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Pablum Politics and Placebo Policies: It Is Our Duty to Fight for a Better City for All

The vision is for this to be a city where people feel they can get a good public education and not spend their life on the freeways creating smog. It would be a city where you graduate from college and find a job. I imagine a city that is manageable in terms of quality of life, good recreation, parks, public libraries. My vision of L.A. is one that allows us to say that you can really achieve your dreams.”

That’s the message Wendy Greuel’s campaign for mayor is sending out all over town to convince you, the voters, she is up to the job and not just a nice upper middle class woman who way down deep is very shallow.

Greuel’s campaign calls it the highlight of her interview with LA Magazine, that and whether she “prefers Art’s or Jerry’s Deli” — a critical question that makes no sense since there is no comparison.

“Help us spread the word about her vision for LA … and let us know your pick — Art’s or Jerry’s.”

The emphasis in the Wendy vision quote and the underlining on the deli question comes from the campaign’s senior advisor Rose Kapolczynski, longtime political consultant to the irreplaceable Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Ms. Kapolczynski has captured the essence of why it can be fairly said, “Everybody Loves Wendy.”

Frankly, the hollow phrases that ring so truly from the lips of Wendy Greuel are no worse or better than the empty pieties uttered by the man who is called her No. 1 competitor for mayor, Eric Garcetti, who swears on a stack of Bibles that the nation’s second most corrupt city government in the nation’s second most hated city is a “Temple to Democracy.”

By everyone’s analysis — and not just that of those lost in the fog of despair — Los Angeles is a city in crisis, its future at stake.

The city with the nation’s worst air, worst congestion, worst roads, failing schools, aging infrastructure, Rust Belt poverty and unemployment rates — what more do you need to know to convince you that we need leaders with the courage to speak the truth and the vision to see a way forward, not the invisible civic leadership that has gone along with failure for so long while the apathetic populace foolishly acted like it wasn’t their problem?

Greuel and Garcetti are smart enough and good enough people at heart.

The leadership provided and the decisions that are made by the next mayor and the next City Council  are of the utmost importance to all of us in terms of the quality of our lives, our economic opportunity, our safety, the future of our children going to school and coming of age?

But have Greuel and Garcetti ever in their long political careers done anything substantive other than talk in hieroglyphics that deflect attention from the serious issues at hand?

Have they ever stood up in public and taken responsibility for the thousands of votes they cast and actions they took that put city government so deeply into the red that even now after what they claim is $1.5 billion in budget cuts, we still face massive deficits for years — if not decades to come — no matter what happens?

I bring this up because the only people I have heard anything concrete from were outsider attorney/talk show host Kevin James and the half-outsider who has given up the farce, Austin Beutner.

Maybe an angry woman named Jan Perry will find the motivation to stand up to  the failure of the City Hall political machine now that AEG and Central City Association — the downtown power interests she pandered to so generously with public money and public policy — showed who they really are by abandoning her in the redistricting fight.

The hardest thing for me to understand about the tepid politics of LA is why in the last 30 years the closest thing to someone who promised to really change things was Dick Riordan and you know what happened to him.

He turned LA around but he couldn’t get it moving because the dark side coalition of developers and labor blocked his reforms. So he turned himself around and accommodated them in the name of “pragmatism” — the amoral justification LA’s rich so often use for surrendering their integrity.

What makes me so frustrated about this farce of national, state and then local elections is I don’t hear a word of truth coming from anyone — except from the candidates who don’t stand much of a chance.

Does it really matter who wins the costliest Democratic Congressional primary in history: A  worn-out old political hack like Howard Berman or a not-so-old worn-out political hack like Brad Sherman?

Does it matter that Tony Cardenas — a wannabe worn-out old political hack is being given a free ride in Berman’s Valley seat and will represent the district just the way Berman did 99.99 percent of them?

That’s what troubles me so: I don’t agree with anyone all the time, not even myself. That’s not the problem. I’m not looking for agreements. I’m looking for someone with the courage and ability to lead, to move us forward.

I’m troubled when people like Wendy Greuel say things like they want to live a in a city “where you graduate from college and find a job … a city that is manageable in terms of quality of life, good recreation, parks, public libraries.”

Damn it, what about the fact that a third to half the kids never graduate high school? Is she out of her mind, so indifferent to the realities of a city where half the people live in fear every month where the rent is going to come from?

Did she not notice we closed the libraries two days a week and even though voters gave the libraries millions of dollars in more money, they ripped 90 percent of it off so there was only enough to hire back six fired librarians and reopen half a day on Fridays?

Life, recreation, parks — all gutted because we need a city of flashy subways and trains linked to a state with a bullet train so the rich can get to San Francisco.

There are two LAs: the rich and the poor. And just about everything you are hearing and all that you are likely to hear is lies covering up the truth.

Dance with the devils if you want. But we will never reach the light at the end of this dark tunnel unless we fight, fight what we want, what we believe in.

Fight we must. It is our duty.

