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What If They Gave a City Election and Everyone Voted: Would It End the Corruption and Restore Democracy to LA?

Pounding  away day after day at the foibles and failures of Los Angeles City Hall is known in the vernacular of newsrooms as beating a dead horse.

If you don’t know City Hall is a corrupt political machine that is ripping you off for no good purpose, you will never know because you prefer to pretend you are deaf, dumb and blind than to take action on behalf of your own interests.

The city’s leaders and the special interests who put them into power and keep them there are laughing all the way to bank about how passive and dumb you are. They vote unanimously 99.3 percent of the time, never really question anything and leave those who are paying attention no choice but to seek redress in the courts if they can get it.

Elections are almost as likely to produce a politically independent official as they were in the old Soviet Union and on the rare occasions that a Trutanich or a Krekorian wins with community backing, you can be certain that within six months they will be toeing the line and going along with the corruption like everybody else.

Already, five of the 15 Council members are retreads from the Democratic Legislative Caucus — Wesson, Alarcon, Cardenas, Koretz, Krekorian. Four others are former city political staffers — Englander, LaBonge, Perry, Reyes. Three are ex-cops — Parks, Zine, Buscaino. Two have done little in their lives outside of politics — Huizar, Garcetti. And then there’s Rosendahl, community relations executive for the deceased Adelphi cable system.

Come next March, it will even be worse. Cardenas will join Janice Hahn in Congress. Garcetti and Perry are termed out and running for mayor, termed-out Zine for Controller.  Reyes also is termed out while Buscaino and Koretz are seeking re-election, which is to say they will be re-elected cause there is no indication voters really care what happens to them or their city anymore than the City Council.

For his part, Alarcon is a long-shot candidate for the Assembly and slightly more likely to go jail for his crime of perjury than than to win election to the Assembly against an aide to Felipe Fuentes who intends to lead a parade of more Democratic legislators who has miserably failed to solve the state’s budget woes.

Districts 1, 3, 6 (Cardenas), 7, 9 and 13 should be easy pickings for professional Democratic politicians, elected or staff, with vast sums of campaign cash at their disposal from unions, developers, contractors, consultants, lawyers, spin doctors and friends of lobbyists.

One of those failed legislators — Bob Blumenfield, chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee that writes fictitious budgets, slams the door on open government and puts a gun to the head of the very people he despises, the taxpayers — isn’t just running for re-election to the Assembly, he also is running for Zine’s CD3 seat where I live in the West Valley.

Throw in Wendy Greuel showing uncommon audacity to run for mayor, Trutanich foolish enough to think he has even a remote chance of re-election against Assemblyman Mike Feuer or possibly Krekorian and Zine — despite a total lack of any qualification other than his prodigious ability to spew hot air — a heavy favorite against Cary Brazeman and Ron Galperin, both of who have actual expertise, real life experience and a commitment to tear apart the swindles at City Hall.

The takeaway from this is this:

If you are not going to show even a tenth of the courage of your convictions as the Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans and so many other hopeless oppressed peoples all over the world, you will get what you deserve next March in the city elections.

We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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21 Responses to What If They Gave a City Election and Everyone Voted: Would It End the Corruption and Restore Democracy to LA?

