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Defend, Deny, Deflect — Garcetti Offers No Straight Answers for What Went Wrong or How To Fix LA

As an officer and a gentleman, Navy Lt. Eric Garcetti, reserves, cannot tell a lie without dishonor so we have to take everything he says as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Thus we take as a matter of certainty that he believes LA is the greatest city in the world, the City Council is a “temple of democracy,” and everything that has gone wrong during his six year reign as the president of the city’s 99.3 percent unanimous lawmaking body was the fault of the economy and the mayor.

Parenthetically, the mayor — now officially the nation’s No. 1 Latino — has finally achieved the highest accolade of his life with the New York Times declaring him the “fiery mayor of Los Angeles,” which is the Mexican salsa equivalent to the long-standing mainstream practice of making it clear that African-American leaders are “articulate,” even when sometimes they really aren’t.

Garcetti would never make such a mistake with regards to race, religion, gender or similar distinction since he offers himself a what he seems to think is a rare example of recombinant DNA as an Italian-Jewish-Latino-Godknowswhatelse man with wealth and education — in a city where everybody from every race and ethnicity and background are fusing their cultures into amazing new music, art, literature, food and babies without recognition by the labor-corporate-media world that thrives on separatism.

There is nothing, honorable, we little people can do but take him at his word because he is way too smart to say or do anything we are clever enough for us to understand and critique.

That isn’t so true of the CD5 Coalition, Westsiders who are smart, educated and rich,  yet they feel as begrudged as the poor and middle class people who live in the flats of the basin  and the Valley.

Led by Marcia Selz, it is a tough group as you can see if you watch the full two hours they spent with Garcetti on a recent Saturday trying to get a single direct and unequivocal answer to their dozens of concerns about the deterioration of the city. (Here is a partial transcript provided by a participant Garcetti speaks at CD 5 COALITION.  It was the first step in the lengthy process they will use to break down where all the mayoral candidates stand on a long list of issues.

Denial, deflection, deferral and indirection is what he offered when asked about how massive developments with heavy subsidies were routinely approved under his leadership and how on Tuesday he is prepared to push a widely criticized new Hollywood Community Plan — the Skyscraper City plan — through Council so developers can get bonuses and tax breaks for the largest and most monstrous projects they can conceive.

Garcetti can sing and play the piano like a lounge lizard and here revealed how he can dance around every questions without answering them, although he did imply at one point that middle class people with homes and cars and neighborhood schools in their smug self-satisfaction are for the poor having crappy schools, few parks and a lousy public transit   system.

Increasing the size of the Council at the same cost or creating boroughs to diffuse power are good ideas but really all we need is better leaders who emulate what he has achieved in Hollywood, he said.

Sure, we haven’t examined that state of our infrastructure as required annually by law for more than a decade but who needs facts when he has pushed through so many great projects that actually improve the quality of our lives.

Why the whole city could be like Hollywood bustling with new fire stations, schools with great innovative programs, the 25 new parks he added on top of the 13 existing ones and a level of community engagement that would make any populist proud.

That’s what leadership is about and if Hollywood got all the benefits and your community got the bill, you need to fix that by electing people as good as Garcetti — not that he would support them.

Garcetti’s reform plan — civics lessons provided by foreign consulates: 

Garcetti smiles like it’s a joke:

Who stole your money for cops and fire services? Ask the mayor

People with cars, yards and neighborhood schools — it’s all your fault

Why over-development and the Hollywood Community Plan are good for you

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10 Responses to Defend, Deny, Deflect — Garcetti Offers No Straight Answers for What Went Wrong or How To Fix LA

  1. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    If one wanted to personify everything that is wrong with Los Angeles, Garcetti is your man. Garcetti has presided over the multi-billion dollar transfer of citizens’ tax dollars to the super-mega-wealthy — and why not? After all he is a Trust Fund baby. Unlike his favorite role model, Lady Bountiful, does not visit the poor to distribute life savings succor, but rather to rob them blind. When Garcetti is done, the city coffers are empty but Eli Broad gets another $52 Million; a fire station costs too much for Hollywood, but his best buds at CIM Group get $30 M to rehab the Kodak Theater. The Kodak Theater is not a PUBLIC theater. It is not the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Lady Bountilful gave $30 M of our money to CIM so that it could make a bigger profit on their private theater, while saying Hollywood will be stuck with a 1/2 acre fire station of he next century.

