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Stop Trutanich from Doing More Harm: Vote for Jackie Lacey or Alan Jackson for District Attorney

Carmen Trutanich got elected City Attorney because informed voters knew his opponent, then Councilman Jack Weiss, was nothing but a stooge of the political machine and not a very effective one at that.

The way things have turned out in the last three years, Trutanich has become just another stooge of the political machine and not a very effective one at that.

He started out as a bull in a china shop, threatening to lock up “Mr. Big,” AEG’s Tim Leiweke, and Councilwoman Jan Perry and throw away the keys. He ended up groveling for budgetary mercy from the mayor and signing off on every dirty deal City Hall’s minions concocted to rip off taxpayers and destroy the quality of residents’ lives.

He doesn’t stand a chance win re-election which may explain why he is betraying the solemn vow he made to his supporters that he would not jump ship and run for District Attorney.

He has been exposed time and again as liar about everything from his professional record to his political promises.

Fortunately, there are two solid candidates running for District Attorney in Chief Deputy DA Jackie Lacey and Deputy DA Alan Jackson.

“Either is a better choice than Trutanich,” said the Daily News in its “Anybody But Carmen” editorial.  ”Both are distinguished and veteran deputy district attorneys. Both are well-respected members of their agency with proven management skills. Both have smart ideas about modernizing the agency and adapting to the governor’s realignment plan. And either would be a much, much better D.A. than Trutanich.”

In its endorsement, the LA Times said: “Jackie Lacey is the candidate best equipped to strike the proper balance. She has years of experience leading the office, as well as realistic goals and a well-thought-out program for delivering justice.”

As for Trutanich, the Times has opined that ‘he does not seem to grasp that voters took seriously his pledge not to run for another office before completing his job as city attorney. It may have been just a campaign gimmick to him, but it was a pledge to his constituents — and it was all too typical of the occasional gap between Trutanich’s statements and his actions.”

It is the same throughout the county: Trutanich has lost the public’s confidence by failing to protect the public as he promised, a blowhard who wanted to throw the book at Occupy LA protesters for exercising their democratic rights even as he stands up and salutes labor union bosses like Maria Elena Durazo.

As an early and passionate supporter, I can only say “Nuch” is a great disappointment and has turned out to be only marginally better than Jack Weiss would have been worse. I waited a long time before criticizing him in hopes that he would remember that it was the activist community that brought him to the dance.

Today, Trutanich is just another politician who has last his way.  Mike Feuer, Greg Smith and whoever else runs for City Attorney next year will eat Trutanich for lunch if he comes up short in the DA’s race and seeks re-election.

Maybe Lacey or Jackson will succumb to the same pressures of a corrupt political system but they both are career prosecutors with solid records of public service — not the kind of overly ambitious outsider like Trutanich who has put himself first and the public last.

No office in the county is more important than District Attorney especially at a time when bribery, theft and self-service are so rampant in the public sector.

LA simply cannot afford Carmen Trutanich in a position with so much power and so much at stake.


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11 Responses to Stop Trutanich from Doing More Harm: Vote for Jackie Lacey or Alan Jackson for District Attorney

  1. KS says:

    Sadly, I agree. Nuch punked everyone – no one more so than Zuma.

    Carmen Trutanich — pathological liar!

  2. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    It would be nice to get rid of this psycho scum bag, but chances are he will be elected District Attorney. Angelenos over the decades have proven to be the dumbest lot of voters known to mankind. OK, maybe there have been worse, but an example does not come to mind right other than the Germans electing Hitler.

    Angelenos will recognize the name and vote for it. That’s all it takes in LA. Same with mayor. They will vote for the name they’ve heard before. They’ll vote for Garcetti as he was such a fine District Attorney. Yes, Angelenos are that dumb.

    They vote for judges when they are totally clueless who the person is or how many millions of dollars he/she have given to corrupt developers; how many people thay’ve robbed of their pensions and healthc are benefits. Here’s have the court system works.

    1) Do what the [political hacks want and you get good assignments, raises and then return to be a private arbitrator – mediator at $650/hr

    2) Don’t screw over the average guy, then you get bad assignments while a judge and no work as a private arbitrator – mediator

    Maybe 10% 20% sacrifice their careers in order to try to do they right thing — like Judge Ito and then to ignorant public berates them.

    Democracy is karmic in that you get the scum for whom you vote. Say hello to Psycho Carmen Trutanich your new District Attorney

  3. Anonymous says:

    I voted for Jackie Lacey. Trutanich is a sell-out. He should stay in City Hall guarding the corrupt.