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19 Responses to Pablum Politics and Placebo Policies: It Is Our Duty to Fight for a Better City for All

  1. Ricardo says:

    Really Wendy? This bimbo hasn’t done her job since taking office. Like the gangster Failure of a Mayor she’s spent more time at photo ops then at her desk. And all her audits are yet to bring in some $$$ she should be collecting. She lost a lot of people when she had the Dream Team of Katzenberg, Spielberg etc. endorse her. Really? People who never get involved in helping our City but continue to take. What about her Gold Card scandal? Wendy as a woman why aren’t you screaming at the gangster Mayor for wanting to lay off WOMEN? Perry’s votes in council have all been against Public Safety and supports gangsters. She’s done nothing for her own district to help the poor. She’s in bed with Timmy Lieweke and sold out our City to him. Garcetti in bed with Hollywood & Vine developers and sold out his district for $$$$. STOP USING THE RACE CARD. You aren’t Latino in many of our eyes so stop. No one in Boyle Heights believes your grandparents lived there. As much as everyone thinks and supports Kevin James the dark horse I’m afraid for him. Its going to get really dirty and ugly. None of these incompetent morons should be elected to higher office.

  2. I replied to Rose’s e-mail. I wrote: “I would sooner vote for Art or Jerry than Wendy.”

  3. Scott Zwartz says:

    Greuel as clueless about LA. It’s amazing that she can have lived here so long and miss absolutely everything that is going on. Even when she conducts an audit, she misses everything.

    All she has is meanngless vague platitudes — “I want LA to be nice” plabum

    At least Perry has a clue, but she is in the “fell clutches of circumstances,” e.g. corrupt devloper

    Garcetti is an Incipient Has-Been but doesn’t know it yet

    Kevin James is great on tea party slogans, too bad slogans do run cities.

    Zuma Dogg is not running for Mayor; he’s running to Manage the City — David Saltsburg (Zuma Dogg) is the only one that knows that LA needs a Manager. We don’t need some twerpt trying to climbing the politico ladder to an appointment in Waashington DC.

  4. MissAnthrope says:

    Art’s or Jerry’s? Does it make a difference?

    They’re the same just as all the mayoral candidates are except for Kevin James, who at times can be a scary Republican Kool-Aid-drinking twit spouting the party line of the day, and they’re all like Art’s and Jerry’s pastrami: dry, tastless and lacking fat — the substance that made pastrami tasty, delicious and satisfying.

  5. ex-valley says:

    It’s amazing that everywhere else career politicians are getting the boot. But not in LA or CA. here you keep them. Would you be better off without Berman or Sherman or Cardenas or Gruel or Garcetti? Would it be better to try somebody new?

    Even in Greece the voters threw out the two major parties. Hello? Are you all that dumb and brainwashed in LA?

  6. Wayne in Occupied Koretz-Encino says:

    You’re all correct—I have a Field Marshall who seized control of Encino by annexing it with the Westside! The Koreans were invaded and now are suffering under the Occupation of King Herb I! Then we have the Battle of the Jews: Berman the useless Fuck vs. Sherman the useless Fuck. A hampster would do a more palatable job than watching these two Terds go to every Temple from A to Z with their Yarmulkas in hand for campaign donation checks! But you can’t get the tired old voters to awake out of their drugged out COMAS to realize these two are in need of RETIREMENT PAPERS! My mailbox has been packed with events every week at different TEMPLES to “discuss Israel” with these two Liberal Fools. People actually cast a vote for these guys? I don’t believe it!
    As for Mr. Kevin: He has ZERO chance, because he’s AFRAID of the 15 Clown members and needs a JOB to pay for his overpriced/undervalued HOUSE each month like the 99%. Larry Elder went 2 YEARS without WORK and decided to return to radio rather than run vs. the Jewish Brethern (Boxer, Feinstein, Berman, and/or Waxman.) Elder realized an intelligent BLACK MAN has no chance to win elected office vs. the Bretheren.
    Mr. Kevin blew away his bridge to the Carmen Dumbtanich/Zine gravey train and Cooley isn’t anyone’s buddy these days. Thus, Kevin isn’t EMPLOYABLE as a radio host and who knows what else. He needs to DROP OUT like BOOTNER. KABC can then hire him when they get around to FIRING Tilden, so he’ll get a 9-12 slot again, where he can do some interesting things (and get paid for it.)
    Dennis Zine proves one thing that is without question: IT PAYS TO SELL OUT IN L.A. That’s why L.A. has been reduced to a modern SLAVE COLONY ran by Chicago and Denver interests. Magic Scumbag decided to sell out and they gave him the Dodgers as a toy to play around with.
    Bad news: I hear a rumor that BRUNO THE SUPERDOG will endorse PERRY for mayor! Hopefully the other PETS who vote absentee in L.A. will support ZUMADOGG! Ron needs to “talk” to his dog about this!
    I’m going to vote for Eric Garslutti—he paid Molly’s Hamburger stand 1.2 MILLION to leave L.A. I like the idea of L.A. City paying people to leave! I’ll take $200,000 to leave….

  7. Teddy says:

    Yes. we would be better off with new people, you bet.