    Garcetti also rammed the $200 M reduction in the LAFD budget through council based on falsified data that LA emergency response times and people have literally died as a result of the further reduction in response time, but Lady Bountiful lacks a single tear of remorse. Rather he is perpetrating another fraud on the city with the bogus statistics in the Hollywood Plan saying that Hollywood’s population is zooming upwards and we have to construct more high rises for 250,000 in 2030.

    But lie stumbles over lie in Garcetti’s Hollywood plan which released an Update on June 14th indicating that since 2008 Hollywood has lost 8,800 person per year and our population is down to only 182,000 ppl. The falsehoods tumble forth so fast from The Garcettoid, that he doesn’t even both to plan one step head. Yet, the council knows one thing, ‘They all hang together or they will hang separately.” Will Jan Perry step forward to reveal the Hollywood Plan for that fraud that it is? Odds are 1,000 to 1 that Perry sold out. The LA City Council is or Vichy Government and the Developers are our Occupiers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hang a “I’m a liar” tag on Garcetti.

  3. david r2b says:

    The Citizens of Los Angeles also must not forget who was behind the Proposition R shenanigan and the totally disrespectful lie to the City: Mr. Garcetti. He felt that in order to win the 2013 Mayor’s election he had to still be in office. The City Charter originally had only a 2 term (8 years) limit on the length of office. So Garcetti changed it with Prop R.

    In the report from the City Attorney’s review of the proposed voting instrument, dated July 28, 2006, Mr. Delgadillo states: “Having reviewed the various proposals, we have concluded that the ethics, lobbying and campaign finance reform proposals can simply be adopted and implemented in their entirety through an ordinance passed by the City Council. Unlike the lengthening of term limits, these ethics reforms do not require a change of the City Charter or a vote of the people in order to be implemented. Accordingly, if the Council determines that it wishes to proceed with these initiatives, we recommend that the Council place only the lengthening of term limits on the November ballot.”

    The ethics portions of Prop R were a scam and the whole campaign was about ethics, ethics, ethics, oh and we also want another four year term. Ethics Yea! The Council could have voted on them themselves, it didn’t require a Citizen vote. But they had to have something to really promote instead of another four years because they we’re afraid that they were doing such a great job.

    Shame on you Mr. Garcetti, but with your arrogance you could care less. Just as long as you win is all that’s importance.

    And another item the Citizens of LA can anticipate is the possibility that the Mayor, Tony V, not being appointed to the Secretary of Transportation by Mr. Obama. Should that occur, the Mayor will pull an alarcon and spend his remaining eight available years as a Councilperson. Can’t wait for that.

  4. In Eagle Rock says:

    Eric is not the guy you want to have as mayor. Going back to earlier comments posted, besides the “ethics- term ‘limits’” combo proposition created as a pure deception to get voter approval, it pushed city service over the 10 year mark to, as I am told, makes each CM entitled to free insurance coverage that no one speaks of- a side benefit of that extension.

    Add the “10 percent phony phone tax cut” that was another council-conceived deception on the public- you need a vote to increase taxes, but, and I may be wrong here, you don’t need approval to “reduce” the amount, thus no ballot measure needed for that “tax cut” that was on its way to being entirely eliminated by the pending court case. Council members saw that coming and rushed to get a 9% tax approved by voters which thus would be a “new” and “authorized” tax, not dependent on the expired taxing authority that created the 10% tax. By that move, council avoided a “100% tax cut” that the litigation would produce.

    Eric tends to fill the air with words so as not to allow more questions to be asked. I was at a local meeting in Glassell Park where he was asked questions that each generated easily 5 or more minutes or more of talking. I had jotted down about 13 questions as he spoke and was not able to ask any as he was able to create his own fillibuster of sorts until time ran out about 20 minutes later and he headed to his next appearance.

    Garcetti is so much of a social engineer that he would be dangerous as mayor. The city council is bad enough in sidestepping any controls it should be following and avoiding work on priority issues, yet easily finding one non-jurisdictional resolution or another that gathers their fancy and eats up council time, as well.

    I might have believed some of what was pitched in these clips if Garcetti ever spoke up publicly AT THE TIME and not say NOW how others did wrong (like the mayor).

    And “who” told OccupyLA, “Stay as long as you like” early in that protest instead of maybe, “There’s no overnight camping. You can come back tomorrow but we close this at night”? Bad enough that Villaraigosa passed out rain ponchos- oh well, it’s always going to be “OPM”- “other people’s money” covering their poor decisions as they try to grab the spotlight from each other.

