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Mysterious Goings-on in the Hollywood Community Plan Debate

Help solve the mystery: Who Killed Hollywood? Or is there another explanation to the strange events that occurred during debate on the disastrous Hollywood Community Plan.

The date was June 19, last Tuesday in the City Council. Supporters and opponents of the HCP — otherwise known as Garcetti’s Folly or the “Skyscraper City Plan” — got time to speak and then what passes for City Council debate began with everyone in the room knowing the vote as usual would be unanimous.

Hollywood activist Ziggy Kruse was filming the debate in the Council Chamber when she saw something strange occur.

It was 3 minutes, 10 seconds into Richard Alarcon’s raising the issue of the City Attorney’s office having suggested environmental protections in the HCP should be stronger — a proposal that apparently was off limits for public discussion as the stonewalling by top city planners indicates.

At that moment, the Council camera captures Paul Krekorian getting up out of his seat at the far end of the horseshoe and making a beeline to the dais as caught in this brief clip from the broadcast:

Ziggy spots the intensity of the conversation between Krekorian and Assistant City Attorney Dion Connell and keeps her camera following a visibly concerned Connell as he confers with other city officials over a few minutes while another city official whispers in Alarcon’s ear. The drama ends with Connell and Alarcon having a good laugh.

Hollywood community activists are looking to sue to block the HCP. arguing it is based on faulty data and needs a full EIR which the city avoided by claiming it’s just an update to the 1988 HCP.

A lip reader could have fun and maybe learn a lot studying the video of the conversations that Ziggy Kruse caught while Alarcon was hesitantly raising a curious question about the City Attorney wanting greater environmental protections.

“Honestly, I see both options as being legal,” Alarcon began without spelling out what options he meant. He then headed circuitously toward his question: “How far behind are we on our community plans?”

Planning Director Michael LoGrande gave him a long-winded response that never came close to answering the question so Alarcon pushed on asking, “So we are taking longer and longer to complete these community plans?”

LoGrande showed just how obtuse he is by double-talking without answering so Alarcon tried again by referring to “with the City Attorney’s proposal would that expedite our process or slow it down even further?”

LoGrande: “I’m not exactly sure of your question, what proposal is that?”

Stammering and clearly reluctant to explain, Alarcon said: “The proposal to uh increase the  uh environmental impact aspects … ”

Unable to answer, LoGrande turns it over to planner Kevin Keller who is even smoother at double-talking than LoGrande, blathering about nothing.

“That wasn’t my question,” said Alarcon, giving up on making his point that actually requiring full environmental protections in writing community plans would slow down the process, already years behind schedule, so why bother worrying about the impact of the quality of life and health and safety of the citizenry.

At precisely the moment that Keller starts speaking the Council camera panned to the horseshoe showing Councilman Paul Krekorian marching to the dais where he would engage in the whispered conversation with Assistant City Attorney Dion Connell.

Here is the full Channel 35 broadcast of the scene and the full Ziggy Kruse video. Sync them up with the sound from the broadcast and Ziggy’s without sound and watch the two realities: The feigned stupidity of city planners that was broadcast and the background mystery Ziggy captured:


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9 Responses to Mysterious Goings-on in the Hollywood Community Plan Debate

  1. Anonymous says:

    To quote the sages—Beatles

    “Your lips are moving
    I cannot hear
    Your voice is soothing
    But the words aren’t clear

    You don’t sound different
    I’ve learned the game
    I’m looking through you
    You’re not the same”

  2. MissAnthrope says:

    Canada, Vancouver in particular, is looking better and better all the time!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Planning Director Michael LoGrande gave him a long-winded response that never came close to answering the question so Alarcon pushed on asking, “So we are taking longer and longer to complete these community plans?”

    LoGrande showed just how obtuse he is by double-talking without answering so Alarcon tried again by referring to “with the City Attorney’s proposal would that expedite our process or slow it down even further?”

    It works for the politicians. So easy to pick-up corruption from them. There are no consequences for anyone.

  4. Vote Blindly, and then complain says:

    Ziggy Kruse strikes again. This is WHY we have the Brown Act.

    Oh did you see that it on KNBC TV also? — NOT! No camera, no news perople. The council was only considering the fate of the world’s most famous city, no need to send anyone. Channel 11 with Robert de Castro, howeer, did three or four segments that morning, and they let every one know that the Hollywood Plan was being heard that mornig. Too bad someone at CH 11 made the decision to pull deCastro off the case before City hall took up the issue. So, Great for Ziggy and Ron, they get the scoop.

