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You, the voter, must pay attention — Break the cycle of failure: My Sunday Column

Mail-in voting for the general election two weeks from now already is under way with reforms in place — open primaries and the end of gerrymandered legislative districts — that are supposed to end the stalemate in Sacramento.

The odds of any significant change occurring are about as great as the current crop of legislators actually solving California’s fiscal crisis.

Better you should have gambled all your money buying stock in Facebook so you, too, can be a billionaire.

It isn’t going to happen.

Somehow, in the 21 years since the fall of the Soviet Union and the constant threat of a nuclear holocaust under the policy of mutually assured destruction, we have internalized the policy into our political culture as mutually assured (self) destruction.

Three governors now have succumbed to the MAD-ness: Gray Davis, because he was too weak to control his party; Arnold Schwarzenegger, because his party despised him; and now Jerry Brown, because neither party cares what he thinks.

It is madness, alright, to think that two decades of creating costly entitlements for public employees, the rich and the poor, while failing to invest in California’s future, are going to be fixed without hard and painful decisions — and without both Democrats and Republicans putting aside their ideological insanity for the common good.

The goal of the open primary system, and of creating honest districts, was to give voters the chance to elect more moderate representatives who will force the ideologues to the center, where compromise is possible.

But that requires you, the voters, to pay attention, to know who you are voting for, and whether they have the courage and integrity to stand up for what’s right, and not just be obedient servants of their party and their personal advantages.

How many of you are going to vote any differently than you always have in the past: party affiliation, name recognition, vague sense that your representative is doing a good job?

The results will almost certainly be what they have been for so long: Democrats fighting against real cuts, Republicans opposing every form of tax increase, and both parties protecting the special interests who keep them in office.

Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting something to change makes us all complicit in the political insanity.



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18 Responses to You, the voter, must pay attention — Break the cycle of failure: My Sunday Column

  1. Teddy says:

    Thank you – very timely. You are helping by educating us. We are not trying
    to have bosses and slave drivers, we
    are trying to have freedom for all. Leadership we can accept or reject
    is what Americans need and the people we elect have to understand we
    are AMERIC ANS, free people wishing to help ourselves to a freer society.

    It is for each of us to serve America, not serve parties and “officials.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    VOTE NO on Prop 28. It is a scam. Look at the sleazebags supporting it.

    “The biggest contribution to the campaign in favor of Proposition 28 came from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, which provided $840,000 in loans and contributions. A $100,000 contribution came from L.A. Live Properties, a company owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz. Last year, he won approval from the Legislature of a special law to prevent protracted legal challenges to the NFL stadium he wants to build in Los Angeles.

    The pro-Proposition 28 campaign committee, Californians for a Fresh Start, also received $400,000 from Majestic Realty, a firm headed by Ed Roski Jr. In 2009, the Legislature granted a similar exemption for an NFL stadium proposed by Roski in the City of Industry”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is a comment at LA Times on Prop 28 that says it all—-

    werterrific at 7:01 AM May 18, 2012

    “California is a financial DISASTER! Nothing is working here locally as well as Sac. The Mayor’s Office hasn’t one notable accomplishment. Good Luck getting the Fire Department to put out the fire. City Attorney run by a crook and wants to be the DA. The LAPD Chief has encouraged our officers to break the law. Needless to say the Sheriff’s Department has been flushed down the drain. LAUSD has a fifty percent failure rate. We are taxed beyond belief and we still owe 16 to 20 billion more! ASK YOURSELF: WHY DID WE VOTE IN TERM LIMITS IN THE FIRST PLACE?! It was the same people last time who didn’t want “TERM LIMITS.” The Union Bosses and the fat Politicians living off of us like parasites!”

  4. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    Term Limits are great for the 1%. If any intelligent, educated legislator should happen to be elected and gather a following of similarly intelligent and educated people within the populace, the 1% know that Term Limits will kick him/her out of office.

    California does not suffer from a problem of dumb legislators; we suffer from a problem of dumb, emotional, ill-in formed Voters.

    We’d be better off imposing term limits on Voters. “Sorry, dumbass, you voted for Garcetti three times; your voter term has expire due to years of stupidity.” However, we cannot limit voter terms. Thus, being really foolish people, we devise a system that is guaranteed to kick any decent legislator out of office while making it easier for the 1% to promote their guys.

    That then leads to the question, how did these morons get in office? “Oh, yeah, that’s right voters elected them – over and over and over again. ” Garcetti has destroyed Hollywood and as Council President, he gave away over $1.5 BILLION to developer cronies, and yet voters are ready to elect him mayor.

    Terms limits — the same myopic idiots who brought us these corrupt legislators and councilmembers also bring us Term Limits. There should be an IQ test to vote and the lowest IQ to vote should be 140.

  5. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    Also, since I am ranting ..

    Union pensions are not a problem. The problem is lack of income and that is due to Obama’s following Geithner’s far right wing insane pre-Hoover economic policies.