  4. Damien Jones says:

    Ron – You have officially jumped the shark. You are the stooge here. I can’t beleive you have enodrsed someone like Jackie Spacey Lacey who has admitted to committing perjury in a Federal Civil Trial. That’s okay with you? You think someone who lies under oath makes a good District Attorney?

    Why? Because Carmen Trutanich doesn’t let you run his office the way you think it should be run? Shame on you, Ron. Shame on you!

  5. David Berger says:

    Thank you Ron, for taking the time to weigh in on what is probably the most important elected position on June 5 – District Attorney.
    Like you, I was a former supporter of Carmen Trutanich, and like you I now believe he is utterly unfit to remain in office, let alone become District Attorney. I also fully agree with your recommendations; Jackie Lacey and Alan Jackson are supremely qualified to be our next DA, and having known both of them for over ten years, you need have no fears; they will not let us down the way Carmen Trutanich did.
    Having worked for Carmen Trutanich on his Transition Team and as his Special Assistant, I was beyond disappointed at his willingness to renege on so many of the promises and commitments he made; not only to those who supported him, but to the voters of LA who thought he was different from the business as usual brigade. He is not.
    The headlines have been full of reports of the way the Trutanich campaign has repeatedly and rather inartfully lied in order to desperately win the minds of uninformed voters. He has to be seriously worried that his political career is over, and a handful of votes could make that a reality.
    There is every sign that this election is going to see a very low voter turnout, so regardless of how much Trutanich spends on tv advertising, the reality is that it will be informed voters going to the polls, and every vote for ABC (Anyone But Carmen) will count. The important thing is for people to get out and vote.

  6. LawEnforcementFirst says:

    JACKSON is endorsed by 65,000 cops from over 20 local, county and state police associations who represent the rank and file. Great write-up, but Lacey is no career prosecutor, no cop’s prosecutor. She is a bureaucrat, hasn’t darkened the door of a courtroom in over a decade. Join this cop and VOTE JACKSON on June 5!

  7. Actvist in LA says:

    Trutanich began his term with quarterly meetings with the community activists who helped propel him into office. But more than two years ago, he stopped calling meetings of his former activist supporters because they began asking too many difficult questions at the meetings. He retreated behind the bubble wall of City Hall. The political machine feds the greed and the power hungry id of most politicians and they sell out any principles that they thought they ran for public office for to defend.

  8. Nuch over idiots says:

    I voted for Nuch because Jackie Lacey is a lying, purgerying loser who is a sell out to Cooley and his corruption. Jackson is just worse with his violation of Marsy’s Law. Come on Ron, give me a break, you know these two sleeze bags are Cooley’s minons for continued corruption. Lacey and Jackson are the worst possible choices.

  9. Wayne from Corruptopia (aka L.A. City) says:

    I went to Steve Cooley’s election (loss) party at the Beverly Hilton and I got to eat and drink with all the Cooley supporters back in 2010. Then Sheriff Lee Scumbag Baca showed up and I saw some other dirtbags, so I left early. But what I really liked was that Cooley called up Kevin James’ show and said “EVERYONE’S INVITED TO MY ELECTION NIGHT PARTY.” The “memo” didn’t quite get to the people at the front table to the event! But Cooley wound up keeping his word ON THE AIR.
    Therefore, I’m voting for Lacey since Cooley stood his ground on Carmen the Sell-Out and kept his word about the party. NICE!!!!
    Ron is 110% right on this issue about the D.A.’s race. BUT the 1rst Post has a good sense of the dumb voters. MY HOPE IS THAT CARMEN THE SELL OUT FINISHES 3RD IN THE JUNE PRIMARY. That would be nothing short of SENSATIONAL.
    ALSO..VOTE NO ON ZINE!!!!! Support anyone else for CONTROLLER as Zine is a Carmen Douche-Tanich mentor and guidedog (no offense to Bruno or Zuma Dogg.)

  10. Noel Weiss says:


    It takes courage to admit when one is wrong. . . and the fact that you are acknowledging your support of Nuch was an error is most impressive. . . .

    Let’s try to avoid making the same error again come 2013.

    Noel Weiss

  11. Teddy says:

    Trutanuch is a good example of someone who should not be re-elected.

    We know we need to replace the city council and the mayor next year.

    So we vote new people in. Wer do not keep the old because they are not
    doing a good job. Chances are that some or all of the new are just doing
    what the former ones did. We do not keep making the same mistake of
    re-electimg them. We vote someone new. Eventually we will find the ones
    we are looking for. They will be serious about what happens to L.A..

    That is why I suppoert Alan Jackson and Mike Antonovich. I also
    support Mark Reed for Congress in the 30th. Yes, I get those mailers
    saying Vote Berman and Vote Sherman. They have been in
    Congress for much too long, and are part of the reason the country
    is in such a mess.

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