    As I wrote before, elect new people but let them know
    that if they don’t start us on the road to recovery, we will
    elec t someone else.

    We should not keep reelecting people automatically or
    worse, electing them to another job as is happening
    this year. New people will not be worse than what we
    have. And it gives us a chance at least.

    After all, what can we lose – being where we are right now?

    • ex valley says:

      But here is the conundrum so to speak. These new people may not be obedient robots of the dem party parroting the party propaganda. They may say things you don’t want to hear. Things that are true but the truth hurts and you people don’t want to hear even that deep down you know.
      You can start fresh next month. It’s an open primary – vote for two republicans and get rid of both Berman and Sherman. How about that?
      Maybe you can get somebody who will at least try to do something.

      • anonymous says:

        In June 2011, one month before starting his 3rd term on City Council, Cardenas announced he would run for Congress in his “Latino district”.
        Immediately, both Berman and Sherman announced they would not challenge Cardenas in his “Latino district”.
        Big mistake guys.
        We despise self-serving, conniving, unethical politicos like Berman-Sherman-Cardenas.
        People, stop voting for vile low-lifes!

    • Think before voting says:

      Angelenos have Dreck for politicians and Dreck for architecture for the same reason. 99% of us don’t think, and when we get upset, we irrationally emote.

      Only one man running for Mayor has identified what we need — a well managed city. It’s technical and boring, but it would end of nightmare.

      Instead, people want to fail about their arms and rally around non sequiturs and gibberish. For example, “Make LA Business Friendly.” That stupid irrational nonsense and is only code words to make the city worse: less taxes and fewer regulations.

      When you don’t collect enough taxes, your city cannot provide the infrastructure businesses need and they leave. Fewer regulations merely mean that crooks can scam people and steal business from honest businessmen who go BK.

      Zuma Dogg has specific concrete ways to make the City function as it should. For one thing, he would not attack the city employees as if they were the problem. But so many fools in LA only want to listen to Zuma Dogg when he’s wearing his hat and yelling at City Council and not when he explains the mechanics of dull management — which would SaveLA!

  8. You cannot trust City Hall. That is why we need a chater amendment that requires the City to Live Within Its Means.

    Imagine, a truly balanced budget and roads that are passable.

    • wrong way to good goal says:

      we need to charter amendments:

      (1) Ten council district each with 3 councilmembers elected at large. This way each councilperson would have two competitors for each voter and that would end the fiefdoms. That would stop the 99% as no one councilman cou8ld delvier an entire district on any vote. The City Council would be 30 — NYC and Chicagoe ahve over 40 counci memebrs. Thus, 30 is reasonable number..

      (2) Divide the City Atty into 2 Offices: (a) Prosecutor who could investigate felonies inside City Hall and do the routine misdemeanor criminal prosecutions. (b) The Counselor at Law who would advise the city on legal matters like contracts and then defend them when sued for felnies by the City Prosecutor. Right now, the City Atty is forbidden by law to prosecute the corrupt councilmembers.

      A balanced budget amendment, however, is not wise. It does not bring structure to government but instead mandates aa particular objectives for men whoa re clueless how to achieve that goal. It’s like requiring city council meet on the moon — they don’t know how to get there.

      Sound management, hwoever, would solve the problem of the deficits, but we let political hacks and thieves run the City. Of course, we’re broke. We put crooks like Tony V, Garcetti and Wesson in charge. What other result would a sane man expect? Elect manager not a politician to be mayor.

  9. Teddy says:

    Yes, we do need a charter amendment. Have people “in power”
    passsed one that takes our city away fom us? Is that why we cannot
    sue these people? Asked once before long ago, never got an
    answer. It was when the City of Bell was able to do something
    about their Mayor and council members.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think Wendy Gruel is making the same mistake as Trutanich. They have hired dumb election consultants who think all voters are idiots. They end up turning us off.

  11. cynic says:

    Mayor Greuel . Come now. People are not going to elect this clueless hypocrite, because she PRETENDS nice. Anyway , it`s a moot point because Zev is going to be the next Mayor.

  12. anonymous says:

    All the “presumed contenders” for mayor, these “visionary leaders”, are bad news….
    Masochists, haven’t you suffered enough already? Stop voting for these creeps….

  13. Ricardo says:

    If this doesn’t show Angelenos what a bunch of losers we have rep’ing this once great City and their priorities “The City Council will declare today “My Three Sons” Day in Los Angeles, honoring the 1960-72 comedy in connection with the launch of its reruns on the Me-TV digital television channel this month.

    Really???? With all budget chaos and mess, people who will lose their jobs, worst traffic, smog, housing, homelessness, unemployment this is what they think is important.

  14. Dave says:

    I thought Zev decided not to run for mayor because if he does, information of his dominatrix world will be exposed. The supervisor likes to be supervised.

  15. anonymous says:

    Ola, Berman & Sherman. Cardenas thanks you for your generous territorial gift.
    But people of the new 29th congressional Latino district will never forgive you.
    You were both bad, but he is the worst of all……we will suffer even more abuse…..

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