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Wesson to LaBonge: ‘We Could Have Saved Three Minutes of Our Lives if You Just Shut Up for Once’

Herb Wesson is a good man and in a great world I would salute him for his kind heart and good humor.

His appointment of Tom LaBonge and Ed Reyes as his left and left-er hand men is a testament to his willingness to settle for safe and shallow and his inability to reach inside for something greater than himself.

At the time he took over from Reverend/Rabbi/Priest Eric Garcetti, I referred to the Wesson team as “dumb and dumber and dumbest.” I had a deliberate order in mind with Herb as the dumb. But I was wrong. He is smart and cunning and his appointment of these two empty vessels to protect his position from rivals shows he isn’t so dumb after all.

Because if you watch Herb as often as I have, you have seen the innate intelligence and sensitivity of the man, the wit and spontaneity, the kindness and tolerance he affords those annoying gadflies stinging the Council’s backsides even as they are ignored or go too far.

Herb Wesson is a good man. That’s what makes his failures as Speaker of the Assembly under Gov. Gray Davis and as President of the LA City Council today so unforgivable. He knows the difference between right and wrong even if he has forgotten it.

LaBonge may protect his indifference to the needs of the people he serves by pretending to be a blathering idiot with a good heart. I’m not so sure on either point.

Reyes isn’t stupid. He just has the intellectual dexterity of a quadriplegic.

The video I am presenting to you comes from the Council’s June 19 non-debate of the Hollywood Community Plan that sets the laws and the rules for developers to do anything they want no matter how destructive and unsustainable in Hollywood with the only conditions being approval of the Planning Commission and Council.

The same kind of open slather development plan will soon be coming to a neighborhood near you if the community still has the appearance of being viable despite the broken roads and sidewalks, failing schools and demoralization of long-time residents.

In other words, nothing you do as a citizen, resident or business owner matters. Every single development is discretionary to the power structure which is nothing but a political machine without any effective opposition.

The Hollywood Community Plan was adopted unanimously despite broad community opposition — dismissed by Garcetti as an agreement on all but minor points because the perfect should not be the enemy of the good. Nonetheless, lawsuits will be filed over the flagrant contempt for public process and public process.

Like he usual does, LaBonge could not resist putting his three minutes of stupid nonsense into the record – something that Wesson could not resist pointing out publicly was an embarrassment to the Council and the city and most of all an act of utter contempt to the people who feel the quality of their lives are threatened by what the Council unanimously approved as the first step in a long process of doing exactly the same thing to every community in the city.

You elected LaBonge three times after he served in top city jobs for Council President John Ferraro, Mayor Richard Riordan, the Department of Water and Power. He is paid a lot of money and will get 75 percent of it for the rest of his life plus health insurance and protection for his widow if she should outlive him.

You tell me: Who should be held accountable?

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7 Responses to Wesson to LaBonge: ‘We Could Have Saved Three Minutes of Our Lives if You Just Shut Up for Once’

  1. The Icon says:

    Even Wesson can’t take LaBong’s NUTBALL mouth, anymore. I’ve advised Tom to tighen up his worthless comments. It appears Tom is becoming nuttier and wackier, recently. I hope he isn’t suffering from early stages of anything. If not, he really is a nut, and needs to ZIP it. Council has real business.

  2. Once again, Marshall High’s Tom LaBonge is right on topic. But this supporter of the Garcetti’s Cesspool on Vine still sold the Hollywood Community down the drain.

  3. Vote Blindly, and then complain says:

    Ahh poor Tommy. Too bad the Wizard of Oz is just a movie or like the Straw Man he could go to OZ to get a brain. But is he as dumb as we think?

    Football Tommy seems to have master minded the $12.5 Bait and Switch Fraud by using the SAVE the PEAK campaign. He sucked in everyone from Hollywood lovers in Singapore to our esteemed former Governor, who declares his love for the Hollywood Sign, but didn’t know it was not on Cahuegna Peak. But then, anyone dumb enough to follow Pete Wilson’s advice makes Football Tommy look like an Einstein.

    $12.5 M for an Chicago developer, Fox River Financial, for property worth bumpkis. At least his chief of staff was rewared with a position with Trust for Public Land.

  4. Wayne from Corruptopia says:

    What’s the difference between a mentally disturbed Mouse and Tom Labonge?

  5. Tommy LeBong says:

    top top tip top 22 stories hollywood sign top etc mta sister cities korean money top top hollywood bowl blah blah top top garcetti mta blah blah dwp will pay me when im termed out walk walk hollywood walk of fameeeeeee lights high school football open it up al bundy

  6. Wayne from Corruptopia says:

    Re: Tommy LeBong:
    For a half-Rodent, Labonge has a great future as a RAPPER!

  7. Tyndon Clusters says:

    I think we need a Labonge hit to cool us down and mellow us out.

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