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The Curse of the Valley: How LA City Hall Stifles Progress for the Whole Region — My Sunday Column

Do you ever wonder why the subway ends in North Hollywood instead of turning east to Burbank and Glendale? Or why the Gold Line turns right when it gets to Pasadena? Or why the Westside is getting light rail and a subway extension while you get nothing?

Politically speaking, size matters, so smaller cities don’t — unless they act like the 31 cities in the San Gabriel Valley. In 1994 they formed the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments to end their self-destructive squabbling and allow their voices to be heard despite the deafening roar of the 800-pound gorilla to the west, the city of Los Angeles.

It took a long time to get the cities and their three county supervisors to begin to collaborate for the good of the region, but working together has gotten results.

“We spent a lot of time building consensus and developing a common vision,” said Nick Conway, executive director of the SGVCOG for the last 16 years.

“Now we have two light rails, the most progress in light rail of anywhere in the county, freeway improvements, open space and conservancy. Had it not been for the COG, we could not have been able to band together and get those projects and become the overarching organization that respects local control, encourages cooperation and advocates for the common good.”

So who speaks for you? Who is advocating for your fair share of the billions of mass-transit dollars you are contributing to?

Formed last year, the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments could become the vehicle for improving the quality of life for the two million people who live in the L.A. portion of the valley and in the cities of San Fernando, Burbank and Glendale and Santa Clarita.


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4 Responses to The Curse of the Valley: How LA City Hall Stifles Progress for the Whole Region — My Sunday Column

  1. Valley Gal says:

    Except for our taxes and water rates, we don’t matter.

  2. Wayne from Occupied Koretz-Encino says:

    The SFV is the modern-day MERCHANTILE COLONY of the DOWNTOWN illigitimate left-wing welfare-representatives! With TERDS like ALARTERD, CARDUMBASS, RE-ZINE, MIDGETBOY, KROOKORIAN, AND FIELD MARSHALL KORETZ “representing” the Valley—its no wonder no train moves people in an area of 2 MILLION COMMUTERS! That leaves 9—a SUPERMAJORITY to take all that VALLEY TAX $$$ AND SPEND IT IN THEIR WELFARE-PRIME DISTRICTS!
    The Valley Scumbag and Trade Ass’n attempted to get a 7th “Valley Seat” in the redistricting plan.
    But Valley Residents just don’t care—they’ll just pencil-in a yes vote for the incumbant or the one who raises the most money and continue paying more and more to DWP until they’re forced out in the streets. Brain Dead for decades now.
    Why did Bevery Hills threaten it’s lawsuit on the Subway extention? BECAUSE A SUBWAY INTO THEIR CITY WILL BRING TONS MORE PANHANDLERS, FELONS, AND WELFARE RECIPIENTS INTO THEIR CITY WITH LIGHTENING SPEED! They don’t want it anywhere in walking distance near them! SMART CITY OFFICIALS (FOR NOW.)

  3. Teddy says:

    Wow! I consider myself well-informed but this is new to me. Thank you both, Ron and Wayne. I am in CD 12. We are really out of it – jut pay and pay and pay. Wish
    I lived in Ventura County. It starts just five homes away from where I live.

  4. Kim says:

    Interesting, I never knew that size does matter in this issue.
    @ Valley Gal, yea it sad to know that its like that.

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