    Even now, as Villaraigosa is a lame duck, more so than just figuratively speaking, the city council members still continue with “the emperor’s new clothes” silence routine and the denial of reality. Their own “parallel universe” might describe that condition.

    All the insiders that now want to become mayor should be soundly rejected. They earned it.

  5. Wayne from Corruptopia says:

    Garslutti is the ONLY “qualified” candidate for Mayor of L.A.! HE DECIDED TO PAY 1.2 MILLION BUCKS FOR A SMALL BUSINESSPERSON TO CLOSE SHOP, FIRE ALL EMPLOYEES, AND LEAVE! (See 1601 N. Vine St settlement Mrs. Yi, “Molly’s Hamburger Stand Settlement.)
    Thus, Garcetti is the ONLY truthful candidate: L.A. SHOULD PAY ALL THE PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE TO CLOSE SHOP, SELL, AND LEAVE L.A!
    Austin Bootner knows this and that’s why he FOLDED HIS TENT AND RAN AWAY RATHER THAN RUN FOR MAYOR! That’s why RON won’t run for office.
    Then we have the Kevin James candidacy: He sees “a solution?” NO, THERE IS NO SOLUTION—L.A. WILL FILE CHAPER 9 MUNICIPAL BANKRUPTCY and then will give the “City Family” of unions their LONG OVERDUE MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE, you know like all the HOMEOWNERS have gotten for what, 30 years now or so? Stockton, CA. is being watched closely in their handling of this bankrupt issue. The voters simply NEED TO VOTE DOWN ALL TAXES AND BOND ISSUES! Gravity and the exodus of Jews in U-hauls will do the rest. Then well see what AEG and Magic Scumbag do to save their sorry asses. It’ll be fun and very AMUSING to follow.

  6. Noel Weiss says:

    Eric Garcetti lacks the character and temperament to be Mayor.

    Mr. Garcetti needs to be permanently retired from political leadership. Running a district under our system is far, far different than being Mayor of LA. Mr. Garcetti had his chance to demonstrate he possesses the guts, gile, grit, and emotional intelligence to be Mayor. . . . He has been found to have been terribly wanting in all these character traits. . . . on issue after citywide issue. . . .

    Noel Weiss

  7. Anonymous says:

    I second everything Noel Weiss has written. Garcetti is even more dangerous than most people realize because he is a smooth operator. The truly dishonest ones usually are. Don’t ever allow this man to gain more power. He will sell our city to developers like he has done to Hollywood even as he speaks otherwise.

  8. Teddy says:

    We must vote “NO” on every encumbent. Let us “clean house”.
    They have had great success at their projects – All for them and
    their friends and zilch consideration for the citizens. They will
    never change. Why would they? If you vote for them that means
    you agree. Right?

    Remember, the unions and all who benefit from their efforts will
    be voting for Garcetti, Zine, Greuel and Perry. We do outnumber them but
    we must vote.

  9. Bobby McClure says:

    Personally, I think he is awesome. But that’s just me. He has been a great councilmember and I live in his district and have worked with his staff. I know I will get piled on in this web site, but you don’t reflect the feeling of his constituents.

  10. A message from YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013

    Dear Los Angelinos,

    Los Angeles should be the most wonderful city in the world. We have great weather, a multitude of people with a varied background, an unrivaled enterprise and culture, a gateway to the Far East with major ports for business and industry. The LA leadership performance has been failing for many years. The corruption is running rampant. Los Angeles is on the verge of bankruptcy. We must replace the current leadership if we are to survive the current financial disaster and mishandling of city revenues and assets. We must restore fiscal responsibility to LA City Hall or we are doomed.

    The City Hall insiders have been bought and paid for by the special interests and have totally ignored the average residents/stakeholders and their concerns and hardships over and over. It is imperative that we stop this culture of corruption and favoritism.

    This is the twenty fourth hour. Time is running out and we must begin to create a better future for Los Angeles. I care about Los Angeles, a wonderful and thriving city. I strongly believe that we need a strong and determined leader that can bring people together to solve difficult challenges with innovative solutions. With my track record as Neighborhood rejuvenator and being an advocate for neighborhood councils and residents/stakeholders all over this City, I believe I am the only choice to put Los Angeles back on the road to economic health and confidence in its leadership. As a unified and cohesive force we can revive and bring back Los Angeles to its deserved fame and status.

    Join me in our campaign to rebuild Los Angeles and create a sustainable future for the residents/stakeholders and our families.

    “Let us take back our city and make it Los Angeles governed by the people for the people”

    YJ Draiman

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