHORT REIGN for our new KING. Garslutti was the sorriest sack of crap at the meeting Friday, as he sat there and let Koreatown be sold into slavery and cut into two. Gil raised a dummy for a son!

  8. anonymous says:

    that 03/16/12 city council meeting was frightening-horrific…..
    the obsequious-presumptuous “coronation” of tony cardenas as next congressman for the newly created Latino district……it was nausea inducing…
    he needs gerrymandered districts to get elected to any position because Latinos especially understand how cardenas’ race-crazed-corrupted mind operates….
    & the Persians, so happy to celebrate new year in cardenas’ district…..
    would someone please “fact check” their assertions abut all the previous council members not embracing Persian new year……as if before cardenas, Persians were denied an opportunity to celebrate their cultural traditions…?
    the Persians understand the quality of life in cardenas’ district CD6 is hellish,
    they know there is no hope for improving your life…
    organized crime is the only economic sector, extralegal enterprise are welcomed…
    LAPD’s practices a “law & order is meaningless-minimal law enforcement” policy…
    B&S code enforcement officials practice a “scorched-earth-targeted neglect” policy…
    the Persians know, party for one day but never consider living there….

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