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Apple vs. Wal-Mart: Who Is the Better Corporate Citizen? Who Is the King of Tax Avoidance Schemes?

Why is Wal-Mart — a spectacularly successful non-union company that buys schlock merchandise from Third World companies that pay workers a pittance and sells those products at ridiculously cheap prices to poor and working class people — a villain that … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Valley: How LA City Hall Stifles Progress for the Whole Region — My Sunday Column

Do you ever wonder why the subway ends in North Hollywood instead of turning east to Burbank and Glendale? Or why the Gold Line turns right when it gets to Pasadena? Or why the Westside is getting light rail and … Continue reading

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Four Years and Counting: Is Calamity the Only Hope?

Four years ago this month, I was fired from my job at the Daily News where I had worked for 23 years and started blogging. “Free at last!” — those were the first words I wrote in my first post … Continue reading

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Money Matters: Campaign Finance Reforms Will Help End the Corruption and Incompetence at City Hall

Search through the campaign contribution lists at the LA City Ethics Commission and it won’t take you long to see why City Hall is so corrupt. Your elected officials are bought and paid for — put into the highest paid and … Continue reading

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When Is a System Not a System? When It’s the MTA’s Disconnected Bus and Rail System

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read the letter the LA Times described as “scathing”  from the Federal Transit Administration to LA’s MTA over its contempt for civil rights laws. Then, read the MTA’s response as reported by Steve Hymon, the former LA Times … Continue reading

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Board of Supervisors Illegal Meetings with the Governor: The Transcripts of What Was Said Behind Closed Doors

Caught red-handed holding three illegal closed-door meetings — two with Gov. Jerry Brown, one on the phone and one in person — Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors begrudgingly surrendered last week. (Transcript 9_20) (Transcript 9_21 (1)) (Transcript 9_26 (1)) … Continue reading

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Resurrecting CRAs: How State’s Money Grab Has Become a Power Grab — My Sunday Column

What started out a year ago as a multibillion-dollar money grab triggered by Gov. Jerry Brown’s call to abolish redevelopment agencies statewide now shows every sign of morphing into a power grab. City managers of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena are … Continue reading

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Jump, Charlie Jump: Will Chief Beck Fix Your TIcket Like He Did for City Technology GM Randi Levin’s Husband?

“The message that this sends to people is what? A general manager can call and action is taken? No, the message is that anyone who calls me will get action. Now I will make sure the action is proper.” — … Continue reading

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HA!HA!HA! Laughs on Us: Gov. Brown, County Supervisors Yucked It Up While Violating Brown Open Meeting Act

Let’s join Gov. Jerry Brown and the LA County Board of Supervisors in having a big laugh together about what a joke it is when powerful elected officials like them show their utter contempt for the law and the public … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Now! Antonio’s Vision for a ‘Happy Ending’

Finally, I see the light — thank you, Antonio. If we can pass a tax for 30 years and spend the revenue in 10 years by borrowing against the future, why shouldn’t we extend the tax into eternity and spend … Continue reading

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