  1. Wayne from Corruptopia says RON ATE HIS WHEATIES THIS MORNING!!! says:

    Day 2 of the RON REBELLION 2012!!! Yesterday he ripped the 5 overlords of the Supervisor-Nation-States of Los Angeles County. Now Ron just HIT IT OUT OF PARK ON THIS POST!!!!!! Ron took his weeklong vacation (which I subbed in) and he was gearing up for some of his best stuff.
    Today, however, a DEATH OCCURED—the DEATH OF TALK RADIO 790 KABC. It was announced De Facto Communist/Traitor Geraldo Rivera got a HUGE NATIONAL RADIO CONTRACT and will starting in August have 3 hours of dribble instead of 2!!
    (9am to 12pm.) John Phillips was DEPORTED to 5am to 9am AS A REPORTER for the Doug McIntyre Radio Show (who isn’t allowed to play his great Jazz and Big Band bumper music anymore.) Then Peter Tilden will be back at 9pm to 12am with his mindless dribble/praise to Dennis Zine Show instead of hiring Leo “the Lion” Terrell.
    KABC now Joins KFI and KRLA as “talk radio” formats THAT WILL NOT HAVE A SINGLE HOUR OF LIVE AND LOCAL TALK IN SHOWS! The 2nd LARGEST CITY IN THE UNITED STATES will NOT ALLOW A SINGLE HOUR OF TALK IN LIVE RADIO! This is how far this Despotic Rule has gone in L.A. The Union Thugs, Political Hacks, and their gang get ALL 100% OF THE AIR TIME WHILE WE THE SLAVES GET ZERO. Thats the reality. Thats the shame.

  2. Tyndon Clusters says:

    Rosendahl is my councilman and he would make a much better mayor than any of those idiots. I agree with his votes about 90% of the time and he often goes against the moneyed interests in our district.
    I’ve lived through Pat russell and Ruth Galanter regimes, two of the worst backstabbing sellout beatches ever and compared to them, Rosendahl is churchill.

  3. david r2b says:

    I hope everyone remembers in 2006/07 Proposition R (not Measure R the County Sales Tax increase for Transportation): our City Council put Prop R on the Ballot to pass Ethic reforms and to increase the Term Limits of City Council Members from two four year (8 years) terms to three four year (12 years) terms. The City Attorney at the time, Mr. Delgadillo, advised the Council that the ethic reforms “did not” require a Citizen vote and recommended only the Term extension be put before the Public for a vote.
    Why didn’t they follow the CA’s advice? Why try to con the Public with an aggressive campaign for ethics reform when they could have approved it themselves? Fifteen Yeas!!!
    Why con the Public? Why? Because, in my opinion, they thought they would fail and many of our elected Officials wanted to still be in Office when it was time to run for Mayor.
    Although a few of the Councilmembers, from that time have moved on, would not the current group vote to con the Public and vote 15 Yeas? Ask yourself, who is more important to the Council, the Public and Citizens of Los Angeles or themselves?

  4. Anonymous says:

    A corrupt Mayor and Councilman Garcetti continue to cost the city millions of dollars in lost lawsuits and corrupt employees:

    “A judge has blocked construction of a controversial 20-story condo tower in Hollywood after finding that Los Angeles officials failed to conduct a proper environmental review.

    The lawsuit was brought by the La Mirada Avenue Neighborhood Assn., the same organization suing the city over the recently passed Hollywood Community Plan, which changed zoning laws to allow for bigger and taller buildings in the historic neighborhood.

    At the heart of both lawsuits are issues of parking and traffic, and whether the city has adequately addressed the impacts of bringing new development — and people — to Hollywood.

    The tower would be built at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Gower Street, near the Fonda Theatre. It would include more than 150 apartment units, ground-level retail shops and a fifth-floor lap pool.

    In a ruling this week on the city’s approval of permits for the project, Superior Court Judge Ann Jones said officials violated state law because they didn’t give the public enough time to review a parking study.

    The number of parking spaces planned for the tower is below the level recommended by the city. The study said there were enough to meet the needs of residents.

    But the public was not provided with the study until the day after the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee approved permits for the project, according to the ruling.

    The action “wholly derailed” the state’s environmental review process, Jones said. She also said emails between consultants for the project and city planning staff were evidence of “impropriety in the process.”

  5. ex-valley says:

    Ron, it’s too late. You have now been marginalized by an overwhelming liberal, clueless, naive majority. You cannot vote yourselves out of this mess.

