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My Sunday Column: ‘If elder statesmen won’t rise above the fray and do what’s right, who will?’

We need more from our leaders

Of all the fallen idols and soiled reputations of yesterday’s heroes, none stands out these days quite like Penn State’s Joe Paterno, stripped of his achievement as the winningest college football coach in history and relegated to a hall of shame.

Given what so often is passing for leadership these days, they should consider moving that bronze statue of Paterno — arms upraised in a V for victory — out of the damnation of eternal storage in a secret place to a prominent public space in the nation’s capital in Washington.

Call it the Failure of Leadership Memorial, or some label that puts those who dare to lead on notice that misdeeds by those in high positions do get punished — at least once in a while.

Paterno didn’t do terrible things to young boys, but he knew what assistant coach Jerry Sandusky allegedly did and he covered it up. He failed in his duty as a leader to stand on the high ground and do what was right, no matter what the consequences.

You can look almost anywhere in our society — from Wall Street to Main Street — and see people in important leadership positions failing in their duties to shareholders and stakeholders as they put the ends before the means, ignore common decency and justify doing what is good for themselves and their friends, no matter who else gets hurt.

Take a look at Gov. Jerry Brown and L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, two guys in their 70s who have engaged in politics at high levels most of their lives, who have all the money they need to live like kings of yore for the rest of their lives, who should have nothing to gain by serving any interest — not even their own — other than the public interest.

Yet, Brown is putting a gun to the heads of California voters: “Give me your money or your [quality of] life.”


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3 Responses to My Sunday Column: ‘If elder statesmen won’t rise above the fray and do what’s right, who will?’

  1. Wayne from Corruptopia whose post is awaiting moderation says:

    I’m SHOCKED that Ron had the NERVE to write about LORD ANTONOVICH without citing his PROPER ROYAL status! Lord Antonovich sits on a THRONE called the Republic of Supervisor District 5 where he was annointed KING over 32 years ago. Only Queen Elizabeth II has ruled LONGER. However, His Royal Highness didn’t want to be Crowned King Mike I. Instead, His Benevolence wanted to just be known as LORD ANTONOVICH. The other 4 Royals who Rule the remaining 4 Nation States of Los Angeles include Queen Gloria I. of Welfaria; Emperor Ridley-Thomas of Ghettoville, His Excellency King Knabe of Playa del Rey, and of course Sultan Zev I. of Malibu Pier. Currently, His Benevolence the former Mike Antonovich issued a Decree calling for 8 additional years of rule for himself and his fellow 4 Despots. However, Sultan Zev I. opposed this, as he currently wants to invade the CITY OF LOS ANGELES by becomming its LORD MAYOR for 8 futile and worthless years of non-leadership. The voters don’t have the mental capacity to vote for anyone else, thus its almost a done deal!
    As for the Glendale Utility: the IBEW is involved thus everyone in Glendale is HEREBY TOTALLY SCREWED! What eventually will happen is that Chinese Laborers will have to be imported to work for these utilities for a 10th of the cost of current labor. It is currently IMPOSSIBLE to have public sector workers work for a fair and equitable wage. It has to be A TOTAL RIPOFF every turn of the way! They have to have six figure salaries, time off, full medical and dental for themselves, their wife, kids, and lovers too. Then they have to have PENSION GUARANTEES on top of all this crap. A TOTAL HIGH COST RIPOFF!!! The solution is OUTSOURCE ALL OF THIS PUBLIC SECTOR CRAP. One of biggest job killers in America is the raising of UTILITY PRICING!!! These hikes will guarantee hundreds of thousands more jobs LEAVE THE NATION in favor of overseas rates.

  2. Teddy says:

    Why ddo we keep re-electing the same people over and over again. Antnovich said
    yesterday that they are exxperienced. Indeed they are so they can meet whenever they want to – andf nothing changes exceept that our taxes keep goig up. As a voter
    and resident of the SFV since 1966, I feel I should be given a choice (my vote) on
    whether I think we should have our taxes raised. Do we really need to hire a union boss? Should we raise wages or cut backi on services? Is that kind of questiion
    unacceptable? By whom? Someoine who keeps getting elected over and over again?

    I want to limit terms of service to two terms.

  3. Teddy says:

    Wayne, that is why we have government unions – they vote their promoters
    in. Is this honorable? NOOOOOOOOOO!

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