    Firing people like LA loves to do, however, does make the problem much worse. Every employee the government fires brings us one small step closer to economic ruin. The lowering of future pension benefits merely make certain that if we ever do recover, we will staff the city with unqualified people. Between Paul Ryan and Geithner, there’s no chance of our making up for our multi-trillions of dollars in lost economic growth.

    If Obama had followed proven fiscal policy, the economy would have been back on track by the summer of 2009 at the latest. Every nation that follows Geithner’s approach has a terrible economy, but we’re still too dense to see that.

    Grover Norquist has made clear that his goal is to destroy the government so that international corporations cannot be controlled by anyone. Grover has told us to plan — deprive the government of money so that people turn against the government, down size government end all regulations, and cover all business losses from the treasury. What do we see? People faithfully doing what Grover wants — attacking government and trying to kill off government by starving it of tax dollars. The 1% get away with this because the voters are stupid and ignorant, and special blame goes to Obama for giving credibility to every right wing economic lunacy, starting with huge charade that the deficit is a problem.

    • ex valley says:

      Maybe you should change your name to vote blindly democratic, then complain.
      Grover norquist is not a problem , your politicians being loyal slaves to unions and various special interests are. CA and LA spending more money that they get in is a problem. And the lack of income is because your politicians successfully drove away good paying jobs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Vote blindly, then complain says:
    “The lowering of future pension benefits merely make certain that if we ever do recover, we will staff the city with unqualified people”.

    What makes you believe that they are qualified now?

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      My personal experience with many city employees is why I think that many are well qualified. I probably have more interaction with City employees than the average person as I am a noisy activist kvetcher.

      Also, I am quite familiar with some councilmembers and their staff members and with the City Attorneys office. The councilmembers themselves are usually terrible and their sleazy nature is often reflected in their staffs — but even then, I have found that most council staff members are more honest and intelligent than their councilmember.

      The City Attorney’s office used to be one of the finest large law firms anywhere in Los Angeles, but with the advent of Rocky, things deteriorated and with the current psychopath, I guess most attys, except for Jane User who thinks Nuch is God, are holding their breath until the crazy vindictive guy leaves.

      The LAPD has greatly improved and while I am certain there are left-overs from the Bad Old Days, over all the quality is much higher than 20 to 40 years ago.

      The absolutely worst “civil servants” are the judges who are for the most part, petty political hacks who are eager to subvert any law any time in order to advance their own petty careers in complete and total abdication of their sworn duties.

      • Valley Gal says:

        “The absolutely worst “civil servants” are the judges who are for the most part, petty political hacks who are eager to subvert any law any time in order to advance their own petty careers in complete and total abdication of their sworn duties”

        I completely agree and it is there I am at a loss. Who are the honest judges on the ballot?

  7. Wayne from Corrupt L.A. City says:

    I got my sample ballot. On it I see two TAX measures for a Hotel Tax and a Landfill Tax. NO ARGUMENTS AGAINST THESE TAXES WAS FILED BY ANYONE IN THE VOTER GUIDE! There just isn’t a fight left in anyone against the thieves, liars, cheats, criminals. and A-holes that keep running for office and getting elected to ruin our lives as much as possible. Thus in my ballot we’re getting:
    THEN WE HAVE THE VARIOUS JUDGES, WHO SHOULD ALL BE LAYED OFF AND REPLACED WITH TRAFFIC COPS LIKE DENNIS ZINE (since all the Corrupt Court does is find you “guilty” of the ticket unless the cop doesn’t show up.)
    Then we have the part of the ballot letting you know you can be a “permanent” mail in voter (so when the person eventually moves, dies, or never existed in the first place) someone can just “vote” anyway for the name on the mailer!
    If the Founding Fathers would of known this nation they founded would come to this, they would have moved back to England and just forgot the whole Revolution War Thing!

  8. anonymous says:

    Ron, for your information, “gerrymandered legislative districts” are still here…
    the “newly created Latino congressional district” was tailor-made for Cardenas…
    neither Berman nor Sherman would deign to challenge Cardenas even though they both represented areas/people within that district…
    they abandoned the people…they divided the spoils…we’ll take this, you take that…
    ola, Berman y Sherman! Cardenas thanks you for your generous territorial gift…
    but people of the new 29th congressional Latino district will never forgive you…
    you were both bad, but he is the worst of all…..
    So, you see, the idea of “honest districts” is naive…we will suffer even more abuse…..

  9. MissAnthrope says:

    There’s only one way to break the “cycle of failure” and that’s to break the cycle of recycling politicians.

    Don’t vote for anyone who’s currently in office or has held office. I’d rather vote for Zuma Dog or Bruno than for anyone currently in office. Could either of the dogs do any worse that those who’ve been voted in time after time?