  6. Teddy says:

    Ron, you have summarized our predicament perfectly! In 2013 we will be able
    to start a new era. One thing about human beings – eventually there is a day of

    I know that smugness exists in city hall. They have city employee unions who vote
    for their friends. But if all the rest of us react to your accurate appraisal,
    we will finally overcome. That means sharing your message and working for change. It isn’t rascist. If we do not work for the city, all of us are paying
    more and more for terrible government And then we pay for early retirerments
    complete with pensions. Do you get a pension? Are you kidding? Most of us do not.
    We also need to limit elected officials to one or two terms until we clean up our
    city and make it an honor to serve – not turn service into a career.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Councilman Paul Koretz, who also faces re-election, saw 9% of his campaign contributions in the past year, or more than $7,300, come from dispensaries and their advocates. “I’m an unabashed supporter of medical marijuana. I think it’s a matter of life and death, literally. So they know keeping me in office would be a positive thing for them,” he said.

    Will his constituents get rid of this corrupt man.

    • ex valley says:

      The answer is NO. His constituents will not get rid of him because only 10% bother to vote and they go for the name they recognized.

      I used to live in scum Zine’s district and that lowlife would get re-elected every time. Even worse – There was nobody running against.

      You are screwed. And you did it to yourself.

    • Camembert electrique says:

      Better a councilman who supports medical marijuana and dispensaries, one of the very few economic sectors still doing well in Los Angeles, than a corrupt bozo like Jose Huizar who wants to shut down the dispensaries – which will have an even more devastating effect on the commercial property rental market and would throw people out of work. Koretz has been guilty of supporting measures bad for the local economy – all councilmen have considering how often they vote unanimously – but his support for medical cannabis is a plus.

      If only the members of the council, before they voted, made every vote and every decision with the maxim that they would do nothing to harm small business and do nothing to result in job losses in the private sector.

  8. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    Ron is correct. Passion tends to compel people to vote and passion based on ignorance is a particularly strong motivator.

    People living in the Hollywood Hills vote for Fat Tommy without ever thinking about their homes burning the ground or people dying from medical emergencies because Fat Tommy cut Fire Station 82 by 75% — because the CRA wanted the 2 acre site where the City was going to build a 2 acre Regional Fire station. Instead, the Hills got 1/2 a standard sized fire station.

    We are not talking about poor people who are under-educated and over-worked who voted for Tommy boy, but highly educated millionaires who re-elected Fat Tommy. Even firemen from FS 82 complained at the July HUNC meeting that the terrible location of FS 82 at Van Ness and Hollywood Blvd was delaying response times to the Hills.

    Last year, Precinct 9003981A in The Oaks voted 53% for LaBonge after he had cut FS 82 by 75%. The Oaks’ failure to vote out LaBonge who favors more mixed-used projects over saving their homes from fire and their loved ones from death confirms Ron’s thesis.

  9. Koretz was almost defeated by David Vahedi in the CD5 race. I think the margin was less than 500 votes. That’s about as close as anyone has come in defeating a lifelong career politician in this town.

    • Camembert electrique says:

      Vahedi didn’t win because he opposed the Expo Line while Koretz supported it. Also, ethnic politics were probably a factor. That district has the highest population of Jews of any district in the City. Koretz is Jewish and Vahedi isn’t, so the people who showed up to vote voted for one of their own.

  10. Transparency says:

    Voting is meaningless, it doesn’t matter how many people vote, when the majority don’t have a clue of what is going on or even care to find out.

    City Council is a reflection of the people they govern, they cast a vote without even knowing what they are voting for, just because their group (party) tells them to do it. No brains there only self interest.

    Let the house of cards fall, that is what is going to take to shake people out of their slumber and start using their true power.