    When a client divulges a confidential comunication to the public, he waives the attorney-client privilege. Alarcon knew that he was being broadcast on TV life! With his track record, Alarcon should be more familiar with atty-client confidentiality than most people. So Alarcon told the whole world that the City Atty had advised them that the HCP was defective and they needed to redo it with accurate data and then recirculate the Draft EIR.

    As for Lo Grand and Keller: Let’s be fair, lo Grande is a dumb political hack. Keller is an honest man who always listens to the community and to the extent there is anything decent in the HCP, it is there because of Keller. Keller has never lied or mislead, but what’s a guy to do when he sees an idiot divulging confidential meetings with the City Atty?

    I was there and I have seen the Ziggy tape many times and Kevin gave an honest answer, probably in a state of shock that Alarcon asked. Keller’s answer was basically, “No. Following the law would not delay the community plans.”

    The council wanted Keller to say, ‘”Oh the plans will be delayed and it will be a nightmare” and then they would use that statement to ignore the City Atty’s advice, but Dratz, Keller told the truth — albeit in a recondite manner.

    So the council ignored the City Atty and ignored Planning and voted for the Hollywood Community Disaster. Now read CityWatch about LA City Hall — A temple to Crimogenics

    In ending, HURRAH we have Ziggy!!! One person can make a difference!!!

  5. Wayne from Corruptopia and why I say TO HELL WITH L.A. says:

    On Monday, the City changed some street signs to give 4 hours max parking on a street that was a 1 hour max. Sounded good. THE PROBLEM: THE CITY ALSO SNUCK IN ANOTHER CHANGE: A TOW AWAY ZONE FROM 7-9 a.m that for 20 years was a 4-6 tow away zone. I parked off street, paid 6 bucks because the area was closed for a film shoot.
    On Tuesday, I got to the area early. So I parked at 7:30 am, went to the jobsite and got back at 8:50 am. MY CAR WAS GONE—DISAPPEARED===GONE!!!!!!!!!
    At 9:30 I went to pick up the car at Vertel’s Garage—THEY DIDN’T HAVE IT—THEY TOOK IT TO A 2nd YARD—9 BLOCKS AWAY.
    My wallet, my housekeys, all my stuff was in the damn car.
    So I had to walk from 6th street and Hill to the 110 and Temple, THEN FROM THERE TO CITY HALL. I went to the Clowncil meeting and watched the Clown show and gave them some public comments. Herb Wesson (King Herb I.) cut me off and told me at public comment I “NEEDED TO SHOW HIM RESPECT.”
    Finally, I got a ride to the tow yard and had to pay the Son’s of Bitches a whopping
    $286 for the car AND another $88 for the parking ticket on the windshield.
    I was going to move closer to work and in the process of doing that.
    This illustrates the true problem with L.A.—You live here BUT YOU’RE A HOSTAGE IN A HOSTAGE SITUATION! You have no vote, no representatives, no human rights, no property rights, nothing, nada, squat!
    Last week, I got FUCKED for an $53 parking ticket in front of my own offices.
    Last month, I got pulled over for having a cell phone in MY HAND IN MY GOD DAMNED CAR ON THE STUCK IN THE MUD 101 FREEWAY!
    You have 2 votes for person—not just one—VOTE WITH THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT FOOT.
    I’m exercising my two votes here.
    And it’s perfect timing—the Loan company just told me THEY WERE RAISING MY CLOSING COST $920!!!! I sent them my answer and the same goes for the L.A:
    GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. A smoking gun.

    Prince Garcetti must be getting a pot load of dough from the developers to offset the animosity of the community.

  7. Anonymous says:

    To Wayne–get out while you can. The city’s solution to avoiding bankruptcy is more taxes. We know there will be no worthwhile reductions. —- “Miguel Santana, Los Angeles’ chief administrative officer, sees Stockton as a lesson in what can happen if the city doesn’t continue making adjustments to match lowered revenues. In a budget outlook prepared in April, Santana alluded to Stockton’s financial meltdown in urging the mayor and City Council to push for higher taxes and spending reductions over the next four years”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    @ Vote Blindly and then complain–No “honest’ planner would move forward a community plan with flawed data. It would be not only dishonest but incompetent and unprofessional.

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      It’s not Kevin’s decision.

      Why do you think the city atty made its proposal for them to do it right by adding the proper data? What more can a guy do? The jerkoffs even ignore their own atty — the one who has to defend their idiocy in court!

      Oh yeah, the city has that fraudulent process where they all votes for whatever the councilman wants even if the motion says, “Give another $150 Million to Eli so he can hand a gold platted latrine in his art museum. Just take the money from the LAFD.”

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