  10. Wayne from Corrupt L.A. City says:

    The new City L>A Budget annihilates the City Attorney’s Office by the biggest slash ever seen! Why? Because then the next City Attorney (Micky-Mouse Mike Feuer)
    can hand out all those City OUTSIDE LAWFIRM CONTRACTS!
    If you’re a medium to large law firm—OPEN THOSE CHECKBOOKS AND GIVE GIVE GIVE TO FEUER as you’re getting to get a whole lot RICHER really fast!
    This final wipe-out of the City Attorney’s Office is Camen “The Conqueror” Trutanich’s “GIFT” as he leaves to DESTROY AND GUT the D.A.’s Office (He needs to help Mr. Noguez, Mr. Garcetti, Mr. Alarcon, and dozens more folks with actual or potential problems with this irrelevant thing called “The Law.”)
    Yes, you SCHMUCK VOTERS: VOTE FOR CARMEN TRUTANICH for District Attorney of Los Angeles County and LET IT HANG!
    Vote for all the TAX INCREASES, YOU FOOLS YOU!
    Then as I sell my portfolio off to LIBERALS who just love it all the way it is (for now anyway) it’ll all just VINDICATE my decision to give up on L.A. City and L.A. County.
    RON’S giving up. Walter Moore threw it in years ago. Kevin James should have run for City Attorney, as I told him 3 years ago! But, no one will listen to me. So like Father always told me growing up “You don’t listen to me….but you’ll learn the hard way what I say is the way it is.” I’m still learning, so I’m not too old yet.

  11. Teddy says:

    Yes, vote NO on all encumbents. They have completed their assignments
    and not too well. No new assignments for them.

    • ex valley says:

      So are you going to send both Bernan and Sherman packing?
      Both are incumbents, being there for a long time Berman is what like 70 or something? Retirement would be appropriate.
      Both have failed since the valley looks like a 3rd world country.

    • anonymous says:

      Do not reward bad behavior, do not promote failures……like
      Berman, Sherman y especially Cardenas…
      bad, malo, schlecht, no, no, no,
      imagine, Cardenas wants represent YOU in Washington…
      (G-d forbid)…
      another self-serving, corrupt, ethically challenged career politico…
      stop voting for creeps!

  12. Wayne subbing in for Ron says:

    Reporting from Illegally-Occupied Koretz Encino:
    Today the oppressive Kommissars Zine and Krookorian want to “revalue” properties that they believe got an “unfair” down-assessment by the Moron-Assessor “Douche-Bag Noguez (which in Latin, Noguez means literally “No Good!”)
    Krookorian who long long ago sold out his race, City, and Nation, believes they City of L.A. is due $500,000 in property tax money? What good what would that do? If Noguez gave some wealthy JEWS a tax break—THEN GOOD!!!!! For once, wealthy Jews (who we all must admit hire every Gardiner, Poolman, Dry-Cleaner, Driver, Handy-man, etc. in the City of L.A.) get a break on some Fucking OVER-PRICED PROPERTY TAXES that they have DUTIFULLY LINED UP AND PAID FOR 20 YEARS OR MORE (not counting their Parents and Grandparents before them!) What will these rich homeowners do with the COMBINED $500,000 IN TAX SAVINGS? THEY WILL SPEND IT IN PRIVATE SECTOR! Thus, why doesn’t Krookorian and Zine both go back to their lobbyists and re-do their stupid stunt of a statement!
    I fired my: GARDINER 11 years ago and do my own lawn; Fired my poolman 18 years ago and did my pool, before DRAINING IT AND COVERING UP THE DAMN THING 3 YEARS AGO. Now imagine if say my PROPERTY TAXES WERE CUT 50%?
    Let’s see: Hmmmmm…..Oh Shit! That’s over $8,000 a year! Guess what I would do?
    I’d re-fill the pool and HIRE A POOLMAN AND GARDINER BACK WITH THAT MONEY. But instead, I have to live like I’m in Central AFGHANISTAN with a dead lawn and no God Damned pool because I have to save that money to give to Douche-Bags to WASTE that I’d never in 2 life-times vote or or let 100 ft. near my home!!!
    Thus, Subbing in for the vacationing Ron…I thought I’d give the OTHER SIDE of the fact that: ANGELINOS GET ROYALLY SCREWED PAYING 1.25-1.35% PER YEAR OF THEIR PROPERTY VALUE IN THESE ARCHAIC PROPERTY TAXES!!!
    The whole reason for Property Taxes was for Counties to operate as THEIR WAS NO INCOME TAX or CORPORATE TAXES to operate a County Budget on. Now since 1913 that’s changed THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANY PROPERTY TAXES IN THE FIRST PLACE IN 2012. LET’S PUT THAT ON THE BALLOT—ELIMINATE ALL TAXES ON REAL ESTATE!!! You could make it happen, but you’d rather vote blindly Democratic Liberal and give all you have to the crooks.
    Shout out to Bruno…WUF WUF!

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