  11. david r2b says:

    Everyone please spend the time and review this link:

    This is from Ron Kaye’s Web Site dated June 2009. Check out the information about “voting irregularities”. Why did these irregularities happen and so many occurred in the only Council District race that could have changed the attitude/approach/mind set of the Council. Maybe I’ve forgotten, but I don’t remember reading of other voting Districts that had a lot of problems or irregularities. Only CD 5!
    Had Vahedi won, he would have been a true Representative of the Neighborhood Councils, something the Mayor or the rest of the Council don’t want to deal with. As a result of this, in my opinion, the NC’s still don’t have their act together and keep getting their budgets cuts regularity.
    Result: the culture of the Council has not changed.

  12. anonymous says:

    the most recent “irregularities” occurred during the
    redistricting of Council District boundaries…
    several redistricting Commissioners were very bad little boys…
    laws…laws…?…we don’t have to follow laws….we improvise as we play…
    time to expose the low-lifes…call in the Feds…

    • Anon says:

      The Justice Department under Holder would only step in if they could be convinced that some disadvantaged minority group was being discriminated against by some white republicans. Sorry , no repubs here, and Koreans aren’t disadvantaged.

  13. Wayne from Corruptopia says DAVID VAHEDI RULES!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    What did David do? HE DECIDED TO CALL IT QUITS RIGHT THERE AND THEN, as the PROCESS was so CORRUPTED that he had better things to do than cry spilled milk! THAT SHOWED ME WHAT KIND OF REPRESENTATIVE WE NEARLY HAD!
    We lost the ONE VOTE out of 15 that MIGHT have given the City a SMALL CHANCE OF REDEMPTION. With Carmen “gaga” Dumbtanich SELLING OUT afterwords, the City’s fate was sealed: BANKRUPTCY!
    No one worked harder than Vahedi to win the support to gain that seat. He ran TWICE against two EVIL FOOLS: JACK-ASS WEISS, AND FIELD MARSHALL KORETZ! Both Evil Fools had the SAME BACKERS, THE SAME BASTARDS.
    That’s why so few vote in these elections….

  14. Chris says:

    Zine did some fancy dancing yesterday
    Did you see Councilman Zine doing some fancy dancing around a motion he put on the City Council agenda yesteday (Tuesday, July 31, agenda item 32.) His intent was to overtun the actions of the SV Area Planning Commission on a project he is supporting (or probably a project that is $upporting him) in the Woodland Hills area. It’s an eldercare facility. Once his actions were suggested to be illegal (letting the council do the heavy lifting for him) he suddenly changed his mind and determined that the matter should go the the City Council Planning and Land Use Commitee. It’s an emotional issue on both sides of the argument, but it was very comelling to watch Zine squirm and then do a reversal on his motion. That doesn’t happen very often. If you want to watch the video, it’s at time mark 3:08:00 on the city council video website: Someone is pulling Zine’s strings.

  15. Wayne from Corruptopia says Zine SUCKS! says:

    Excellent post on the Zine Motion to overturn the SFV (San Fernando Valley) Planning Commission (SFVPC.) The CD3 since the Dictatorship of Zine has been an EXPLOSION of OVERDENSITY BUILDING and a DECLINE in the quality of life in his Hellhole of a District. That one main reason Wealthy JEWS in the West Hills wanted to become a part of CD12 and they got it. Woodland Hills didn’t get the same break and will be (mis)Represented by the new 12 year dictatorship of the CD3—-Kim Il’ BLUMENFIELD!!! Kim Il Zine is currently having the Controller’s seat PURCHASED FOR HIM so he can gain 8 MORE YEARS of SIX FIGURE SALARIES, Free goodies, AND hot WOMEN! Just like NORTH KOREA, CD3 elections are run the EXACT SAME WAY.

  16. Way down here in the bowels of L.A. , the harbor, we have ex-cop Joe Buscaino. For years he was known affectionately, for his brimming smile as an LAPD PR hack, as “Dumb Joe.” Sent to the City Council by 12 percent of the voters in a speciall election, he will win next year as Ron points out. The public unions pull his strings and his mouth moves. He fits right it at the whore house on Spring Street, AKA City Hall. Only now it’s dumb and dumber. Bob in San Pedro.

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